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Laura Ashley Emily Ivory Day Bed

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Brand: Laura Ashley / Type: Bed

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2013 16:06
      Very helpful



      Sweet Dreams.

      ~*~ Laura Ashley Emily Ivory Day Bed ~*~

      This time last year I started the hunt for a new bed for my daughter . She was sleeping in a toddler bed at the time , or not sleeping as in her case . So in the never ending challenge to get my 'sleep is for wimps' daughter to actually sleep in her own bed we thought a new big girls bed might help.

      To start with my priorities were quality , I wanted something that was going to last a long time and ideally be able to sleep 2 people , as I was thinking to the future of sleepovers . My daughter's priorities were that it was a princess bed .
      We started with a google image search of princess beds, bad mistake ! My daughters eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw a huge castle bed at only $20,000 plus shipping costs , once she realised there was no way we were buying that the search continued .
      We did look at bunk beds , and even castle bunk beds , but as she was already 5 I didn't think it would be long before they were too young for her , and that they take up a lot of room for the extra bed that wouldn't get that much use.
      So finally we settled on a day bed , where you get the best of both worlds , with the ability to sleep 2 but only taking up the space of a normal single bed .

      Originally I had wanted a white wooden bed , to match my daughter's furniture , but it was proving very difficult to find one that either didn't look like a park bench or when you added the mattresses didn't cost the earth .

      ~*~ Laura Ashley ~*~

      I had spotted 2 different day beds on the Laura Ashley website , the Emily which R.R.P is £800 and the Alice Day Bed which R.R.P is £1200. Both beds come with 2 mattresses included in the price.
      I couldn't see any difference between the 2 beds except the decoration on the back and arms . Both beds have the same mattresses too , so not sure why 1 is so much more than the other .

      I was lucky in a local Homebase store they have a Laura Ashley concession so after a quick phone call and to be told they had the more expensive Alice bed on display I popped over there to have a better look.

      I gave the bed on display a good look over , things I wanted to check were the ease of pulling out the under bed , the quality and depth of the mattresses , and how stable the bed was .
      Years ago my eldest son had a metal bed frame and I hated it , no matter how many times the screws were tightened it always became slack and that was the main thing holding me back from ordering without looking at them in real life .

      ~*~ Ordering ~*~

      After seeing the Alice bed and being very impressed I ordered the cheaper Emily Day Bed online. At the time [ and very often] the bed is half price at £400.
      I was also lucky enough to order on a 10 % off day , and if you sign up to Laura Ashley they send you a code for a further 10 % off , both could be used together , There was also no delivery charge so a further saving of £25 .
      I also went through Quidco so all in all my £800 bed cost me around £300 after cashback . An amazing price meaning plenty left over for cushions and covers.

      The order took seconds to do online , and I received a call from Laura Ashley that week to confirm my order.
      Delivery was up to 12 weeks at the time , which although is long I was told about before ordering .

      ~*~ Delivery ~*~

      2 days before delivery Laura Ashley phoned to ask what time I would like it to arrive , the times were given in 2 hour slots , which I was impressed with as usually living in Cornwall we get a 8 am to 8 pm slot.
      I choose the 1st slot of the day 8 am to 10 am.
      At 8.20 on the day , 2 very friendly chaps came with the bed and mattresses. 2 huge boxes and 2 mattresses were delivered up the stairs into my daughter's bedroom . All in all in took 10 minutes and was a very good service.

      ~*~ Emily Day Bed ~*~

      The main bed part comes in 4 parts the base the back and the 2 ends . These screw together very easily , but you will need 2 people so one can hold it together while the other puts the screws in .
      The pull out bed is even easier with just the castors to be attached .
      Wooden slates also need to be put into the black ends and then clipped into both the main frame and the pull out frame. Again this was very easy . It took my husband and I no more than 1/2 hour to assemble the bed .
      It took longer to added the sheets and pillows and dispose of all the cardboard boxes .

      The mattresses are open coil and have a nice plain cream colour to them . They are a lovely quality but they are soft . This isn't a problem for us , but would be for someone who prefers a hard mattress.

      Both beds take a full size single mattress , so easy to change a mattress in the future without having to hunt out a silly size.
      The bed has the overall dimensions of height 117 cm width 99 cm and length 198 cm . The bed is hand cast in cream metal.

      ~*~ In Use ~*~

      My daughter was very excited to see her new bed when it was all ready . I have put fabric flower fairy lights wrapped around the back , and placed pillows and cushions so it looked like a sofa .
      Everyday use as a single its great , very comfortable and very sturdy .
      My daughter has been testing her trampolining skills on it , and despite that the bed is still solid , none of the screws have needed tightening since we 1st put it together .

      The under bed or trundle bed as they are known is so easy to pull out the castors work easily through the very thick carpet we have in the room . The trundle can be left at floor level or kick out the legs and it is the same height as the main bed .
      The legs are spring loaded I find the best way is to use your foot to bring them out until they spring into position . This is all very quick and easy to do and can be done by 1 person .

      We have had guests stay on the bed made up to a double and all have said how comfortable the bed is .

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      Quality wise I have no complaints at all , it's so sturdy and solid . I am very impressed with the finish to the bed , the metal work is of a very high quality, no rough edges or dodgy corners.
      For me the cream is not too creamy that it looks odd with the white furniture my daughter has so another bonus.
      I love this bed its beautiful, practical, and comfortable and I have no regrets at all about buying it .
      The service from Laura Ashley was exactly how it should be , and I can not fault that either .
      Unfortunately my daughter still continues to think sleep is for wimps but I can't blame that on the bed !

      5 out of 5


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