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John Lewis Ravel Sofa bed

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Brand: John Lewis - Sofa Bed. / Type: Sofa Bed

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2011 10:24
      Very helpful



      It's definitely a good sofa, and an ok bed for a couple of nights, but wouldn't replace a proper bed

      My husband is originally from London, while we currently live in Yorkshire. When his family want to come and visit us, we need to be able to let them stay here, and with a traditional 3 bedroom semi house, we just don't have a spare bedroom lying around.

      Our first solution was to use a blow up mattress on the living room floor, but this is very impractical, so we decided that we would need to invest in a decent sofa bed that would also be a good sofa.

      We are not typical sofa bed owners as we actually have this in one of our upstairs bedrooms. One bedroom is large enough to have it in there as a sofa or a bed. We gave this room to our children as it is nice to have somewhere we can sit while they are playing, or to read them stories. It gets a lot of use in this way, so it was important to us that it was a proper sofa and not a foam one that would lose all shape when it was used in that way.

      After a look round quite a few shops, we decided that this sofa from John Lewis was the most appealing one to us. It also came in a few different fabric colours, so I was happy to choose knowing it would not look horribly out of place in a bedroom.

      As a sofa, it has removable seat cushions, and back cushions. The covers to these can be removed if need be, and I have hand washed them after my youngest had an accident while sat on a cushion. The material washed ok, and with no shrinkage. I find that the material has stayed looking nice, and is fairly clean. Maybe because we don't take food upstairs or wear shoes, but it genuinely does seem a hard wearing fabric.

      I find that it is very comfortable to sit in. The arms are at a good height, and it is padded enough to not feel like a sofa bed acting as a sofa. It also came with 2 matching scatter cushions, which just help keep it really comfortable and cosy.

      The sofa mechanism is all housed on a frame inside the bed. After taking off the 2 seat cushions, you pull up on the frame and it rolls out, allowing you to unfold it and open the leg sections out, providing a sturdy base. The mattress is attached to the frame, and while not overly thick, it is sprung, and it does not seem to be uncomfortable because it has been folded in 3 inside the sofa for so long.

      As a single it would be pretty fantastic, but as a double it is pretty tight. I have to say I don't sleep overly well on it, but that is not because the mattress is not comfortable. It is slightly smaller than a standard double, and it is just that bit too 'cosy' when you are trying to sleep, and you are used to a bit more space. For 2 kids it would be fine, and 1 adult, but 2 adults is not ideal. We have to make do though as we couldn't fit a bigger sofa bed in, and it is actually a lot more comfy than the blow up mattress on the floor.

      One thing that does put me off it as a bed is that there is a big gap at the top of the bed, so you have to leave the back cushions on really. I am always a little worried that the kids might decide to fall down the gap.

      We had this delivered from John Lewis, and I was expecting that they would be a bit cross about having to carry the sofa up the stairs and install it in a bedroom, but they had it in within about 10 minutes and were very helpful.

      Overall, I have been impressed with this range, and I would be happy to recommend it. It would not look out of place if you needed to store it downstairs in better view of visitors, and it is sturdy enough to cope if you needed to use it as your only sofa.

      It is available in other sizes, and colours, and we got it fairly quickly when we ordered it. My only wish is that it was a little cheaper, but then again, it is good quality that should last us a large number of years.

      As of 21st of July, 2011, the price of the Ravel range of sofa beds at John Lewis is as follows:

      small - H91 x W164 x D91cm, with a 10cm mattress - £850

      medium - H91 x W184 x D91cm, same depth mattress, -£950

      grand - H91 x W214 x D91cm, again with the same depth mattress, - £999

      A few years ago we paid £800, so prices do vary seasonally if you watch out.


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