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Ikea Svelvik Bed frame

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Bed frame

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2013 15:22
      Very helpful



      tulips from Amsterdam, or a bed in this case!

      I really like Ikea beds, the last 3 or 4 beds that we've bought have been from Ikea. Ikea beds are superb quality and value for money, and so are their mattresses. Ikea definitely do bedroom furniture very well. Earlier this year we decided that we'd like to get ourselves a new bed, and so naturally we turned to Ikea. The bed that we were replacing was from Ikea - the Lillesand metal bed frame, and the bed that we had prior to that was also an Ikea metal bed frame - the Noresund. I definitely wanted another metal bed, however my husband wanted to maybe try a wooden bed this time. I managed to convince him to get a metal bed again!

      The bed that we, well actually I should say ''the bed that I'' chose was the Svelvik metal bed frame. Now here's where we encountered a problem. Our previous bed, the Lillesand bed, we'd bought when we were living in Sweden, and we bought it in a super king size - 180cm wide. Ikea in the UK don't sell 180cm width beds, only 140cm and 160cm. We definitely wanted the 180 size again as we're used to the absolutely huge bed now and anything less feels much too pokey and small.

      So the solution was to hire a small van and drive over to mainland Europe to buy the bed!!! We decided to make it into a long weekend away. We got the overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam in the Netherlands on the Thursday night (arriving early Friday morning in Rotterdam), spent the Friday night in a hotel near Amsterdam, bought the bed and some other items from Ikea in Rotterdam on the Saturday afternoon, before then getting the overnight ferry back to Hull from Rotterdam on the Saturday night (arriving back into Hull early Sunday morning).

      The Svelvik bed is available in two different sizes in the UK; a double which is 140cm wide and priced at £145, and a king which is 160cm wide and priced at £160. Both of these prices include the slatted bad base and the midbeam to stabilise the bed. We paid just Euro119 for our 180cm wide super king size Svelvik bed from Ikea in Rotterdam. This price didn't include the slatted bed base, we've just used the slats from our previous bed as we'd upgraded and bought better quality slats when we bought our previous bed. The price did include the midbeam though.

      On the Sunday when we got back home we drove to Ikea and bought our mattresses from Ikea in the UK. We did this as Ikea have a 'Love or Exchange' policy on their mattresses. If you don't love your mattress then within 90 days they allow you to take it back and exchange it for another one, softer or firmer depending on your preference. It's typical with the 180cm Ikea beds to actually buy two 90cm mattresses rather than one 180cm mattress. This enables you to each get a mattress that you're comfortable with rather than just settling for a happy medium. My husband prefers a firm mattress and I prefer a soft mattress, so we've each got a mattress that we're happy with, rather than settling for something in the middle that we both think is just ok.

      One thing that's especially important to remember with Ikea beds is that they're bigger than the standard UK bed sizes; UK doubles are typically 135cm wide (Ikea doubles are 140), and UK kings are typically 150cm wide (Ikea kings are 160). So if you buy an Ikea bed and you want fitted sheets for the mattresses then you will need to buy them from Ikea so that they will actually fit. The duvet doesn't matter so much, I have a super king size duvet and super king size duvet covers from Laura Ashley and these fit our bed perfectly. However I do always buy my fitted sheets from Ikea.

      One of the main reasons that I wanted a metal bed again is that I like the sleek minimalist look of metal beds and I find that they go well with any decor, and with any furniture. I like an eclectic look for bedroom furniture, rather than choosing everything to match from the same range. I like that by having a metal bed frame I've already got the beginnings of that eclectic look as drawers and wardrobes etc are typically wooden framed. We don't always change all of our bedroom furniture at the same time, I tend to keep some bits and pieces and change some bits and pieces. I tend to change items when I spot something I like, rather than all at the same time, again adding to that eclectic look.

      The Svelvik bed frame is a lovely simple matte black, powder coated steel frame, with both a headboard and a footboard. It has silver coloured nickel plated steel knobs on the two ends of the headboard, and the two ends of the footboard, and on the four feet of the bed frame. It looks very simple and sleek, but very classy, and always seems to be the focal point in the room, that's probably helped by how large it is as well though! As it's very simple colour wise, just the matte black and silver nickel, then it will match any colour scheme and any decor. We've just got cream painted walls in the bedroom, and the black bed really stands out against the cream walls.

      The bed itself stands high enough off the ground so that you can utilise the space underneath with storage boxes. I have four storage boxes which slide in and out underneath our bed and I store my many many pairs of shoes under there. The bed frame is easy to keep clean, I just flick a duster over it, you can wipe it over with a damp cloth but I don't really think it needs it, a dry duster is absolutely fine. I have fairy lights strung around the bars of the headboard, and I think that these just give an added lift to the bed. Sometimes I also string a set of fairy lights around the bars of the footboard as well.

      Currently I've paired our new Svelvik bed with two Ikea Raskog kitchen trolleys in turquoise which we use as bedside cabinets, an Ikea Vettre bedside cabinet in turquoise which I have sat next to a gorgeous old tan coloured leather nursing chair that my dad bought for my mum when I was born, a large freestanding silver framed Ikea Songe mirror, a vintage dressing table, and four Ikea Hemnes chests of drawers in grey-brown which stand along one wall. I am thinking of changing the Hemnes drawers though as we've had them for a while and I fancy a change. I'm happy enough with everything else though, for now anyway! And see what I mean about my eclectic tastes!

      The Svelvik bed frame was very easy to assemble, it only took us around 40 minutes. The only tool we needed was a cross head screwdriver. We probably assembled it so quickly as we're used to assembling Ikea metal beds now, we've taken down and put back up our previous Ikea metal beds probably around half a dozen times if not more.

      Yet again I'm really impressed with an Ikea bed. I think that the Svelvik bed looks much more expensive than it actually was, it's really sturdy, and it's absolutely superb quality. I'd definitely recommend it. It's just a shame that you can't buy the 180 width in the UK. I'm happy that we made the decision to go to Rotterdam and buy our bed though, neither of us wanted to go back to a smaller bed after sleeping in a super large super king size bed for so long.


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