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Ikea Linnarp TV Bench

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Brand: Ikea / Type: TV Stand

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2011 12:29
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      a good tv unit for multi gadgets

      When we decorated our lounge last year we needed a new TV unit to go with the new TV. Ideally I wanted a unit that would cover the width of the lounge so I could gain some extra storage space from one piece of furniture. This wasn't the case however after seeing the ideal unit we wanted in IKEA, and an almost wasted trip to the store. As we gave up our search and headed down the escalator to the exit, I spotted the Linnarp TV unit sitting high on a display shelf.

      "That's the one I want!" I exclaimed. I could almost hear my husband sigh as he went to find the product code and then the relevant flat packed item on the shelf.
      There's nothing like an impulse buy. I was worried I had chosen wrong after spending the £137 on the unit, but over a year later it's still serving us well so I know it was money well spent.

      The Linnarp TV unit comes in only one shade of black / brown, but this fits in with our colour scheme very well. As 143 centimetres wide it doesn't cover the width of our lounge, but it's still big enough to make a statement against the back wall where the TV sits.
      If you're looking for a high unit then this one probably won't meet your requirements as its only 49 centimetres high, but as we have the TV on the wall then this unit serves our purposes well.

      Constructing the unit wasn't too difficult from what I remember. The instructions were fairly clear, and there weren't too many fiddly pieces to put together. There is glass in the two sliding doors, but they are already in place so it's just a case of fitting the runners after the main shell has been put together.

      Once in place, the TV unit looks quite spacious. There are three sections each with one shelf giving your six compartments in all. This should be enough for any family, including my husband's many gadgets and surround sound boxes, sky box, and DVD player, play station etc.
      As the two doors are sliding, you can change the appearance of the unit by sliding the doors. There will always be one section that is open to little fingers or dust as it were, but we tend to move the doors about depending on which piece of equipment we are using. My husband likes the play station to breathe when he is playing so then the door is slid across to free up the space when playing, and when not in use, he gets to cover it with a door so our daughter won't fiddle with it. It's also a good point to note that remote controls do work through the glass so I can use the sky box when the doors are closed without any trouble.

      Nothing on the unit is completely hidden or lockable, so it's not suitable for storage in the sense of hiding items away from visitors; it really is more of a display unit.
      We use the top space for photo frames and another general display area.

      We found that despite being solid wood, the lacquer finish on the unit chips quite easily, and over time we have a few spots where the wood is showing through. We also find the unit attracts and shows the dust very easily, which means it's a hot spot in our house for having to be dusted frequently. Despite this it is still a very solid piece of furniture after the year and showing no signs of major wear and tear just yet.

      If you did want to place a TV on top of this unit then you would have to bear in mind the maximum weight restriction of 50kg or a 47 inch TV.

      Overall I think we made a good decision when we bought this unit, and it goes to show that an impulse buy isn't always a bad one. The unit is still for sale in IKEA now.


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