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Kids Character Disney Princess Storage Box with Lid

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Type: Box

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    3 Reviews
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      07.11.2011 01:05
      Very helpful




      My youngest daughter is a diva and dressing up is her absolute favourite thing to do. Between her birthday and christmas last year she got seven new dressing up costumes all disney princess dresses and matching shoes seems everyone bought her dressing up stuff but me. I started hanging each dress up on a stand in her bedroom but before long each dress was on and then dumped on the floor onto the next one pointless waste of time constaitly hanging them back up. She has a toy box or two full to the brim of toys so was looking for a basket or box to store her dressing up clothes in so she could get them easily and i could put them in a box afterward but the storege box had to fit under her bed as the room she has is full and no space to move. After searching around online and in shops i settled for this simple plastic box decorated with the Disney princesses and comes with a lid does the job perfectly.

      I purchased the Disney princess storage box from Amazon uk for £11.99 with free delivery. The storage box is made from solid plastic and is lightweight. The main colours of the box is hot pink for the lid and wheels with teh storeg box part being lilac in colour. This holds 48 litres, and measures roughly 20 inches in height, 14 inches wide and 13 inches depth. On both side of the storage box it has one large sticker decorated with Bell, Cinderella, and White in the garden with the princess castle in the back ground, the colours used for the sticker are pastels colours was hoping they would be bright and vibrant but no.

      The lid of the princess storage box just pushes on the top of the box with ease and can be pulled off my daughter manages to do this by herself. The lid also had the castle and some starts on it. each corner of the box has a hot pink wheel on it made from flimsy plastic and not moulded, although very flimsy they have not broke or been damaged despite my daughter dragging the box along the floor and even down the stair case.

      The box is a good size and fits all my daughters dressing up outfits in keeping her bedroom tidy so i am happy. I chose disney princess as it fitted in with her room at the time but there are other designs to chose from for instance Thomas the tank , and In the night garden.
      Having had the box for just under a year its as good as new , very durable and also encouraged my daughter to tidy her dresses up after play, i recommend the Disney princess storage box.


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      30.10.2009 15:43
      Very helpful
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      A very practical storage box fit for any princess

      As I live in a small two bedroom house, space is a very big issue for me.

      I have one of these storage boxes for my daughter, she stores all of her Barbie and Disney princess dolls in one, her horses for the dolls in another and all of her dolls accessories in the other one.
      (Yes she has built up quite a collection.)

      By storing these toys in these boxes, it makes life easier at tidy up time and by keeping them all stacked together, it is easy for her to find all of the bits that go together.
      (As those of you with little girls who like Barbie dolls know, they are a nightmare and often end up clogging up the vacuum cleaner.)

      This is ideal storage as they are stackable and light weight (not so light weight with hundreds of Barbie and princess dolls inside though.)
      Which also makes it ideal when she wants these toys bringing downstairs to play with as they are easy to carry.

      They also have wheels on the bottom, so when she's moving them around, they glide nicely instead of scraping the laminate.


      The lid is deep pink with the Disney castle and love hearts embossed on it.

      The box has rounded edges and has a large picture of Bell, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella on the front with two smaller love hears pictures either side with two of each princesses inside.

      They are made out of good quality pink see through plastic.


      The volume of the box is 48ltr
      Depth: 38cm
      Height: 31cm
      Width: 55cm

      This box is also available in a smaller 25ltr size which I have also bought. This size slides nicely for extra storage under my daughter's bed.
      The volume of the box is 25ltr
      Depth: 37cm
      Height: 17cm
      Width: 57cm


      I was very lucky, I picked my three bigger boxes up from Home Bargains for £4.99 each, however they are for sale in Wilkos for £10, they have them in store but are currently out of stock online.

      The smaller 25ltr size is available from Wilkos for £8, but this is also out of stock online. (I wasn't as lucky with this one, I paid the £8 from Wilko's.)

      The lid comes with the boxes, so there is no extra cost there.


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        02.04.2009 18:58
        Very helpful




        I know what you're thinking, there's not much you can say about a box is there? But I had to do a review on this one as it a 'likeable' box for children, both boys and girls - my logic being if they 'like' the box it will encourage them to clean up and put their toys back into the box right? (ahh whatever I just bought it because it was Thomas the Tank lol). The one I have bought in this particular storage box is different to the one in the picture above, the one in the picture is Disney Princess, they also have Hannah and In The Night Garden, but of course I chose Thomas The Tank.

        I bought this in wilkinsons for £10 including the lid! I say including the lid as I have found sometimes in this store you can buy a plastic tub but you have to pay for a lid for it serperately, strange don't you think?

        Yes £10 is a bit pricey for just a plastic storage tub, but it's Thomas and as you all should know by now I am Thomas The Tank crazy when it comes to my boys (although I am slowly swaying to bob the builder). I decided to buy it as it matches their bedroom and looks lovely sitting tidily against their blue, thomas decorated walls.

        It is a really good size for the price, it can probably hold the same amount as 3 smaller tubs could and you can buy 3 smaller tubs that you can stack in places such as Argos for roughly £10.

        The box itself as I've said is quite big and deep, it is also a sturdy plastic in a pale blue colour but you can see through it slightly. On the one side there is a large Thomas the Tank design sticker. Not easy for children to pull off by the way as my 16month old boys have tried, the same way they do with everything else, and they have not succeeded. May I add they are very heavy handed with things and have usually succeeded in pulling stickers etc off within a few days and they have had this now for a good few weeks.

        The lid is a darker blue, and a Thomas shape has been moulded into the lid so it lifts slightly at the top. It is a lovely effect. The lid just sits on the box itself really, so easy for a child to lift off and even to put back on when you are teaching them how to tidy up (for the rest of your life lol). I find the fact that lid just 'sits' on the box alot safer as my boys also now have a habit of jamming their fingers into allsorts of things however with this they can't and even if their fingers do go underneath the lid the lid is too light to hurt them. As for the other designs the Disney Princess is a pink box with a hot pink lid, extremely girly and INTG is a blue box again but with a yellow lid and last but not least the Hannah Montana one is purple. Each of these boxes having their stickers on the side to represent either Disney Princess, INTG or Hannah.

        To top this simple plastic box off there are cute blue wheels at the bottom. These make it easy to move the box around to suit the room it's in. They also make this box fun for my little men. Yes I said fun! They now have a habit of sitting in the box and pushing each other around.

        Who needs toys eh when you can buy a box with wheels on it!!


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      • Product Details

        Storage box with wheels and lid.

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