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      23.07.2001 22:01
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      After 43years of married life & 14 different homes you would think I would now whats what in buying a new sink.. I started off all those years ago with a stone sink, I think they now call it a butlers sink I Ajaxed it,bleached it & scrubbed it within an inch of its life.. Took it all for granted then threw it out, as the more modern materials came along ie a sink made of Glass Fibre that was the first try,nice & shiny but you cannot put anything hot on or in it..Then came Stainless steel with that you have to be careful, dont use Ajax, it scratches, even a tin can left in the sink makes a rust mark Then a year ago I tried a TEFLITE sink in a champagn colour, ,Its a roughcast type of finish,that should have warned me,within a month it was staining no matter what I used nothing cleaned it properly.It says on the instructions use a gentle cleaner,No Way as I got more desperate I used neat bleach& soaked it for 24hours that at least worked for a couple of days. It took my husband a day to put this sink in,& so I couldnt ask him to then take it out again it wasnt cheap £79.99. So I suggested he washed up as we are both retired now. He thought this was fair,but my idea worked because when he saw how bad it was within a few weeks he volunteer,d to replace it. Now we have a stainless steel one again & yes on its instructions it still says do not use bleach or powder cleaners ie Ajax, to my mind these 2 cleaners are the best to use to cut through all the germs etc,& yes i do know theres loads of other products out there but none seem so effective to me. It just seems that in 43years of progress & all these wonderful new products we could now have a sink that easily cleanable. I just wish i could now afford my old stone sink of 43 years ago,at least i could keep that spotless with no pandering to special needs,I can see why they are so expensive.


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