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Ikea Mydal Bunk bed

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Ikea's Mydal Bunk Bed is an affordable, attractive looking bunk bed, which is sturdy and easy to assemble. Designed for children, beware of the slightly bigger than usual gaps between the bed slats.

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      08.09.2012 18:42
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      This loses one star for the gap - but a very good bed nonetheless.

      My children have always wanted bunk beds. They don't need them, they each have their own room, and my son did have a nice enough cabin bed, but when we redecorated his room to look something like an army base camp recently, his father gave in and bought these - saying it would be the easiest way to create a tent effect. It was easy but it wasn't a cheap option. Still, this was the least expensive bunk bed I could find new - and very close in price to some rather tatty looking second hand sets on Gumtree.

      We looked this up online, using a handy feature with Ikea, that told us how many units were in stock and exactly what aisle and shelf number this could be found under. My husband went to collect. We were worried that he might be unable to fit this in the car. I did attempt to check delivery prices online, but Ikea simply says this item is not available for delivery where I live. Thankfully my husband was able to fit these into our mid sized car ( Ford Fusion). He did have considerable difficulty loading this though, and ended up really hurting his back. The box is quite heavy. Ikea gives the weight at 52.9 kg. As I had no way of weighing this myself I'll take their word for it, but I would caution, moving this really is a two man job. Even with a neighbours help to get this indoors, there was no chance of getting it upstairs and we ended up opening the box and taking it up piece by piece. Apparently Ikea used to package this in two boxes, and the website still lists this as coming in two packages, but this is no longer the case. The fellow who worked there ended up having to call another store to find out for sure if it was meant to be one box or two.

      The instructions that came with this were adequate. There is no writing on the assembly instructions, just pictures, beginning with a terrible cartoon drawing that actually took us some time to figure out what they meant by. The first illustration is obvious - that this is meant to require 2 people, but the second just looks like he hurt his bum. We eventually realised it means assemble on a rug - but I still don't know why he is holding his butt. The rest of the booklet is a bit better though, showing what fittings you should have, what tools are required and step by step assembly instructions. It is quite straightforward anyway, and my husband did not really need the instructions. Assembly was quick enough for such a large item - less than an hour, most of which could be done alone, but my son did help with parts as you need someone just to hold another part a few times. You can choose which end the ladder goes on - which I would think would be obvious - but my husband actually thought the bed wouldn't work for my son as the ladder was shown at the wrong end for his room.

      Once this was up we had a minor problem. It didn't fit where the old bed was. It is just slightly longer at 206 cm. We ended up having to shorten a my sons wall mounted bookshelves to make this fit. We have a Silentnight Pillowtop mattress on this, in standard single size on the top and an older cheaper mattress on the bottom. With both mattresses there is a considerable gap between the mattress and bed frame at the bottom. I have just measured this and found it to be 4 " at the bottom and perhaps enough 1" at the top so this is an extra 5" in length in comparison to most single beds. I suppose it gives you plenty of room to tuck in duvets, but it also means if the mattress works its way down, pillows fall into the hole, and I can't say that I like this feature at all. I assume no one would put a baby in a bunk bed anyway, but just in case I will mention that an infant should never ever be laid on a bed with such a gap - so if a wee niece or nephew should fall asleep at your home - do not lay them down on this bed under any circumstances! It would certainly be possible for a young baby to get their head trapped between the frame and the mattress resulting in suffocation and death. My youngest is 4 so this is not a concern, but I don't even know if I would like a one year old climbing onto this.

      Once this is up it isn't the most fancy set of bunks - but it isn't bad either. It is plain unfinished wood - and my husband is meant to strip it down and varnish it at some point, but that will mean a few days that my son can not use it. We also noticed once this was up that the wooden beams are not made from solid pieces but from very short bits planed together. I do not know if this will affect the strength of these or not, but I do think Ikea should have mentioned it. The plain wood does have an advantage though - in that you can easily make this any colour you like. My son has camouflage netting over his so it isn't very noticeable, but we will likely do it with a green wood stain or clear varnish at some point, and I do feel this will look very nice painted or varnished. I really prefer wood over metal for beds. I think it looks nicer, but more importantly it feels more solid and is quieter as well. there is no squeaking as the boys clamber up and down the ladders, or even jump about on the bed, and there is no movement of the bed.

      This cost £120, which I feel is quite fair, and I do think this represents good value for money. It does not include mattresses. We were lucky enough to have a cheap mattress which had come with my son's old bed in the attic, as I do like good mattresses for children, and his Silentnight mattress, but if we had needed to buy mattresses, this would have been an added expense. I can live with a cheap mattress on the bottom as my youngest has his own bed with a good mattress in his own room and only sleeps in his brothers room occasionally. Bunk beds do come in two sizes, one size which takes standard sized mattresses and another which takes smaller "shorty" mattresses. This really is too big with full sized single bed mattresses - if you have shorty mattresses from another bed - they really will not work.

      Overall, I feel this bed has a few flaws, and I do think it could be a serious safety hazard with infants - but then an infant doesn't really belong on a bunk bed anyway. But I also feel that it is sturdy - well made apart from the sizing issue, and very nice for the price. I am knocking one star off for the huge gaps between the mattress and the frame, and the extra space this takes up, but I would still recommend this if you are looking for a low priced bunk bed and I am really glad that my husband bought it.

      Of course the opinion that really counts here is my son's and for all my moaning about the money spent when he didn't need a bed - his reaction did make it worth while. He was absolutely over the moon with his new and more grown up room, and the bunk bed with camo netting really was the best part. He loves having a private reading place with the netting drawn, and he loves climbing up to the top to sit up and watch telly. He even enjoys bringing his little brother in for sleepovers, and of course I love seeing them spending time together and enjoying each others company as well. We both like that he has a fair amount of storage room underneath as well, and is able to fit under bed boxes ands plenty of board games. This will also come in handy as he gets older if he ever wants a mate to sleep over at the house. It really does look the part as well with an army flag and replica firearms above it, camouflage netting and bedding and a trunk at the end of the bed. I have to admit bunk beds do suit an army theme room quite well.


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