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Kentucky Antique Pine Extending Dining Table & Chairs

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Brand: Homebase / Type: Table & Chairs set

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    1 Review
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      03.05.2011 15:18
      Very helpful



      I would recommend this

      When I brought my house one of the items that was a must have was a dining room table and chairs, we do not have a separate dining room but as we have an open plan house down stairs we have a kitchen diner, the diner part of the kitchen is not huge but there is plenty of room for a table and chairs, we wanted something that was not going to take up a huge amount of room, but on the other hand wanted something that was going to be large enough should we have anyone round for a meal, or as my fiancé put have the 'boys' round for a poker match! After browsing many shops we came across the Kentucky Antique Pine Extendable Dining Table and Chairs set in Argos, it was not the cheapest set we had found but it look as though it was going to be very strong and hardwearing, and the thing which made up pour minds for us was that it extended to form a large table to accommodate 6 people and obviously came with 6 chairs.

      The Kentucky Antique Pine table and chairs has quite a traditional appearance whilst being modern at the same time, we liked it not only because of its size but also because the style of it meant that we could change the decoration and furniture in our lounge/ kitchen and the table would be within keeping of pretty much any style. The table itself is round when not extended, it has a very thick chunky stem coming down from the middle of it which curves in and out as it goes down towards the floor. The stem does not quite reach the floor and has 4 tapered legs coming out from it, again this has a rather thick and chunky look to them giving the impression of a strong robust table, there is absolutely nothing flimsy about this table at all. If you look underneath the table top you can all of the mechanism for extending the table as well as the extra area of table, this is all in the exact Antique pine colour as the rest of the table making it blend in extremely well, I particularly like this because when the table is not extended and you are sitting in our lounge you can see the extending mechanisms but being the same colour and very well finished off they blend in perfectly. All parts of the table are finished in the shiny Antique Pine colour including the table top, the stem and the legs, the table top has faint lines in it designed to give the effect of planks in the wood. When the table is not extended there is a join going the whole length of the table top, this is very discrete and is where the table separates to allow it to be extended, personally I have found that you cannot even feel the join when sitting at the table eating.

      The chairs fit in with the traditional but modern appearance of the table, the seat area is a little hard to describe I'm not sure exactly what shape it is but its the perfect shape for you bum to fit on, its not round but on the other hand not square, its almost a oval sort of shape. The backs are rounded and of a reasonable height allowing you to sit comfortably at the table, the backs are open and had 6 pine stakes going from the seat of the chair to the top of the frame of the chair back, again all parts of the chair are in the same Antique Pine as the table. The backs of the chairs do not come straight up from the back of the seat but rather curve round slightly with either side of the back frame starting slightly either side of the seat, again this helps with the comfort of the chairs meaning your back is more supported. The chairs have 4 rounded legs each which are joined together at the sides and also across the middle forming an H shape between the 4 chair legs.

      As I have said the table and chairs look very strong and hardwearing, I got this impression from looking at them in the Argos catalogue and when they arrived it seemed that I was right, they were delivered in a couple of large cardboard boxes which when we went to move them were extremely heavy, it was obvious that the items inside were not going to be weak and flimsy. Each part of the table and chairs set is made from thick wood, nothing that will break when the slight bit of weight it put on it, even the chairs are made from strong thick wood. The table and chairs came totally flat packed so everything had to be put together, when it arrived, I left that to my Dad and Mark to do, everything you needed to assemble the set came inside the boxes as well as a few spare screws in case anything got lost. Considering the table was of a reasonable size to construct and there were 6 chairs to do as well they did it quite quickly with the minimum amount of swearing, they assured me and my Mum that the whole set was very easy to assemble, and I have to admit it didn't look overly complicated. Full instructions came with the table and chairs complete with diagrams of what bits went where, I cannot remember exactly what these were like as they were disposed of a long time ago, but as far as these sort of instructions go they were reasonably clear to follow.

      Once the table was full constructed along with all 6 chairs the next step was to figure out how to extend it, in theory it is simple, there are 2 small discrete metal clips underneath the table top which you need to release, once this has been done you pull the two halves apart, the 'extra' area of table comes up from the centre underneath the table top slotting into place to form a much larger table, you then simply refasten the metal clips to secure it. Now Mark has no problems doing this at all, although the first few times it was a bit tricky as the table was a little stiff, however to this day I still struggle to extend the table and end up dragging it over my toes. I wouldn't say the table is difficult to extend I just cannot do it myself but as Mark informs me I'm just weak! Once extended the table forms a large oval shape this time with two joins going across it where the extra area is, but as before these are very discrete and do not interfere with the use of the table, the extra area of table blends in perfectly with the rest of the table and you can easily fit 6 people around it, we have had 7 around it before (using a garden chair) and there was still plenty of space. We do not have many people around at a time so the table for us is plenty big enough, if you are someone who likes to have large diner parties the Kentucky Antique Table and Chairs set probably wouldn't be big enough but for general use and having the odd guest round this is perfect. Once extended it does take up quite a large area of our kitchen/ diner but not so much that you cannot get around it or carry on cooking, personally speaking we could not have anything bigger but do not actually require anything larger for us it is the perfect size. When we first extended the table I was a bit concerned that it could make the table top a bit wobbly as there was still only the one large stem and 4 chunky legs supporting the original and extra table top area, but this was not the case and the whole table was perfectly stable.

      The table as I have said is of a decent size, the size of the table is 78" or 106.6cm in diameter with a length of 151cm once it has been extended the chairs measure at 92cm (H), 43cm (W) and 44cm (D) so an ideal size suitable for most people. The whole set is quite heavy with the table weighing 48.2Kg and the chairs weighing 13Kg each, the weight of the items also suggests that this is set very strong and in turn hardwearing. Because of the size and weight of the items the instructions do suggest that 2 people assemble the set.

      As I have mentioned the Kentucky Antique Pine table and 6 chairs came from Argos and it cost us £349.96, we could have purchased something cheaper than this but we really did want the extendable table so we had the extra space should we require it. I feel that this set is well worth the money, it has proved to be extremely well made, very hardwearing and durable over the last 2 years, and although it does have the odd mark in it from constant use it really does polish up very well. Caring for the table and chairs set is very easy it does not need any sort of special treatment I simply either wash mine down or polish it and it looks as good as new. Our table has a lot of use and is used everyday of the week at least once and it is still in excellent condition.

      I would definitely recommend the Kentucky Antique Pine Extendable Dining Table and 6 Chair set, it is fairly priced as you do get a lot for your money, it is hardwearing, strong and ideal for any home. Keeping the table looking good is easy so it would be suitable for a household with children in it. For us the main thing is the extendable table, this is very easy to do (apart from for me) and does considerable increase the table size with plenty of room to accommodate 6 people. Our table and chairs have had a lot of use and still are in excellent condition. I feel that this dining set is suitable for any home, and would look good no matter what your theme is. We have been extremely pleased with our purchase and would recommend this set to anyone.


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