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Ikea Jokkmokk Table and Chairs

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Table & Chairs set

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    3 Reviews
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      28.07.2013 09:43
      Very helpful



      Excellent value dining set.

      Ikea's Jokkmokk Table and Chairs

      ~~~ The back story ~~~

      In my adult life I have lived in more than 20 houses - I've stopped counting. Such mobility meant that I have had the opportunity to live within 15 minutes' drive from the often maligned but always fascinating Ikea on not one but three continents. Hence Ikea is usually our department store of choice and was where I have bought many small and large household items over many years.

      My husband bought this matching table and chair set from Ikea for my home in December 2008, for £75. I'd owned and rented out the small property intermittently for a number of years. This home didn't really have a dining room, more like a vestibule area between the kitchen, staircase, lounge and unheated conservatory. Ie an area surrounded by doors on all four walls.

      Furthermore I honestly didn't know how long I'd be using the dining set for, I didn't want to pay large amounts of money. That said, it was important to me that the dining set complemented its space.

      ~~~The product~~~

      The table and accompanying four chairs are made from solid pine. They have been stained "antique" and finished with a clear acrylic lacquer.

      Like many Ikea items, the table and chairs all require assembly. They come in many pieces, all in one heavy box. The website states the assembled sizes as being:

      Table length: 118 cm
      Table width: 74 cm
      Table height: 74 cm
      Seat width: 42 cm
      Seat depth: 49 cm
      Seat height: 90 cm

      Ikea suggests that for increased stability, the user should re-tighten the screws approximately two weeks after assembly.

      The company's literature states that the tables and four chairs are easily wiped clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner then wiped dry with a clean cloth.

      ~~~ My experience and thoughts ~~~

      After much indecision on my part, my overseas-based husband decided it really was time for my small Cambridge home to have a dining table. His decision was prompted when he found Ikea's Jokkmokk Table and Chairs set on sale and realised that it was the perfect style for my house and an appropriate size for the "dining space".

      Furthermore, he was happy to assemble it while I was at work. Thankfully he is a handy husband who is very good at such things. Apparently the assembly was angst-free and not a single screw remained after construction.

      Well, my husband was right. (Yes, I did tell him!) This table and chair set was perfect for the setting, for my lifestyle and for my wallet. We used it for just under a year, following which I moved to the USA.

      The table proved to be robust and well constructed. There were no unfinished or rough areas. The chairs were very sturdy and were comfortable enough for us, although I couldn't imagine sitting on them for more than three or four hours. We used them without cushions; I imagine that people with minimal gluteal padding might find them uncomfortable fairly quickly.


      We definitely recommend this table and chair set. It's available from Ikea for £90 (July 2013).


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        15.04.2012 12:55
        Very helpful



        good price, but the chairs are uncomfy

        We've lived all over, as we tend to move with my husbands job. Occasionally we've rented rather than bought as we've known we wouldn't be there for too long. The last place we rented was unfurnished, I always try to insist on unfurnished as I don't want to sit on a sofa when you don't know what's been on there and I certainly don't want to sleep in a bed where loads of other people have slept, yuck!!
        When furnishing a short term rental I always drag my husband to Ikea and we buy everything we need relatively cheaply. The Jokkmokk dining table and chairs set from Ikea was one of the things that I furnished our last short term rental with.

        The Jokkmokk dining set is currently priced at £89.00 for the set. If memory serves me correctly I'm sure that we only paid around £59.00 as it was on offer for Ikea family card members at the time. The dining set consists of a rectangular dining table and 4 matching high backed dining chairs. The table and chairs are made of solid pine, and are stained with an antique coloured stain.

        The dining table measures 124cm by 77cm, and is plenty big enough for four people to sit around comforatably, either 2x2 opposite one another along the long sides of the table, or one person at each end of the table. We used it this way with one person at each end of the table if we had friends over for dinner, as it did feel slightly more spacious this way.

        I must admit that I was dissapointed with the dining chairs. We did find them to be very uncomfortable, I even bought seat pads from Ikea to put on the chairs and they were still uncomfortable. You certainly didn't ever want to linger after dinner on the chairs sitting and chatting.

        This wasn't one of the easiest Ikea items to assemble, I do remember quite a bit of muttering and cursing from my husband as he assembled it all. It did seem to take him quite some time, however once it is all assembled it is quite a sturdy little dining set. It is fairly lightweight and so easy to move around if you need to. Considering the low price it was very good quality, and when we moved out (after a year) we gave the coffee table away to friends and it still actually looked as good as new.

        I would reccomend this dining set due to the low price, however I'm not 100% sure if I'd buy another because of the comfort factor of the chairs (well I guess that I should say lack of comfort!). I always like to linger at the dining table after dinner and sit and chat over the remainder of the wine and coffee, with this set you can't really do that. If there was nothing else reasonably priced than I would buy it again, but it wouldn't be my first choice.


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        12.04.2012 16:03
        Very helpful



        A good table at a cheap price

        We currently rent a flat which has a large open plan kitchen and dining area. When we moved in the landlord had provided one of these dining sets from Ikea. Whilst it's not the most stunning piece of furniture, we realised it was so cheap and so handy that we have ended up purchasing a second one to use as a desk. We keep it in the spare room, and when we have dinner parties (which is quite often) we bring the table and extra chairs in to make a large dining table.

        The table and four chairs currently cost just £89 for the lot at Ikea. Obviously if you're paying this price then you can't expect it to last forever, and it's not going to be the most amazing quality in the world, but at that price if this lasts us for a couple of years until we're settled in our own home and ready to make long term furniture purchases, then I'm happy.

        Getting the table home from the store was relatively easy as it's flatpacked, like most Ikea products, and it's not too big. We have quite a small car (a Skoda Fabia) and it fit in there easily, so unless you've got something really tiny or you've got other things in there such as car seats, then you should be okay. Putting it together, though - not so simple! As usual, you get picture instructions instead of words. If you lose them, you can download them from the Ikea website, which I think is a great idea. It might not be useful to everyone, but if you threw them away and then you wanted to take it apart to move house or something then it would be handy to be able to download them on the computer.

        The instructions tell you that all you need is a flat head screwdriver to put this together, so there's no need to run around trying to find anything out of the ordinary. A small spanner type tool was included along with all the other bits and pieces. The chairs went together really easily, but you do have to watch how you go with them. The bars across the back and some other parts that go around the seat are only treated on the upward and outward facing parts of the wood, so if you add a piece upside down, you'll be able to see the exposed wood.

        The table was a bit trickier. It's too hard to explain in a review but there are some small parts that have to screw into some other parts in order to attach the legs to the table top. We tried for ages and ages but the thread just wouldn't take at all, the parts just kept spinning round. This was extremely frustrating! We were lucky though as we already had a made up table to use as an example, so after a while we worked out what we were doing wrong. We took apart one of the legs from the table we already had (which was risky - what if we couldn't get it back on!) and we could see from that what we were doing wrong. I wouldn't say the instructions were wrong or misleading, exactly, but I do think they tried to consolidate them too much. They put too much into one picture, and it would have been better as two separate ones.

        Once it was all up and running, we were pleased with the results. The table doesn't look very solid or sturdy, and it certainly isn't heavy, but it does look nice. It's made of solid pine, and treated with what Ikea call 'antique stain' and an acrylic lacquer. I was glad of this because I'm not too keen on pale wood, and I like the look of this. It goes quite well with the furnishings we already have.

        The table seats four people comfortably, but I don't think it's quite spacious enough to seat another person on each end to make six - that would be a real squeeze. When we put the two together, you can easily sit eight people and you could possibly manage ten, at a push. It's a good height for dining at, and most people seem to find it comfortable to sit at. The chairs all tuck under very neatly, so when you're not using it it's well out of the way and doesn't take up too much space. I have to say the wood isn't especially hard and it will scratch quite easily - it wouldn't be difficult for a child to make a deep line in the table using a pen or some cutlery. However, that might be a good reason to get it - at least they are ruining something fairly cheap!

        The chairs aren't that comfortable, and sitting on the hard wood with only a little bit of support often makes my back ache (I already have back problems, though). We purchased some cushions that attach on to the chair seats at Ikea as well and this makes it a lot more comfortable, but it's an extra expense that you should factor in if you want to purchase this.

        We move our table around quite a lot and it's nice and light, same goes for the chairs. Of course this is also a downside, because it means it isn't made out of an expensive, solid wood, but this is really a budget product. It's advised that after a couple of weeks of use you tighten up the table and chairs again to make sure they are completely safe, and we haven't noticed any kind of wobbling or anything like that. Whilst they don't feel super strong, they easily hold quite large people, and they can hold a person sat on another person's knee, too. At our house they've only had the occasional strain like that, though, so I don't know how they'd hold up on a daily basis.

        We've had the table that we bought for about three months, and we're really pleased with it. The one that was already there has been there for well over a year, and that doesn't have any marks on it and doesn't show any signs of wear and tear - I can't even tell the two of them apart, usually. This is especially impressive because I viewed the property before the last tenants moved out, and they did not look after the place at all!

        So, down to the nitty gritty - would I recommend? Well, yes, and I'll happily give this four stars out of five. It's not exactly an investment piece, and your grandchildren won't be enjoying it in thirty years time, but it serves a purpose. It's perfect for young couples getting started, who need something to set them on for a couple of years, or a family who wants something cheap to go in a playroom or something. It would also suit someone furnishing a buy to let property or someone who wanted a smallish separate table for children to eat at, or someone who wants a dining table but doesn't have much space for one. The list goes on and on! Basically, unless you're looking for a dining table that is fantastic quality and will last you upwards of a decade, then go ahead and buy it. At £89, including the chairs, I think it's an absolute bargain.


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