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Kidspace Miami Mid-sleeper Bed with Storage and Desk

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Brand: Kidspace / Type: Bed

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2012 23:33
      Very helpful



      An entire bedroom furniture set all under one bed.... remarkable

      As my daughters have grown up so as their collection of things that they seem to want to store in the room. Why kids these days don't want to throw anything away I'll never know, especially those glossy magazines that they spend all their money on, read once then throw it in the cupboard with the rest, and they all contain the same articles to begin with.
      Anyway, as I was saying, as they grow, the things in their rooms grow and it seems their rooms are getting smaller, although it's just that they are filling up the space with more and more junk.
      So, a few years ago the wife and I decided that it was either time to move to a bigger house, a much bigger house with bedrooms the size of south Wales, or sort out the kids rooms once and for all, especially my eldest daughters room as she has shelves and shelves filled with her collections or dolls houses and the like.

      The first thing we thought of was making use of the space above the bed, which did have shelve screwed to the wall but the shelves could only take so much rubbish.
      So, after looking around at several beds, almost going for the standard wooden framed bed but one which had draws underneath, to try and store some of there junk.
      But when my wife saw a certain mid sleeper bed she was quite impressed by how it looked, mainly due to the fact that it wasn't just a bed, it was more like a complete bedroom furniture kit with a built in office set.

      The name for this bedroom wardrobe/cupboard/bed/office is actually called the Kidspace Miami mid sleeper bed and is a rather fine combination to fit into either the smaller bedrooms or even those huge bedrooms. It is aimed at kids aged 6 and above and as it comes in a few colours it won't look out of place in either a girls or a boys bedroom.

      Firstly, this bed does come in a flat pack and is very very heavy indeed when it is in the box so I do advise that when you want to get the pieces upstairs take a bit at a time, it's a lot easier on your back and it's also a way to check that all the pieces are there, and you will need to have every single piece to construct the bed properly and safely, if anything is missing then someone could end up sleeping on the floor during the night.

      Inside the box itself there are lots of pieces of wood, from the large side, front panels to the smaller pieces for the wooden steps. Apart from the wood there's also lots and lots of screws and nails, in fact there's so many that I it could take you longer to count them than to build the bed itself.
      And, most importantly in this case, are the instructions which are laid out in a very clear and easy to understand manner, showing diagrams and good images of the pieces required, (I've read some instructions that you'd need a degree from NASA to understand and the images tending to look nothing like the piece it's supposed to represent).

      All these bits of wood have all got to be fitted together, and when they are you end up with a mid sleeper bed with a wardrobe, draws, cupboard and desk area, (unless you do it wrong and you end up with a climbing frame or rather large fire surround, then you may have to take it apart and start again).

      So, once the pieces are out and you've checked they're all there, it's time to take a deep breathe, take hold of your hex key and away you go, but do beware that this will get heavier and heavier as you build it so try and build it where you intend to put it.

      It may look a bit daunting when you see all the pieces scattered around the room but once you get started you'll be amazed at how fast and how easy it is to build, even if it takes a bit of time and even more blood and sweat to get to the finished product.

      Once constructed, if done correctly, you'll should end up with a rather large panelled unit, which is about 1500mm high by 960mm wide and 1940mm long, so it will take up the same floor space as a standard single bed, there abouts.
      The mattress level itself sits about 5 foot off the ground and underneath this mattress level there is a wardrobe, a few draws, a good size cupboard and a very useful computer desk area.
      To support the mattress level area there are even more wooden panels cutting through the middle, also surrounding the wardrobe, cupboard and computer area, with each panel being positioned in just the right place to support the heaviest of people, (me).
      There are wooden slats that help you get onto the mattress level instead of a ladder so that there's nothing sticking out from the bed frame for anyone to trip over.
      Plus, if you do what I did, there is some rather useful and very impressive 'secret' storage space underneath the bed that will hide all your kids rubbish so that no one will lever see them... you know the saying, 'what the eye doesn't see the chef gets away with'. but I'll tell you about that little 'secret' storage area later.

      The pieces used to construct this bed, the wooden panel themselves, are all sturdy even though they are made of what is really compressed wood chippings mixed with a bucket load of glue. The wood used for the steps are solid and can withstand even my weight, (and I'm not the lightest of people so these steps will not buckle under the weight of a child).

      As for the storage space, well apart from the places you can see, such as the draws, wardrobe and cupboard, there's also a lovely space which is not really designed for storage but can defiantly be used for that purpose, giving you lots more space for all your bits and bobs.
      This extra storage space ,which I referred to earlier as the 'secret' storage area, can be found underneath the entire far section of the bed, the section which is hidden behind the draws, cupboard and wardrobe.

      Allow me to explain.
      The instructions will tell you to put up the cardboard panel at the rear of the wardrobe, thus closing off the wardrobe. But, if you do what I did and leave the panel off then you have access to underneath the bed, which gives you a lot of room to store such things as boxes, toys, games... well, you get the picture. In fact, my youngest daughter has organised underneath her bed that well that she has fitted two of them battery operated lights on the underside and tends to go under there when she, as she puts it, 'wants to get away from it all for a while', taking a book or her MP3 player with her. She just climbs in through wardrobe, shuts the door behind her and 'chills out', almost like Narnia without the snow, and the Witch.
      Also, if you want to, you can get extra natural light into the underneath of the bed by not attaching the wooden panel which is behind the steps, but as this panel is used to help prop up the mattress section I have not left this part off.

      Any repairs needed..?

      Well, firstly I have to say that I have now had these beds set up for a couple of years now and they have pretty well stood the test of time, and the heavy handiness of my kids, although I have had to do one or two repairs, but these repairs have been minor.
      Such as one of the wardrobe door hinge have come away from the 'foot' panel due to the screws pulling out of the wood, but this was repaired using a dollop of wood filler and a bit of drying time patience... repair done.
      Also, one of the brackets which steadies the side panel, the panel which you have to grab in order to help you get up the steps and onto the bed itself. There are two brackets on each piece and it was one of them that snapped. This was repaired by buying a bracket from a hard ware shop, costing £1.50, and screwing it into the broken brackets place... repair done.
      That's about it really for repairs, although I do have to mention that over the time, with the cupboard door dropping with use, it has scraped the bottom section of the cupboard a bit as the door opens and closes. But this isn't that bad really considering the amount of time that the door is opened and closed.

      So what about the price of this bed, although when I say bed I really mean bedroom set as it contains a lot more than a simple bed. If I remember rightly I paid around £200 for it. These days, after a quick search in places such as catalogues and online shops, they are selling for around the same price, some places for a bit less, although one place is selling it for a lot more.

      The price stated does not include the mattress

      In all, if you want to add a bit of colour and a little bit of style to your child's bedroom then you can't go wrong with this as it has everything that a bedroom needs, all built in underneath a sturdy mid sleeping bed.
      So, as I said, if you've got a small room or a large room this will fit into either, giving you more space and a bit of a secret too.

      Please note.
      The colour states that the bed is pink, and it does come in blue and white as well, but the main colour of the bed is actually a beach colour, with the pink colour being on the wardrobe and cupboard doors, the draw front and the board behind the steps. But it's this added colour that makes the look of the bed a rather fetching one, steering away from your normal boring one tone.


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