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Indoor and Outdoor Candles

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    17 Reviews
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      09.09.2008 00:01
      Very helpful



      A lovely glow in our cottage

      As you may know we have recently moved into our cottage which is within the confines of The Great Orme Country Park in Llandudno.

      The cottage in question was built in 1896 and was originally the quarry manager's cottage and is a little detached cottage with fairly low ceilings (although the previous owner did raise them slightly) and small rooms.

      When we moved in we decided to remove the gas fire in the lounge and replace it with a log burner, which has been a great success.

      To add to the atmosphere and to further reduce our electricity bill we have decided to use candles to light the lounge.

      If we just want a basic low level light for watching TV by we just light four standard slim candles in the old fashioned brass candles holders with the little round handles on the side - you know the sort - the ones that you see the maid carrying up to bed in the old films!

      We also have various little tea light holders collected over time. I also treated myself to a tea light holder from our local Homebase. It holds nine tea lights arranged in a spiral standing about 18 inches tall. It gives off quite a bit of light surprisingly.

      We also have a few pillar candles - sometimes called church candles - that look lovely in the candle holders but they're useless for burning! As the wick burns down the middle of the candle drops but the edge doesn't which eventually means that the wick is doused by the pool of liquid wax. Subsequently I have to keep trimming the edge off the pillar candles at regular intervals - at least I can throw the bits on the fire or use them in one of my log makers.

      We buy our tea lights from Asda at £1.48 for 100 and these last about three hours each, although if we get a lot of them burning at the same time we soon get through 100!

      Now the long candles are a bargain indeed. I realised that we would get through a fair few of these and unless I could find a supply of cheap candles this was going to be a none starter.

      I googled 'white candles' and the best that I found were £23 plus £8.50 postage making £31.50 for 100 candles, thus making the candles 31.5p each.

      I decided to check on EBay thinking that the postage charges would make buying my candles here too expensive - how wrong I was! I have found a supplier who sells surplus stock at a low price. The candles have been stored loose and so are a bit misshapen (some more than others LOL!) but they sell in bundles of 200, 250, 450 etc and the postage is free! It works out at about 7p a candle! Now that's more like it. As you can guess I have bought quite a stock of these whilst they are available.

      The room looks lovely with our log burner and candles all glowing and I am really looking forward to the winter now as it will be so cosy!

      I couldn't actually do a review about candles without mentioning safety though. Strangely enough I have been terrified of fire ever since we had a fire at home when I was a little girl so we are VERY careful with the candles.

      The ones on the window sill are nowhere near the curtains and the others are on the mantelpiece and on the hearth - again nowhere near anything flammable. We never, ever go out and leave any candle alight even for the briefest time and they are all carefully extinguished before we go to bed.

      So there you are another way to help beat the credit crunch and the atmosphere is lovely.


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        12.06.2007 15:28



        Look at these fab products - go on its worth it!

        I LOVE Candles and Bath Products - anything smelly really!!!! And thought I would just give a shout out to Cookies and Cream Candles Ltd www.cookiesandcream.co.uk I found the website when reading an article on Lush. A member mentioned that she found Lush products too scented but had a gift from Cookies and Cream - so I thought I'd take a look.

        The do a whole selection of indoor and outdoor candles including the simply GORGEOUS Lily Flame - with a scent for even the most difficult to please. I had a few different types now including Pintail, Best Kept Secrets and Shearer Candles. All of which have been delivered quickly and seem to be the cheapest on the net.

        I have just bought a Chocolate Truffle and Coffee Galore so I can have the scent of Choca Mocha around my house - its great!

        Hope that is of some help for you candle addicts (like myself!!!!!)


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          25.05.2007 22:07



          Very long lasting & lots of delicious fragrances

          I will start by saying that my Mum bought me one of these candles around a year ago, and I have since been addicted!!
          Yankee Candles are very long lasting and very strong smelling. There are many candles on the market that smell scrummy but I have only found the Yankee Housewarmer Jars to still smell very strong when lit. (Others are always so disapointing when lit)
          The Yankee candle comes in a variety of sizes;
          Samplers, Tarts, Small, Medium & Large Jars with the the most expensive retailing at £16.99 (the size I always buy)
          Although £16.99 is expensive for a candle, I personally think that they are worth it for the following reasons: Very long burn time, scent that literally fills your home, looks attractive, and come in a huge variety of colours and fragrances.
          Yankee also sell room sprays, car jars and a large range of accessories that would make lovely gifts.


          They update and change their 'flavours' constantly, but here is the current range:
          White Chocolate Mint
          Clean Cotton
          Country Linen
          Sugar Cane & Vanilla
          French Vanilla
          Mango Blossom
          Sparkling Lemon
          Sunwashed Linen
          Sweet Honeysuckle
          Starfruit & Orange
          Good Morning
          Peach & Sweet Berries
          Juicy Peach
          Juicy Orange
          Tea & Honey
          Autumn Leaves
          Cinnamon Stick
          Sun & Sand
          Autumn Wreath
          Roasted Coffee
          Cranberry Chutney
          Berry Tangerine
          Home Sweet Home
          Berry Crumble
          Macintosh & Peach
          Apple Macintosh
          Mandarin & Cranberry
          Juicy Cherry
          Sweet Strawberry
          Fruit Smoothie
          Juicy Watermelon
          Cherry Lemonade
          Lotus Blossom
          Fresh Cut Roses
          Spring Bouquet
          Lemon Lavender
          Lilac Blossoms
          Lavender Sage
          Cottage Breeze
          Willow Breeze
          Splash of Rain
          Midsummers Night
          Fresh Mint
          Granny Smith
          Midnight Cove
          Vanilla Lime
          Ginger Citrus
          Sage & Citrus
          Sage & Cinnamon
          Jasmine Green Tea
          Island Spa

          *CANDLE BURN TIMES:*

          Large Jar Candle – 110-150 hours
          Medium Jar Candle – 65-90 hours
          Small Jar Candle – 25-40 hours
          Small Pillar – 35-45 hours
          Large Pillar – 70-85 hours
          Votives – Up to 15 hours in an appropriate holder
          Scented tea lights – 4-6 hours
          Wax Tarts – 8 hours each


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            19.03.2007 01:51
            Very helpful



            A bit pricey but still good value for money (and sweet smelling)

            Before I get into the main part of the review - here is a little background on the wonder that is Yankee Candles.

            The Yankee Candle Company had been in existence since 1969, and in the USA they are the main retailer of scented candles (they also design and make these candles themselves). They like to make sure that the scents of their candles are as authentic and real as possible, and they make their own oils that are used in the manufacturing process.

            This review is about their Housewarmer 22 ounce jar candle with the fragrance of Buttercream, which retails on their website (www.yankeecandleshop.co.uk) for £16.49 but I get these for around £10 from our NAAFI (tax free prices - one of the few bonuses of being married to a soldier and living overseas!).


            We have a jar that is reminiscent of the old sweetie jars from when I was a child and is just slightly shorter that the average DVD case (strange comparison I know but I don't have my ruler to hand!).

            On the label, it simply says Yankee Candle, Buttercream, housewarmer candle and "our strongest scented candle". The picture on the front is of cakes covered in buttercream, which essentially gives you the idea of what is to come when you prise the lid off the jar.


            On the bottom of the candle is a label which holds the safety information. Don't try to read this when the candle is lit - read it before you light the candle or you may have a hot foot from burning wax or worse.

            This label tells you:

            "To prevent fire * Burn candle within sight * Out of reach of children and pets * Never on or near anything that can catch fire".

            **Opening the Jar**

            On opening the jar, and unceremoniously sticking my nose in as far as it will go (not a pretty sight but all in the name of a good quality review), I am presented with an aroma that is a mixture of unsalted butter and vanilla. I would suspect that vanilla is one of the more prominent ingredients in this candle but as they do not list their ingredients and their oils are a closely guarded company secret, we will never know. It reminds me of the smells associated with my grandmother baking cakes and using buttercream frosting on the cakes. I was always allowed to lick the bowl and thankfully resist the urge to do the same to the candle - methinks it may taste yucky!

            **Does this candle work?**

            I have a large solid pine sideboard in my living room and my Yankee Candle has pride of place here. Yes I do have 2 young children aged 4 and 2 and so do not light this until they are in bed and I am fully able to keep an eye on the candle.

            I also own a long handled lighter, which I use to light these candles, especially when they have been burnt half-way down the jar - not so easy to get my pudgy little fingers in to light the candle with matches or a conventional lighter.

            My recommendation for lighting these is a long handled lighter or if you cannot get one of these, then cooks matches will suffice as they are longer than conventional matches.

            It states on the website and on the lable on the bottom of the jar that this candle (22 oz) has approximately 100-150 hours of burning time. This is something that I can certainly agree with. I usually burn my candle for about an hour every couple of days. I have yet to reach the end of my current candle (which I have had for about 3 months now). I suppose that if I burnt this candle every day for a couple of hours then it would only last me about 6 weeks, but as i only burn it every 2 days for an hour or so, it lasts me around 4 months.

            I do smoke, but only in the utility room, the smell will waft around the downstairs of my house and I find that this amount of burning is sufficient to get rid of the smell of smoke, cooking, smelly socks, stinking army boots and a farting husband! (Apologies for the last mention there but my hubby - much as I love him - could trump for Britain and win medals!).

            When not in use I do tend to leave the lid off the jar as the smell will linger in the room from the candle itself. In fact I have gone as far as buying another candle which I do not burn and just keep it on the window sill in my bedroom and it really frangrances my room without being burnt.

            **Further Information**

            These candles come in a variety of fragrances such as blackberry, chai tea, granny smith and ocean wind (to name a few - there really are too many fragrances to mention).

            There are also many different candles on the market. The housewarmer candles (small, medium and large jars), tealight candles, tapers, pillars and candle tins. They also do car fragrancers and a wide variety of accessories for the candle enthusiast.

            Their UK website is www.yankeecandleshop.co.uk.

            Their US website is www.yankeecandle.com.

            Should you wish to contact them by snail mail the address is:

            The Yankee Candle Company Inc
            S Deerfield, MA

            **Value for Money**

            Do I think that the price of these candles is value for money? Whilst it cannot be argued that they are cheap - £16.49 is a lot of money to pay for something that you are going to burn away.

            But for this candle, and the amount of burning time, I think it is good value for money. Given that mine lasts for anything between 6 weeks and 4 months, I am very happy with this product and somewhat loyal to the brand now.

            Whilst other scented candles smell nice on purchase, the frangrance does not tend to linger as much for my liking. But with these candles, a little really does go a long way, and at an approximate burning cost of £0.11 per hour (based on a cost of £16.49 burnt over 150 hours), this to me is great value for money, as I have had other candles (cheaper ones) but to get the fragrance I desire I have had to buy 2 or three candles and only get less than half the burning time.

            If you like candles, then these are a definite recommendation from me for 5 star value and quality.

            As far as I am concerned, these are the number one candles on the market and I look forward to trying out more of their fragrances in the future.

            Thank you for reading.

            Di xx


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              10.03.2007 09:33
              Very helpful



              highly recommended

              I love candles , my favourite though has to be the yankee candle ....

              Here is a bit about yankee candles....
              They have been in existence for over 30 years now, and they are manufactured to high standards in the united states.

              Its birthplace is in massachusetts, where they have got the worlds largest candle store.

              They also sell candle accessories, and a variety of different candle scents and different size jars.

              They also sell yankee tarts, tealights, housewarnmer jars etc
              It is a candle lovers dream, i would love to visit it.

              Yankee sells them products in the stores in the uk too not just in the usa.

              I first tried yankee candles last year when my friend who lives in the usa sent me over some yankee candle tarts .
              ever since then i have been hooked on the yankee candles, i love candles but no other candle comes close to the yankee one,s.
              The housewarmers jars come in three different sizes and scents.

              They do have strong aromas which is great.
              some are stronger than others but they all give off a strong scent.

              I went to my local card shop in town today as soon as i walked through the door i regonised the smell before i even saw the yankee candle stand as it was right at the back of the store.
              i knew it was yankee straight away and had to buy some yankee candle tarts lol.
              I also bought some tealights 12 for 5.99.
              They had the full variety in there , housewarmer jars, little jars, tealights, tarts, tealight holders different kinds.
              I could of stopped in there all day lol.

              The last time i bought a yankee candle tart , i bought it in clean cotton and put it in my handbag till i got home, when i took it out my bag smelt lovely lol.

              3.7oz jar which is around 7 pounds . burns for 25 -40 hours
              A 14.5oz jar around 13 pounds burns for 65 - 90 hours
              22oz jar around 16 pounds.burns for 110 - 150 hours.
              tealights 5.99 for 12 they burn for 4 - 6 hours.

              There is over 150 different scents so too many to name them all .
              Here are some of my favourites........
              Clean cotton
              bay breeze
              autumn leaves
              chocolate chip cookie
              french vanilla
              fresh cut roses
              granny smith
              home for the holidays
              lilac blossoms
              peach and sweet berries.

              They also do holiday favourites...
              cranberry peppermint
              holiday bayberry
              home for the holidays
              white chocolate mint.

              So whatever smell you like you are sure to find one in the yankee candle range you like.

              my favourite is the clean cotton one.
              It smells really fresh.
              i would highly recommend these candles.

              i always have yankee candles burning and they make my home smell so good.

              They are sold in various places including shops and garden centres.
              You will probarly be able to find them in some card shops , this was a hallmark card shop i went into.
              You do have to look around for them though, you can also buy them from various sites on the internet its worth having a look at .

              The only downside to yankee is that i think there should be more shops in the uk selling them !

              Good news for yankee candle fans there are 12 new fragrances, which will be available in late april , early may .
              The fragrances are ...

              Juicy peach
              Willow breeze
              Midnight cove
              Meadow blossoms
              Sparkling lemon
              Spring bouquet
              Mango blossom
              Island spa
              Sea and sand
              Good morning
              Vanilla lime
              Mango blossom

              ~ my opinion ~

              I love the smell of these candles and if you are a fan of candles you are sure to find one you like from these , as tehre are so many different aromas to choose from , and they do last ages too and really do leave a great aroma.

              I would highly recommend them.

              i hope this review has helped , and thanks for reading .


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                20.01.2007 00:39



                review of ASDAs scented candles

                I am a big fan of scented candles and i was over the moon when i came accross asdas mini candles for 30p each. they come in loads of different fragrences including my two favourates, winter and dewberry.

                the candles are quite small and come without holders so they need to be placed on a plate or some other suitable surface to be used safely.

                the candles measure around 7cm tall and are fatter at the tor and slightly thinner at the base.

                despite there small size, once lit they last for over 5 hours and give off lovely light fragrences.

                they are also very decorative and look fantastic on a fancy glass candle surface which has been scattered with pebbles or crystals and when the candles are lit the light bounces off them, fantastic and cheap.


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                  25.09.2006 00:16
                  Very helpful



                  A wonderful way to wind down - a candle, a glass of wine, a good book....

                  *****A Candle Burning in the Night*****

                  *****Indoor and Outdoor Candles For Your Home*****

                  It is better to try to light a candle than to curse the dark
                  Chinese Proverb


                  Candles have been used throughout time as a guide in the dark, both actually and metaphorically, which religious groups across the world using the candle as a symbol of hope. Their makeup has changed dramatically over the years, from candles made of animal fat (mmm smell that lamb and bacon scent…!) and beeswax, to the ones we use now which are invariably highly scented, beautifully shaped and crafted, and a myriad of rainbow colours to please every sensibility. Candles now are not the necessity they once were, but are instead symbols of many things besides hope – they symbolize celebration, romance, new beginnings, and much more besides.
                  I use candles in my home because I am a through and through romantic. I find that they soften the light, they soothe my mind, and help me relax. I also use them for meditation, and find that the flame of a single candle can help me clear my mind during quiet times of focused thought.

                  *****My Candlelit Home*****

                  I imagine, upon entering my home, that the first thing your attention would be drawn to, besides the smell of incense and the calm and gentle atmosphere, would be the general abundance of candles. They are literally everywhere. My friends and family are never stuck for Christmas and Birthday presents – if they can’t think of anything else, there’s always CANDLES!!!! Every conceivable place in my home, every surface, every windowsill, ever dark nook and cranny, has a candle therein, and I really don’t think that is ever going to change.

                  Let me take you on a mini tour – I’ll open my front door (and the Chinese wind chimes will make gentle music to welcome you), and the first thing you’ll see is a wooden mirror with candles perched on the top of it. My hall window sill has a lovely lemon scented geranium, a candle, and an incense burner on it, and looking through to the kitchen, my kitchen windowsill has a salt pig, a box of matches, 2 baby aloe Vera plants I’m nurturing and….yes you’ve guessed it…a candle.

                  My front room, with open fire and soft cosy sofa, has a large collection of candles: tall green hand-dipped ones in a black candelabra, squat fat yellow and purple ones on pretty ceramic dishes, some home-made ones in glass jars, and a large collection of lanterns and tea light holders in beautiful stained glass colours.

                  In my dining room it is the same story - there are squat candles on the dining table, on the fireplace, on the bookshelves, on the antique wooden wash stand that came from my grandmother’s house. There is no colour scheme, no single scent, they all just meld together when lit to create a calm and soothing mood.

                  That same sense of a calm and soothing mood is created upstairs, where in my bedroom lilac and purple candles with a strong lavender scent are used frequently to encourage sleep.

                  In the bathroom, the same, though I must admit to having a huge pink three wick candles from the pier that I have never lit, as it matches my pink bathroom and I don’t want to spoil it! In the bathroom I also have floating candles – I fill the sink half up with water and pop them in – they send a beautiful, restful glow throughout the room, and are just the thing after a hard day at work.

                  Even my outside rooms, as I like to call them, have candles – my much loved garden. Here I really go to town with garden candles on sticks poked into pots and troughs and flower beds. I have tea-light lanterns hanging from the Buddleia, the Apple tree, and the back fence. I have jam jars with tea tights teetering on the brick borders of paths and flowerbeds, and I even put candles round the pond sometimes, and watch the lights reflecting across the dark lipid surface. There is nothing better in my mind, than sitting outside on a warm autumn evening, with a big jumper pulled over my pjs and a big mug of hot chocolate in my hands, listening to the night noises, watching the stars, and being surrounded by the hopeful lights of candles, sending their wishes for the new day to come skyward, and warming my soul with their calm and gentle flickering.

                  *****A Candle for Every Space in Your Home*****

                  I really think that different rooms require different scents, so if you are going for scented candles, here is my basic personal guideline for what to have and where.

                  I think every home should have a lavender scented candle and my personal opinion is to put it in your bedroom. There have been lots of studies about sleep associations, and certainly for me, scented oils, creams and candles really help me to get off to sleep. Lavender is a very calming, gentle scent, and many people use it for this purpose. Position it somewhere close, like a bedside table, so that you can smell the scented wax as it starts to melt, and so that it’s close enough to blow out without having to get out of bed and ruin the mood.

                  This is a great scent to have in the kitchen, or, surprisingly the loo, as it’s a fresh clean zesty smell. It’s also great for a study area, along with rosemary, as it will rejuvenate your senses and keep your mind clear and fresh.

                  For some reason, vanilla is the scent to use in your bedroom if you’re thinking of seducing that special someone. It’s a pretty sexy, musky smell in small doses, just don’t overdo it or it will make you feel a little nauseous! It’s also a great scent if you’re trying to sell a house. Presumably because sex sells? Not really sure about that, but tried and tested is the baked bread and vanilla candle routine. Who am I to judge?!!

                  I don’t know if this is just me, but I absolutely adore the scent of honeysuckle. I have a huge honeysuckle in my garden, and in the summer you can be at the top of my street, and still be able to smell it. So honeysuckle candles in the front room, where I like to read on rainy Sundays, makes me think of the long warm days of summer, and totally relaxes me!

                  This is definitely a scent for the garden. Citronella candles are widely available now, and in the summer months, they are excellent for keeping bugs and wee biting beasties at bay!

                  ***Cloves, Cinnamon, Pine***
                  These sorts of scents are great for Christmas time, and can flood your home with that special Christmas, mid-winter, cold-nose, rugs and blankets by the fire sort of smell. I use scented tea lights around this time and put them round the front step and in the front garden to welcome visitors on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. It’s so festive and so easy, and makes a romantic change to the bog-standard plug-‘em-in and run electric icicles. Give me a scented candle in a jam jar any day of the year!

                  *****How to Make Your Own Candles*****

                  There are lots of books and kits available if you want to have a go at making your own candles. It’s a very fulfilling practise, and I really enjoy making my own candles when time allows.

                  Here are some details of kits and books that are available on the high street:

                  This is a great site which has loads of info on candles and candle making, plus buy supplies for making your own at home.

                  More details on candle making and supplies for use at home.

                  This site has loads of candle making supplies to purchase, and this link is to a kit that you can use to make your own candles.

                  Other places to try:

                  WHSmiths have a selection of craft kits at their larger stores, as do John Lewis and Fenwick. If you are in Newcastle, there is a craft supply shop down by the Theatre Royal, called Gemini Crafts, and they sell candle supplies too.

                  Making your own candles is very easy and cheap, though you can spend loads of money in craft shops buying special candle dyes, wicks, moulds and all that jazz. If you want my opinion, make dipped candles or make your own moulds from cleaned out yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and washing up liquid bottles.

                  *****The Art of Recycling with Candles*****

                  As I mentioned above, I like to recycle old bits of used candles to make new ones, simply melting them down, pouring the melted wax into jam jars with wicks, or cleaned out margarine tubs. It’s so easy, and really environmentally friendly because it’s using something which otherwise would have to go in the bin (and therefore landfill.) There are loads of books available on this, and even the ones mentioned above can be used for ideas and methods, but by using recycled candle wax you’ll be saving money. You can also just use plain string for wicks, just make sure you soak it in melted wax and dry it straight before you use it in your candle.

                  I think the simplest and most effective candle recycling I do is to put tea lights into cleaned out jam jars and place them on the front step and drive. Seeing little lights glinting and shining and sparkling in the dark makes my home look so welcoming. I love putting my jam jar candles out on the front step for birthday evenings, for Halloween, for Christmas and New Year. For celebrations and holidays, and generally for that lovely feeling of lighting up the street, and welcoming people in.
                  Try it – it’s inexpensive, it’s recycling, it’s pretty much free (except your tea-lights) and it is such a simple decorative touch that in my opinion is much nicer than anything you can buy in a shop and pay good hard-earned money for.

                  *****Safety Advice*****

                  I know it’s the old adage, but it’s important. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended. Certainly don’t go to sleep with candles burning – blow them out before you go to bed. Don’t put burning candles near curtains or blinds. Don’t put burning candles on top of your Telly Box, or any other electrical equipment. In short, be careful.

                  *****Final Thoughts*****

                  Candles are the simplest way I know to chill out and feel calm and gentle inside. Using candles for meditation is to be highly recommended, as is using scented candles for sleep association. Since I was a teenager, I have loved candles, and wherever I have lived, they have featured heavily in my home decorations! For me they really do represent hope, and simplicity, and all the possibilities of new beginnings every day.

                  Thank you very much for reading, Kate x


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                    19.08.2006 13:03
                    Very helpful



                    Possibly the best scented candles you can ever use.

                    Back in April, Sherry my better half mentioned she had placed an order with Yankee Candles and purchased a large stand to display them in our shop. Well, I looked at the brochure and turned to her and said “We will never sell these!” Big mistake, huge!

                    I am constantly made to eat my words on a daily basis as we now have 4 large stands and a centre spinning stand and almost half our daily take is from Yankee Candles. So just so Sherry can look smug once more, I was wrong.

                    What is Yankee Candle?

                    Well, some young chap called Mike Kittredge made his mother a candle by melting wax crayons into a milk carton. The idea caught on quickly with people buying these candles from the young chap and over the next thirty years Yankee became the premier candle in the USA. It was not that long ago that Yankee Candle made their way over the waters to the UK and a few Yankee candle outlets shot up. However, the candles are not cheap, but they are quality.

                    I will briefly run through the range but will omit a few as I would need three pages just to show you so if you want any more info, go to my website www.yankeecandles.biz and follow the links. (Please note that this is my website and not Yankee’s official one.)

                    Tarts, oh titter ye not!

                    Small cakes of scented candle wax which you melt in an oil burner and they scent the room like summer has burst through the door. These things last for ages do not spit and are perfect to freshen any room quickly. Usually get 6 burns of 3 hours each before scent disappears.

                    Jar Candles. 22oz

                    These are the mother of all candles and last for up to 120 hours. They come in a jar would you believe and have a lid to keep the scent in when you are not using it.
                    Also available in 14.5oz and 9.5oz Jars.

                    Votive candles.

                    Small sampler candles which can burn up to 12 hours and offer the cautious a trial before buying the large jars. Extremely useful for small rooms such as the bathroom or conservatory.

                    Tea Light Candles

                    Ideal small and handy to place in burners and decorative holders. Again strong scents and a good idea to try out before buying the big uns! Come in boxes of 12.

                    Also available are pillar, floating and taper candles.
                    Car Jars.

                    Hang up in your car and last for 6 weeks. They look like those magic trees but are in the shape of the jar candle. Fragrances like Leather, French Vanilla, Fruit Smoothie etc.


                    This is where Yankee stand above all other candles you have ever sniffed. There ingenuity and authenticity of their scents are amazing and fantastic. The first one we used was the Clean Cotton and it really smells of fresh cotton sheets. You know that smell you get when they are fresh out the wash and being spread onto a newly made bed? That’s it, that is the exact smell and wow! My favourite scent has to be the Juicy Cherry. Just smelling this makes my mouth water and reminds me of cherry liquorice shoelaces and jelly sweets. Mackintosh is their apple fragrance and reminds me of walking through an Orchard in early October when the fruit is ripe and bursting at the seams.

                    The list of scents is long, some 100+ and they are all unique in their own way, Storm Watch smells like the air before a thunderstorm, wedding day, like a brides new dress and Christmas Cookie has a fresh baked smell with a hint of Christmas Day, you will know what I mean if you smell it.


                    How can you accessorise a candle, I hear you ask?

                    You would not believe me but here goes.

                    Sheep, cows and chickens spring to mind.

                    Tart burners which hold the wax, are hollow and let you put a Tea Light in them and it melts the tart yet does not seem out of place in a kitchen or on your display cabinet in the lounge.

                    Flip flops and hearts which house a Tea Light or Votive candle and are quite funky for a modern house.

                    Lamp shades that fit on top of your Jar candle and personalise the look to colour match your room, sleeves that hide the jar and plates that they can then stand on, making them look like little porcelain table lamps, fantastic. They are also available in glass mosaic etc.

                    Lots more accessories and if I was to list them all you would be more bored than you are now.

                    At almost £25 I thought the scented weeds were a never sell option but fans of Yankee love these as they last forever, allowing the scent to soak into their stems and fill the room with a more subtle scent. They also look quite chic and decorative and fit into all room types.

                    There are so many different items in the Yankee range that the candles alone have over 100 different scents and many different colours so they can be colour matched to fit into any room or décor.

                    My thoughts.

                    I am a fan of candles and love to watch TV, eat a meal or just relax by candle light as the mood and sway of the flam relaxes the mind and body. Yankee Candle won me over by their quality and strength of scent. None of this bending over the candle to smell them as you can smell the scent as soon as you open the door. I often use the Fresh Mint to calm myself after a stressful day and the smell of fresh mint leaves works wonders with the spirit. I thought the candles were a bit over priced at first to be honest with you but when you compare the burn time to the ratio and the fact that the scent lasts all the way to the bottom of the candle makes you think twice.

                    The Jars start from £7.49 and the Tarts from 89p so depending on your budget, you can try almost every candle in the range. I think they are great gifts for Christmas and weddings as their decorative appearance makes them ideal for the occasion.

                    Unlike other candles I have used in the past, I have never been disappointed in their scent and burning quality so really the price justifies the end product.

                    Overall Yankee candles are something you would use once and fall in love with. I now can’t even look at another scented candle nor would I dream of having an affair with one as I am besotted by the Yankee girls in my house.

                    Available from www.yankeecandles.biz or www.cherishedgifts.co.uk both my own websites by the way so take that into account when considering your rating as although I am biased I really, really love these candles.


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                      13.02.2006 11:12
                      Very helpful



                      Gorgeous smelling, long lasting candles and accesories

                      Yankee candles are definately my preferred choice of candle. I was first introduced to Yankee candles when I visited USA a few years ago, I spent ages in the shop smelling all the varieties of candle, yummy! When I returned home, I was delighted to find a local shop stocked Yankee candles, and she also did home candle parties...which I arranged for friends and family.

                      ~ STYLES ~

                      Yankee candles come in various packaging.

                      Jars ~ These jars are glass and come with lids. They are available in 3 sizes: Small £6.99, medium £12.99 and large £15.99.

                      10oz Tumbler £8.99 ~ which is very much like a drinks glass.

                      Sampler £1.49 ~ This is a separate votif candle for only £1.49. This is good to get to try the flavour to see if you like it before spending more money on the jar or tumbler for example.

                      Wax tarts 85p ~ These are for use with a burner (approx £5.00). The burner is very much like an oil burner, but instead of oil in the top, you simply unwrap the tart, and put it on the top. The heat from the tealight underneath, melts the tart and gives off a strong aroma of the flavour of your choice.

                      Car jars £1.85 ~ To hang in your car as a freshener, again, in the flavour of your choice. They are not too overpowering in your car, and are very long lasting.

                      Deck delights ~ Various flavours and styles for ourdoor use.

                      Room sprays £9.99 and plug in refill £3.99 ~ Again, you can choose these in any of your favourite Yankee candle flavours (listed below)

                      Pot Pourri refresher oil £2.99 ~ Well, this oil refreshes your pot pourri! :o)

                      Hand cream £4.49 ~ Yep, hand cream from a candle company. I haven't actually tried this, so unfortunately I cannot comment on how affective it is. But I do know it comes in many of the Yankee candle flavours (listed below)

                      Candle tins £5.99 ~ A round metal tin with a lid, and your choice of Yankee candle inside.

                      That covers the majority of the styles of candles you can get. As you can see, there are many different types.

                      ~ FRAGRANCES ~

                      There are many different fragrances, as the above items are available in a majority of the fragrances. I will list a few of the most popular Yankee candle fragrances for you:

                      Baby power, Carribean fruit, Lemon zest, Midsummers night, Pineapple paradise, Raspberry cream, Seaside holiday, Splash of rain.

                      As you can see, they have some great names for their candles. And all of the fragrances smell as they sound!! So for example, Raspberry cream is unbelievable like Raspberries! Splash of rain? You may wonder what this smells like...well as the title involves water you can guess it is a bathroom smelling candle. That is the case with many of their candles. However, in the shops where they sell Yankee candles, they have a large display unit with many of the fragrances for you to smell before you buy.

                      ~ OCCASIONS ~

                      They also bring out special fragrances depending on the time of year. At Christmas time they had Mincepie, Christmas pudding, Holly berry, Winterland, Mistletoe etc. Again, all of these smell exactly as they sound, it's amazing!!

                      ~ BURNING TIMES ~

                      Housewarmer® & Home Classics(tm) Jars ~

                      22 oz. 110-150 hours
                      19.8 oz. 100-135 hours
                      14.5 oz 65-90 hours
                      12.3 oz. 55-75 hours
                      7.5 oz. 45-55 hours
                      3.7 oz. 25-40 hours

                      Samplers (Votive) Candles ~ up to 15 hours in proper holder

                      Wax Tarts ~ Approx 8 hours each

                      Tea Lights ~ Approx 4-6 hours each

                      As you can see, Yankee candles burn for a very long time. And I can confirm these times are accurate, and I am continually amazed at how long my candles last. And the smell never dies.

                      I'll finish with...

                      ~ A FEW GENERAL CANDLE TIPS ~

                      ~ Never leave candles burning unattended. Even when in a jar there's an obvious fire hazzard.
                      ~ Never burn a candle near flammable items such as curtains or on a shelf that has another shelf above it etc.
                      ~ Keep well out of reach of children and pets.
                      ~ Keep wick trimmed to 1/8" at all times (that's quite short!)

                      I am going to take off 1 star for the price. However, considering the burning times, the price isn't that bad. It just seems a lot to spend out...but you won't regret it!



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                        09.03.2002 04:23
                        Very helpful



                        I'd like to be like a candle -- casting my beams in a corner of darkness, lighting a flame in others with my own. Oh, tiny candle! Consuming yourself so we might see our way! SVH 6/8/89 I found the above poem while surfing the net, and thought is was beautiful and simple, and reflected the beauty and simplicity of its subject matter – the humble candle. Throughout history, candles have inspired poets and writers in their art. There’s something almost hypnotic about the tiny burning flame that brings out the creative side of some of us. As I’m writing this opinion, I have two little candles sitting by the side of my computer monitor. One of them is giving off the most wonderful coconut smell. They’ve turned my study, usually quite a businesslike, sterile sort of room, into a cosy little cave. And that’s what I love about candles – they can make even the dullest room seem more inviting and attractive. **** WHY AND HOW I USE CANDLES For me, candles are an indulgence, a little bit of luxury. I light a couple of candles and switch off all the other lights in the room, and I instantly feel decadent and romantic. There’s nothing like a candlelit bathroom and a luxurious bubble bath with a glass or two of wine to get you in the mood for romance…Or simply to calm and relax you. Candles can be used to form an attractive table centrepiece for a dinner party. They can be incorporated into the décor of a room to help you create the kind of mood and atmosphere you want. Black candles would make a room feel mysterious and spooky, red candles would add a touch of luxury and style. Candles can be used outdoors in the summer to light up a garden party or barbecue. You can even buy special outdoor candles that will keep away mosquitoes and other bothersome insects. Candles
                        make an attractive and thoughtful gift, and can be bought in special arrangements or with candlesticks for this purpose. I love receiving candles as gifts, particularly unusual or elaborate types of candle that I haven’t come across before. And don’t forget – it’s always handy to keep some candles around for unexpected power cuts. When modern technology fails us, candles suddenly become necessary rather than a luxury. **** DIFFERENT TYPES OF CANDLES There are so many different types of candles available to buy these days. There are the typical church candles, long, thin and tapered at the end. Novelty candles come in all different shapes and sizes, sometimes made to resembles animals, people or fruit. Floating candles are very popular these days – these are small round candles that float on water. You can buy natural beeswax candles, or candles in every scent you could possibly think of. There are even aromatherapy candles which are infused with a particular scent designed to make you feel a certain way. **** WHERE TO BUY CANDLES Many small independent gift shops have a good selection of candles, and there are also some specialist candle shops such as Wax Lyrical, although this is a rather expensive chain. I have recently noticed that even supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco sell candles these days, although their range is quite limited and not particularly inspired. You can purchase candles online for a reasonable price at www.holisticshop.co.uk. They have a varied and high quality selection. **** HOW MUCH DO THEY COST? Prices vary a great deal according to the type of candle you are purchasing and where you’re purchasing it. Plain tapered candles will only set you back around 50p to a pound each, whereas the more elaborate or larger types will be a lot more expensive. Most of Wax Lyrical’s candles are over
                        £5. **** SAFETY ISSUES It’s important to remember that you’re dealing with fire, and should always be careful with candles. NEVER leave them unattended. Don’t leave children alone with them – it’s probably better not to burn them at all if you have children or rowdy pets around a lot of the time. Make sure there’s a good distance between the flame and the ceiling, otherwise you’ll end up with a nasty burnt patch on your ceiling. If you’re burning candles at night, be careful not to fall asleep and leave them burning. And finally – enjoy!


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                          06.02.2002 18:29
                          Very helpful



                          I’m a candle addict. I must’ve burned thousands of them in my time. I’ve bought them, I’ve made them and I’ve ruined them by displaying them in the wrong places. By burning candles, you can dramatically change the mood of a room. They’re very trendy at the moment, but the truth is, apart from primitive fires, candles are the oldest means of supplying light. We can find references to candles dating back as far as 3000 BC in Greece and Egypt although the oldest fragment of candle to have been found is somewhat more modern as it dates from the first century AD. This was found in Avignon, France. In medieval times, wax candles were used to light the great halls, monasteries and churches of the time. Not all candles were as attractive as those we have today though, and they certainly didn’t have aromatherapeutic qualities. Proper candles were expensive so the majority of people would make their own by dipping rushes in leftover kitchen fat. Just the thought of what that must’ve smelt like is enough to make my stomach churn. Things improved during the sixteenth century, especially for the poorest people who could now afford a pound of dark yellow tallow (animal fat) candles. The quality of light varied considerably, as tallow candles gave off a very dull light compared to wax. The very best candles were made of spermaceti, a wax derived from oil found in the head cavities of sperm whales. Spermaceti candles burned with such a bright light that the flame was used as a standard for light measurement. Obviously, these are no longer available. Candle making machines were eventually invented during the nineteenth century. It was around the same time that a French chemist discovered that tallow was a composition of two fatty acids, stearic acid and oleic acid, combined with glycerine. By removing the glycerine, he invented stearine candles. These were harder than tallow and burned much longer an
                          d brighter. Eventually, paraffin wax, which is extracted from crude oil, was discovered and widely used as it equalled both beeswax and spermaceti for brightness and hardness but was much cheaper. Paraffin wax is still used today. But ok, enough of the history. Let’s get on with displaying and burning them. DISPLAY TIPS - First of all, NEVER display candles where they’re exposed to sunlight or spotlights. They’ll fade and, if left too long, they’ll eventually bend. Floppy candles don’t look good. - If you want to create an elegant feel to your table, long tapered candles are the best choice. If you’re going for something informal, pillar candles are ideal. - Place some stones (glass or natural) or shells in the bottom of a clear, wide bowl of water and light some floating candles. Sprinkle some petals on the water for added appeal. If you have pets, remember to remove the water before leaving the bowl unattended as you don’t want them drinking it. Wax in the water can give them an upset tummy, and the petals could be lethal. - Arrange candles at different heights. I personally think candles always look better grouped together. They make more impact as ‘ornaments’ and give off more light. I used to have 5 or 6 standing on a brass tray. I’d stuck them all down by dripping wax on to the tray and then pressing the candle into the warm wax. The extra stability made them safer to use and the tray made it easy to move them from room to room. - The flame should always burn at least two inches below eye level when positioned between two or more people. You want eye contact don’t you? There’s nothing romantic about a flickering flame stopping you from gazing into each other’s eyes. It’s annoying! - If you want your candles to look shiny and clean when you light them, try rubbing them with a pair of old tights to remo
                          ve dust and fingerprints. This’ll also bring back the sheen that’s usually lost when the candle gets warm. BURNING TIPS - Cold candles burn slower so pop them into the fridge for an hour or so before lighting them. Wrap them in foil or cling film first though, otherwise the wick will become damp and difficult to light. - Never stand a lit candle in a draught. Draughts create a larger flame and uneven burning. - If your candle is too slim for the holder, wrap some foil around the bottom to make a tighter fit. - Do your pillar candles end up with high sides and a hole down the middle? To avoid this, always burn the candle for one hour per inch in diameter. That’s the approximate time it takes for the wax to melt across the entire surface. - If you’ve let a candle burn right down and the wax is stuck in the holder, put the holder into the freezer for a couple of hours and the wax should be easier to dig out. - If you like tea lights, try to buy the kind that have metal cases as these are easy to remove from holders after use. If you only have the uncovered type, pour some water into the holder before lighting the candle. When it's extinguished and the wax has hardened, it should be easier to pop it out of the container. - Spilled wax should be allowed to solidify. Once it’s hardened, cover the area with brown paper and gently press with a warm iron. The wax should be absorbed into the paper. It’s always a good idea to stand your candle on or in something non-flammable though as the dye from coloured wax can be impossible to remove. - Extinguish candles by pushing the wick into the liquid wax (don't use your fingers!). Leave for about a minute, then re-centre the wick. Using this technique eliminates smoking from the extinguished wick and covers the wick with a layer of wax making re-lighting easier. If you’re in a hurry and need
                          to blow the candle out, hold your finger in front of the flame. The air will flow around your finger and extinguish it from both sides, preventing splattering. - Never pour melted wax down the sink or toilet. Pour it into an empty milk carton or something similar and pop it in the bin. SAFETY TIPS - NEVER EVER LEAVE A BURNING CANDLE UNATTENDED. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! - Keep burning candles away from flammable materials. Curtains, furniture, bedding, books and your own clothes are all potential hazards. Remember that drafts can easily blow lightweight curtains into the flame. I’ve never had any major problems with candles, but one did set fire to a paper napkin once. - Never use a candle as a light source when you’re looking for something in a storage cupboard. That’s what torches are for. - Always place candles on heat resistant surfaces. A friend of mine had one catch fire to the tablecloth. She managed to extinguish it before any major damage was done, but the table was ruined. - Candles in glass containers are popular at the moment. They’re ever so pretty, with all sorts of bits and bobs embedded in the wax or gel, but if you use them, never let them burn down to more than half inch from the bottom of the container. If they melt completely, the heat could cause the container to crack. Candles come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll always find some that’ll match your décor. They can usually be picked up cheap in pound shops and the likes, but I’ve found the best bargain candles are those from IKEA. They sell a bundle of about a dozen white candles for a couple of pounds. They burn well too, unlike some cheap candles. I use tea lights on the coffee table because they’re unobtrusive and cheap. Cheap’s good because it means I can burn candles as often as I like without having to stretch my budget. It’s
                          nice to splash out now and then though, and hand made candles are one of the luxuries I like to have on special occasions and they make lovely gifts too. There are websites that have some beautiful candles, although I’ve never ordered from any so I can’t vouch for the service. A couple of places to look are: http://www.deelights.co.uk/ - have a look at the vanilla scented glass of beer gel candle! http://www.candlesontheweb.co.uk/ - the landscape candles are lovely. That’s it. I’ve nothing more to say about candles so I’m off to tidy the living room ready for this evening when I’ll light a few, put on some music, and just chill on the sofa. ~~~+~~~+~~~


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                            27.01.2001 23:57
                            Very helpful



                            A while back I entered the flat of a friend of mine and was completely overwhelmed by the sweet, natural smell of red apples. It turned out to be a Yankee candle of the 'Mackintosh' variety and I was lucky to know the girl who gave him the masterpiece :) (She works in a candle shop, y'know ;) ) The Yankee Candle company was founded when a young lad called Mike Kittredge started making scented candles as gifts for his relatives - they were such a success that he soon opened his own workshop! Nowadays, Yankee Candles are sold in nearly 13'000 retail outlets throughout the world. The company has a UK website (http://www.yankeecandle.co.uk) but it is rather poor and lacks in functionality and information. Links to retailers are to be put up on the UK site soon, in the meantime you can visit http://www.yankeecandle.com, an excellent website that offers information, online shopping and a great overview on all their candles. Hundreds of different candles in VERY true-to-nature scents are available in various sizes, the largest (22 oz) costs £15 and burns for approximately 150 hours. (I've had mine for 3 weeks and I'm still not even halfway through!) They should be available in most decent candle shops, but as I said their UK website is horrid and still under construction so the list of UK retailers isn't available at the moment. Scents range from fruits over flowers and spices to 'special occasion' mixes and they have a cool offer where you get a 22-oz candle of the 'scent of the month' sent to you in the post for a whole year! Although I can't imagine how anyone could possibly go through one of these giants in a month, but there's also an offer for smaller candles for candle junkies with less of a 'habit'. Apart from their *tester* candles, all their products come in a gorgeous, durable and re-sealable glass, which can be used for storing cookies and bi
                            ts and bobs in, once you've finished your candle! This is CANDLE NUTTER'S PARADISE! :) Update: I have recently been to the Spring Fair at Birmingham NEC where *The Yankee Candle Company* had a stand. Although they didn't show their whole range, the sheer amount, scents and different colours of candles they exhibited was overwhelming!


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                              01.01.2001 23:47



                              Incense sticks and scented candles are the best air fresheners that I know of. I find they have a much longer lasting smell than you think. I only burn an incense stick about twice a week max as I find that the smell really hangs about. I can burn one at night go to work and come back the next evening and still smell it. Scented candles are really nice as you can turn the lights down low. Snuggle up with loved one and a nice little chat about the day. Can you do that with a glade air freshener no I do not think so? Also before you buy the sticks or the candles you can give them a good sniff and find out what they will smell like before you buy. I can buy incense sticks for 20 for £0.99p so that will allow me to buy 20 sticks and each stick burns for about 1 hours. I call that good value for money. Where as all the rest are a lot more expensive than that. Candles are about £0.49p and will burn for a couple of hours. So not so good value but at least they will get you and your partner having a chat snuggled on the sofa. This is my preferred method and each to there own. However, I do think that mine are a little bit more romantic than some of the others. The only warning that I have is NEVER leave them burning with out you in attendance.


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                              26.10.2000 04:29



                              Candles can set the mood in any room. You don't have to worry about much else, just place your candles, preferably scented, in strategic positions and you will be be amazed at the difference it makes to a room. It needn't cost a fortune either. Internationale do a huge range of coloured and scented candles and holders for them. A shallow glass bowl, half filled with water and a couple of floating candles looks fascinating in a room. The light comes from the candle flames but it also reflects in the water. (You don't have to buy a special bowl, just use one from the cupboard.) Prices in this store range from 25p for a single candle to £3/£4. If you haven't tried a bowl of floating candles in a room,do. I promise you won't be disappointed.


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                              05.09.2000 12:09
                              Very helpful



                              If you have your house on the market, it is important that as well as looking nice for potential buyers, it should smell nice too. We sold our house recently and I am certain that the gorgeous aroma of gently scented candles did it. While house hunting we looked at many properties and when someone opens the door, the first thing that hits you (literally) is the smell! Cigarette smoke, pets, cooking. All these 'aromas' have a detrimental effect on you emotional response to a house. This is why, when ever I had viewers I lit a small perfumed candle in EVERY room. I only needed those small ones which cost from around 65-85 pence a time, therefore it wasn't an expensive matter to make the house more pleasant for viewers. It is the finishing touch which apart from saying 'you care' gives your house a much pleasanter atmoshpere.


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