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Large Leather Effect Ottoman

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Brand: Argos / Type: Ottoman Bed

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2013 08:56
      Very helpful



      Great durable buy for the home

      Being a mum to young children, I have discovered that my house will never be mine-or at least not for another 15-18 years! Gone are the days where my home was smart and neat, and I could redecorate when I liked, how I liked and I could go for the minimal look. Now my home resembles Santas Toy Shop-cars, bears, ride ons, action figures, play doh, drum kits, books ......the list just gets longer and longer as everyday passes. I bought this item from Argos over a year ago for just under £30.00.

      Why did I buy it?

      I bought it because I was looking for some storage solutions to put away the kids toys in the living room. I already have two huge plastic boxes full of toys already housed there, but I wanted something that wasn't just practical, but added a touch of style as well.

      What is it?

      It's a leather effect rectangular shaped storage box with lid provided. The lid itself is slightly padded, so can be used as an occasional seat. It measures 80.5cm in length, 39cm in depth and just over 39cm in height ( with the lid on ).

      Cleaning instructions

      Simply wipe with a cloth, slightly dampened if necessary.

      How easy was it to construct?

      When I bought it, it came in a very flat box that I balanced on my double buggy ( as this is what I had at the time ) to take it home. It wasn't very heavy and easy enough to transport.

      Putting it together was an absolute breeze. I cant even recall if it came with any instructions because it was the most simple DIY job I have ever done. It came in 5 pieces-the lid, the box itself, two dividers and a base. To assemble, just take all the pieces out of the box and unfold it! Pull out from the side and it pops up. Put the base into the ottoman at the bottom and if required, you can slot in the dividers which segments the box, by fixing them to the inside of the ottoman by velcro. You don't have to ( I don't ), but great if you need smaller compartments so space is very flexible.

      What do I store in this?

      I actually have two-one in the living room in black, and the other in my bedroom which is a deep chocolate brown colour. The one in my living room has numerous different toys in it e.g dolls, action figures, kids computers, bricks, different shapes, balls, books and much more. The one in my living room contains bedding, towels, curtains and old clothes.

      How do these perform?

      They look great, and could be put in any home if your taking into account the physical look of this item. But on a practical level, they are strong and sturdy. The capacity it can take in regards to content is actually quite huge and perfect for me. This ottoman really gets tested because I try and squeeze I as much as possible ( in each of them ) It still holds its shape as it sturdy and rigid and is a very good quality.

      The lid that can be used as a seat is so handy, but I try desperately not to encourage this too much in my home, as I would never get my kids off it. Ive sat on this numerous times, and so have other people as well, and the lid containing some form of foam or stuffing on the top means sitting on it is quite comfortable.

      My kids are forever jumping on and off the ottoman upstairs which is highly annoying at times and not always safe, but it doesn't stop my two-Spiderman and Darth Vader ( as Ive nicknamed them now! ). Its still in tact, no rips or tears and the only upkeep it needs is the occasional wipe of a cloth to remove dust and even that I don't do often as its not needed.

      If you need to move this with a lot of contents in it, it can be alittle difficult and heavy to do. Without anything, its very light. It is quite a chunky piece of storage-but to be honest its not that big or clumsy to look at! Both of mine are pushed up against a wall so running flush, so I don't feel they get I the way at all.

      The fact that this can be stored away simply by folding it up again is pure genius. I am one of those people who can get bored with stuff very easily, but I haven't with these. If I did I could easily stick this in a cupboard and forget about it, without it taking up too much space.

      What type of décor would this suit?

      Whether its in brown or black I think it would go in the majority of different decorated rooms, and can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms etc. I think because they are plain in look, no patterns or major textures and in one colour, they can fit in so well and work with lots of different things and looks. Its also not something I could say is contemporary or classic, I cant even put a label on it as this type of item has been used and looked so similar over many decades. The main difference is how affordable this product is and the easy to fold down/put up element.

      Would I buy this again? In a heartbeat. You can throw all your junk in one stylish looking box, pop the lid on it, even sit on it and just forget all about it! Good price, easy to assemble, looks great and has a huge capacity. Very durable and strong.

      Currently, Argos sell different variations of the one I bought, not quite the same but pretty much an identical concept e.g how to put together, capacity etc.

      Here is a ,link of a similar item to the one I have reviewed so the visual look is clear-



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