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Kidspace Large 3 Tier Toy Storage Unit

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Brand: Kidspace / Type: Storage Unit

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2012 10:14
      Very helpful



      A good quality storage solution

      My daughters toys have been cluttering up the living room for some time. When she was a little younger I had a system where I would swap toys between her bedroom and the lounge, then she started playing in her bedroom more so a lot of her toys have been moved up there. There wasn't any kind of storage in there and when I spotted this Kidspace large three tier storage unit on sale for only £29 I snapped it up, it was a perfect storage solution.

      ~*~ Assembly ~*~

      The unit comes flat packed in a cardboard box, this box is extremely heavy, so heavy the delivery man had to bring it right indoors for me. I couldn't carry the box upstairs by myself so I opened it downstairs to see if I could assemble it myself. After opening the box I was greeted with what seemed like 100's of different size pieces of white wood. Once I found the instructions putting together the 100's of pieces seemed like a doddle. It took me around two hours to fully assemble the unit, that include tea breaks too, so I imagine the more experienced DIY person could manage it a lot quicker than me.

      Once the unit has been assembled you simply pull the canvas boxes out to shape and slot into the unit. I was a little confused with these boxes, each came individually wrapped in plastic, after opening each piece I noticed they all had a separate single piece of canvas alongside the canvas boxes. I actually thought these were meant to be some kind of lids, there was nothing in the instructions about it, I was a little baffled. I left it until the morning and my daughter came along and leant on this 'lid' and it fell inside the canvas box . I suddenly realised what this random piece was for, it slots into the bottom of each canvas box to keep it in shape, amazing!

      ~*~ Availability ~*~

      This unit comes in four different colour schemes plain blues, plain pinks, red, blue and green or the one that we have, pink, purple and mint green. Each of these are exactly the same the only difference is the colours. There are also different storage units available to buy to match this large three tier unit.

      The Kidspace large three tier storage unit only cost me £29 as I bought it on sale from Very.co.uk. They sell a range of Kidspace storage products and this one normally sells around the £50-£60 mark. It can be purchased from a handful of websites, if you Google it I'm sure you can find somewhere buy it.

      ~*~ Storage solution *~*

      The storage unit has nine different sized canvas storage boxes. These come in three different sizes, two large boxes for the bottom shelf, three medium for the middle shelf and four small boxes that are hung on the bar at the top of the storage unit. Each of these boxes slot into their own space in the unit with ease, there isn't any that are pushed out of the way or anything like that.

      The main reason for buying this unit was to store my daughters toys that seem to clutter up her bedroom. One of the bottom boxes is saved entirely for my daughter play food and accessories, it's big enough to fit a 105 piece food set, play plates, cutlery, cups and saucepan with about ¼ of the box spare for any more we might buy along the way. Even with this box being quite full it doesn't lose its shape or appear weak in any way.

      The smaller storage boxes found hanging from the bar at the top of the unit really are quite small, I would say the base is approximately 7cm x 20cm as its hanging I can't really give a height. These are currently used for my daughters small dolls and teddy bears, we can easily fit a couple of small teddies in each box so they aren't totally useless. I think when my daughter is a little older we could perhaps use the boxes for things like hair accessories, crafty supplies, just nik naks in general.

      The storage unit is also being used as a partial bookcase at the moment, one of the middle storage boxes isn't being used so I've collapsed it and left it at the end of the shelf to free up some room to store some books here too. My daughters books are all usually kept downstairs and we used to take a bedtime book up with us when it was time for bed, now we keep the night time related books upstairs on the unit and it's so much easier. Books slot in this shelf well so it's a great way to use up the space if you didn't need to use a box.

      The unit itself measures roughly 103cm high, 60cm wide and 25cm deep, it certainly isn't the biggest storage solution available to buy nor is it the smallest. It's a nice size to store away all the clutter in one place. The only problem with the height of this unit is that my two and a half year old can't reach everything that's inside the top storage boxes, that's why we've only used it for mainly teddies as they don't get played with often. I think once my daughter has grown a couple of centimetres more it will be fine.

      The quality of all aspects of the unit is fantastic, the wood that makes up the main storage solution is quite thick and of a good build considering the price paid. I was expecting some flimsy storage unit that wouldn't last very long but this seems strong. The canvas boxes are also great, although they collapse so they can't have any sort of cardboard or anything inside the sides, they keep their shape well despite being full.

      ~*~ Overall ~*~

      I'd definitely recommend this Kidspace storage unit for any childs room. It is fantastic value for money even at full price. It isn't very complicated to assemble, is of a great quality and stores a good amount. The only thing I would change is the four small storage boxes at the top, maybe two storage boxes hanging here could be more practical.


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