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Type: Sofa

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      28.02.2001 15:17
      Very helpful



      A set of metal beds designed to sleep three. 3ft top bunk, and a fold out 4ft 6in futon bottom bed. Sturdy and available in a range of colours from silver to electric blue, and from black to red, they retail for around £200 complete with mattresses. Constructed in tubular steel they are robust and sturdy and easily assembled in under an hour. They look very stylish and high tech and are extremely practical and save a lot of space. Why these beds in particular? I looked at these beds well over a year ago with a view to a future purchase; they were originally £350 even at the cheapest stockists. In a small house with tiny bedrooms, we needed something that would not only fare the tests of time well, but one, which could accommodate our expanded family in the smallest possible area. We had originally bought the children pine cabin beds, on which my eldest had gnawed the top safety rail, these were fine at the time and had served their purpose, but as they now needed all new mattresses it was almost the same price to buy the entire beds as it was to purchase new mattresses. Where did you buy them? From a local discount furniture store CDS, which I believe now also has branches in Wales as well as the West Country. Delivery time was expected to be a week, after 3 weeks patiently waiting, I contacted the company and expressed my disappointment. I stated that I believed the customer service to be poor, especially as the company had taken my telephone number at the time of sale in order to arrange convenient delivery. Voila, next day delivery with upgraded mattresses, as ours were still not in stock. What attracted you to them? Essentially the design and obvious sturdiness, but on a more economic note most certainly the price was the final decider. How were they delivered? It took an age to finally receive them, but when we did, they were neatly packaged in two very large cardboard boxes, wh
      ich I must add were extremely heavy to carry. Each piece was individually wrapped and all were prevented from banging together and chipping the paint. They arrived in perfect order with no dinks or scratches. The mattresses were simply wrapped in heavy gauge clear cellophane. What is the workmanship like on the overall bunks? The welding is of a high standard, and the holes are all in the right places to make assembly easy. There are no sharp edges that I am aware of, and overall they are of excellent quality. Assembly, how difficult are they to put together? The beds are very easy to assemble, but I think that it is far easier with at least two people, as the bed components are heavy, thus making it extremely difficult to locate the holes and hold the unit at the same time. The ends are not only bolted into place, they are well braced with horizontal bars that reach from end to end, creating a very stable frame. The bolts all fit into captive nuts secured within the frame, and the ends of the tubes are adequately covered with plastic pegs, which are nigh on impossible to remove once fitted. Even the bottoms of the base tubes are covered in order to prevent damage to the floor surface. Instructions? The instructions are very basic, but they really do give all the relevant information clearly and concisely if not briefly (One sheet of A4 to be exact, and that contains instructions in French and German too) Do I need any special tools for this? No the Allen keys are all included, although a pair of adjustable spanners can be an advantage when securing the futon bases to the large hinges. How practical are they? The best invention ever in my opinion. Is the futon easy to set down as a bed? Easy for an adult, and tricky for a child. There are two metal handles welded onto the front of the futon base, that not only prevent the mattress from sliding off they are d
      esigned to allow the whole base to be lifted upwards and pushed back while lifting, this allows the futon to slide down without any jamming of fingers. The mechanism is suitably stiff preventing children form accidentally folding the futon out. When used as a bed it is the same size as a standard double bed (4ft 6in) and I can vouch for the comfort factor. The bed is approximately 12 inches from the floor. The operation is simply reversed to fold the futon back up again. What about the top bunk? The top bunk is spacious and takes a standard 3ft wide mattress. It has safety rails around the entire bed, and the ladder is integrated into one end. My daughter says that she feels secure and safe in her bed. Please note, it is highly unsafe for children under 6 years to access the top bunk, mainly due to the height and dangers involved from falling from such a height, which is about 5 ft from the floor. There is a large sticker on the front of the bed indicating such dangers that should be left in full view. (I don't know many under 6s who can read thoroughly though LOL) The futon, when used as a sofa, is extremely spacious and very comfortable to sit on, and will accommodate 3 adults or 5 children easily. It is very handy for daytime play or telly watching. Are there any niggles with the beds that you don't like? Unfortunately yes there are. In order to let the futon down, the whole bed needs to be about 6 inches from the wall to accommodate the sliding action. The storage space underneath is sparse. The top bunk is difficult to make because of the guard rail, so my daughter informs me LOL. However in conclusion with all gripes aside, it really does suit our family, not only as an occasional bed, but as a full time bed for my toddler and 8 year old. They really like it, and just for a change there are no arguments about bedtime.


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