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Levv Glass Computer Workstation

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Brand: Levv

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    1 Review
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      13.11.2011 11:08
      Very helpful



      Black Glass and Metal Computer Workstation


      I needed a new computer desk and chair when I moved into my new place and had a clear idea in my mind as to what I wanted, they both had to be black to fit in with the colour scheme I was putting together and they had to look stylish and preferably quite modern in design. The Levv computer workstation caught my eye when I spotted it on amazon, it was priced at under £60.00 which I thought made it a fantastic purchase given the fact that its construction was metal and glass and because I could imagine it fitting in well with my room's decor I didn't hesitate in placing my order. A few days later a large, heavy box was delivered to my door and knowing that I was going to struggle putting the desk together by myself I called in the help of a friend...

      The Desk

      I've mentioned in other reviews that I'm useless when it comes to flat packed furniture, I have neither the patience or dexterity to fathom out where things are supposed to go and past attempts at putting flat pack stuff together have resulted in many disasters. The Levv workstation to my eye looked complicated when it was in piece form so it was a good job that I had someone with me who knew what they were doing, each component is well wrapped in a protective layer of plastic and the glass desk top and keyboard shelf are individually covered in polystyrene and packed in separate cardboard boxes. The frame of the workstation is made of black metal which is glossy in appearance and as you can see from the supplied picture it is quite angular in design. The frame itself seemed relatively straightforward to put together, the supplied screws fitted into the pre-drilled holes without problem and once my mate had figured out where everything went it took around 20-30 minutes to assemble.

      The black glass desktop and keyboard shelf are made from tempered glass which has a thickness of 8mm and feature nicely rounded corners which I think look very modern when fixed in place. The black glass was the main selling point of this workstation to me as I like the appearance of glass and I do think that the workstation had an expensive look when it was put together and initially I was very pleased with it. The feet on the desk are in contrasting chrome metal and I like how they sit on the floor, similarly the metal runner for the keyboard shelf is smooth in operation and very sturdy and had it not been for one rather large problem with the desk then I would have been delighted with my purchase and would have rated this a perfect 5 stars however there is a problem.

      The problem with the desk comes down to the keyboard shelf, for it to sit on the runner that allows you to pull the keyboard in and out Levv supply 4 sticky pads which are supposed to hold it in place on the four risers that are fixed on the runners themselves. They don't. After only a couple of hours use the pads detached from the runner and the keyboard shelf fell off, this as you can imagine is terribly dangerous and is, in my opinion, a serious design flaw. The keyboard shelf isn't that heavy but it is made from glass and could potentially shatter if dropped. Because the keyboard can be moved backwards and forwards on the runners I resorted to using high strength glue to hold it in place but even now my keyboard doesn't feel safe and I do have to be careful when pulling out the shelf as it does feel fragile, I certainly wouldn't recommend this desk if you have children who use a computer as I do think it could be quite dangerous in the wrong hands and even I have to be mindful when I'm typing as any knocks from my knees against the shelf could dislodge it and make it unstable.


      That said the rest of the desk is perfect, it's a very solid piece of furniture and I do like the look it brings to my room, it is of course a nightmare to keep clean as the glass top does show every single bit of dust, fingerprint and blemish and has to be cleaned daily to stop it looking too grubby. It's a nice size measuring 100cm in width, 50cm in depth and 75cm in height and fits into the alcove I bought it for without issue and I do like how it looks, it's just a shame that there is such a massive design fault in it that prevents it from being perfect and I can't in good conscience recommend this desk to other people because of the faulty keyboard shelf.

      I did email amazon with my concerns about the desk and asked for contact details for Levv to put my concerns to them and I was in two minds whether or not to send the desk back and buy something else but as I do like how it looks I decided to keep it and just put up with the problem although I must admit that this isn't ideal. I haven't been able to contact Levv though to point out my concerns as amazon couldn't provide any details so I'm afraid that as far as my rating here goes it's only going to get 2 stars and a strong recommendation from me *not* to buy this desk unless you're happy not to attach the keyboard shelf and use it just as a worktop.

      Overall: Looks lovely but is a disappointment and potentially very dangerous and sadly not recommended. Thanks for reading my review.


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