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Kalanpur Jali Dining Set

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Type: Table & Chairs set

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2011 14:36
      Very helpful





      Some years ago I discovered the Indian Jali range in a store that was local to us (I have noticed slight variations to the name and sometimes these represent the type of wood as well as a slight variation of design). I was mesmorised by it. It is so different and interesting, it really caught my attention and my imagination. It is the Eastern design that makes the pieces truly beautiful and I particularly like the concept that no two pieces will be the same due to the fact that they are all handmade in India using a sustainable wood supply that is native to India. I then had the opportunity to be seated at one of the dining tables in a relatives home - I just couldn't take my eye of her Jali set, so she offered me the chance to try it out. Having realised that the set not only looked good but offered comfortable seating too I was sure that, when the time was right, this was the right choice. We only intend making purchases of this kind on a very rare occasion and so the set needed to meet all requirements.


      The dining set of our choice would need to be competitively priced, attractive, hard wearing, comfortable and be capable of seating up to six persons.

      I was happy that this set looked like it would meet all of our requirements and so when I spotted a bargain on eBay I did not hesitate to order.


      The set took a few weeks to be delivered as the company only deliver approximatley once a month. This was not a problem for me as I have been very patient and waited for 9 years for this dining set. But all comes to he/she who waits.

      I was apprehensive because after such a long wait for this set I really hoped that it would be all that I had wished for. It arrived in a number of boxes and the chairs where carefully packaged fully assembled. These were easily removed from the boxes and immediatly my heart danced as the Sheesham wood was just stunning. This wood is not stained, nor is it manufactured or tampered with in any way - it is the real thing and with that you will get whatever natural flaws come with it. This is something to be aware of because you will either embrace that and enjoy the unique rustic quality that it gives each piece or it will niggle you. For me I am more than happy to see a knot in the wood or an odd small indentation as this adds to the appeal. The chairs were out of the boxes and though they obviously matched each other they were also very individual with grain, colourings and unique (difficult to spot) flaws. I was very impressed with the quality of the wood and workmanship, also the chairs are noticabley heavier than my last ones - not too heavy to use comfortabley and proof that these are solid and made to last. The table legs came in the box with the table top and where packed beneath so as not to scratch. Each leg was protected by bubble wrap and was a fair weight. The table top was a show stopper - it took my breath away! The wood is absolutely stunning, real beauty shines from that table top and it is a real joy to look at. The top of the table is decorated with large flat nails and to the corners in the decorative groove are attractive black metal features.

      So with the table out of the box it was time to position the legs which screw into place. This was done quickly and easily and then my husband and myself gently lowered it to its feet and that was it - simple.


      Or really I should say Sit back and Woah because this Indian design really is unbelievable, it screams out quality with it's real wood beauty and masterfully built, solid construction. The decorative iron section on the chair backs is really eyecatching. The pretty carving to the top of each chair is simple but so very attractive. And, this set oozes Eastern magic. It lifts my spirit to see it.


      Ok so the table and chairs have a design and sturdy quality that impresses. Indian Sheesham wooden beauty that is so unique and individual that you cannot take your eyes of it. Iron work that adds a certain Easter spark and has your imagination running wild. Yes, all good so far but come on now - what is it like to dine with?

      Well, I have installed placemats to protect the wood as I would any other new table, it is reassuring isn't it. When seated I find the chair is really ergonomically friendly for my posture, I have plenty length and width on the seat and the back is straight and dosn't lean back too far, the height of the chair back is great too as it reaches to appoximately the top of my shoulders when I am seated . The result is that I can have my bottom right to the back of the seat and my spine flat against the back of the chair and eat in comfort. The height of the table is spot on - I don't have to reach upwards or find the table top too low. I am seated for up to an hour normally during a main meal and find the experience very comfortable. When moving the chairs in and out of the table they do have more weight than my last set but I am now used to this and I don't find it to be too clumbersome or heavy.


      This handmade Indian Jali Thakat dining set is a very welcome addition to our dining room. It does not disappoint in any way. Rest assured these sets are not machine made or molded and only quality wood is used - no MDF here. The grain has real beauty, the Rosewood colour is breathtaking and the rustic Eastern design is magical. Easily up and assembled with screw in legs - chairs fully assembled - this table has added a real finishing touch to our dining room and is a conversation piece. Eat in comfort and invite friends round for dinner as there is plenty of room around this table. We ordered the 1.35 meter dining table which comes with 4 chairs and you can also get a larger table size that comes with 6 chairs.


      Well I said earlier that I managed to get a bargain of eBay and at the time of reviewing the same offer is still on eBay and the same seller is on Amazon too. The normal price for the table alone is between £185 to £300 depending on where you look and each chair is £85 normally. But a good scout around pays dosn't it as I got it from eBay from mercersfurniture1995 for £285 delivered! I could not believe it because this is solid wood you are getting here and I have waited so long because the price has always been so high. Years ago a friend of mine bought her set with 6 chairs and it was well over £500! So that is why I did not hesitate to get mine now - an incredible price for such a beautiful piece of furnture that is unique and handmade! You can always purchase single chairs online or from stockists if you would like extra seating and I think this is a great factor too as 4 seats are ample for us at this time but we have the option of getting 2 more in the future.
      You can purchase from eBay, Amazon, thenaturalselectionfurniture, Botany Bay, 24 Retail and more when you google it.


      Each of the requirements have been met remarkably well with this table. Competitive price tick, Comfort whilst dining tick, hardwearing solid structure tick and attractive feature tick. Brilliant.


      As with any wood a good quality wax is needed to offer protection over the years. This can be applied every few months or so. I have an alternative protector that I bought from ethicalsuperstore.co.uk which has olive oil and orange and is proven to condition and protect wood and also treat water spills and make them less noticable. Avoid silicone based polishes as this will damage your wood. Also avoid placing wooden tables next to direct heat sources as they will dry out the wood.


      Hmm lets see - heck yes! I have no problem at all recommending a unique, handcrafted, Indian Jali Thakat table set which comes in Sheesham (Rosewood) - real Sheesham that is - and is individual and one off. A piece of Eastern magic to adorn your home. The price at this time is not to be missed either - go for it! Remember that this is a handcrafted Rustic piece of furniture and will have whatever naturally occuring flaw of the wood remaining untouched - this is the style. Beautiful.


      Many thanks for reading this review which will also be published on CIAO under my username Dawnymarie.


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      Type: Dining Table & Chairs