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Limelight Lunar Bunk Bed

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Brand: Limelight / Type: Bunk Bed

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    2 Reviews
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      19.12.2009 12:04
      Very helpful



      A review to express my personal frustration with using a bunk bed,

      Note: This a general review about bunk beds considering I don't know the type I have. It looks similar to this one.

      Within the 18 years of my life there is one thing that I have lacked; privacy. I've shared a room all my life and I'm really getting tired of it. My room ( or I should say our room ) isn't really big enough to keep 2 single beds in and still have enough room for the rest of the stuff. Thus I've been sleeping on a bunk bed for the past 10 years on the top with my face 40 cm from the ceiling. It doesn't help either that I'm using a mattress that came with the bed and is collapsing in on itself allowing the rings to prop up into my side. I chose the top since I wanted to be as far away from my little brother as possible.

      The top bunk really has plenty of disadvantages. I cant read a book at night without having to clamber out of my bed, turn the light off and put the book aside since I can't have a bedside lamp. If I'm wearing my glasses to watch the TV then I again, as above. I can't have an alarm clock, instead I need to use my mobile phone which is suspended from one of the posts of the bed. I enjoy playing my PSP before going to sleep sometimes, the best I can do is put it under my pillow and hope it doesn't fall during the night which it has done on numerous occasions but thankfully is fine because of my logitech casing ( see playgear pro case review ). Making or changing the bed is a nightmare so close to the ceiling, along with flipping the mattress. Metal confinements restrict me from spreading out with the only opening being at the ladders where my head ends up the majority of the time. You can't come in from a long day and lie down for a couple of minutes. Generally getting onto and down from the bed also is slow compared to a single bed. If you have a fear of spiders then you are likely to wake up to see one on the ceiling above every now and then. One you will remember the most, is when you awake and sit up only to lie down again with a sore head.

      As for advantages; you can peer out of the window while trying to sleep. Apart from that there are no good reasons why a teenager should sleep on the top bunk of a bed.

      These metal beds generally make a lot of noise even if you move the slightest. You feel as if it is going to tip if you happened to rock to the side. I've also bashed my head plenty of times against the bars causing unnecessary pain. Although they look quite flimsy they are very sturdy and yet to break on me. The spaced bars are quite irritating such that you may kick your foot through it and become trapped! The ladders themselves don't seem to move at all unless forced, in fact they dig into the carpet leaving indentations. This is evident when trying to hoover under them. The bed posts can be quite handy for hanging hoodies from however. They also save a lot of space than if you were to have 2 single beds instead so ideal for shared rooms with little space.

      Despite the lack of room space, next year we are finally getting single beds, I'm going to uni next year and cannot afford to stay, so will need to stay at home. It may well be the case that I'll still be sharing a room, even when I'm 24.


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        24.01.2008 22:19
        Very helpful



        Very convenient and useful especially for children!

        Last year the other half and I decided that it was time to start looking for a place together...the only problem being money. He was paying loads in rent to his parents and it was cheaper for him to move in to my parent's house. We needed to turn a single room into a double and it wasn't going to happen we were however quite happy to sleep on bunk beds for a couple of months. After all we did not want to move out and end up struggling to pay rent each month.

        THE BUNK BED
        I had already in my childish way established that I would want to sleep up top and therefore unlike a brave 6 year old climbing a vertical ladder to bed each night I wanted a safe sloping ladder to make the trek that little easier.

        The Limelight Lunar bed was just perfect and only coasting £25 from a local Ebay seller we couldn't go wrong.

        The bed was obviously flat packed and the previous owner had managed to lose the instructions so we had to go it alone. The assembly was very easy and rather straight forward. It took us roughly 1hour to set up.

        The bed looks good, in fact it looks just like a bunk bed should with a bed on top of a bed...seriously though it has sturdy chrome bars and a convenient option to move the headboards and ladder to a preferred side/end.

        The option to choose which end to place the headboards was most convenient as the other half likes to sleep one end and I liked to sleep the other, many beds have a 'set' frame and it can make it difficult when fitting into a small room.

        The bed has a 25cm gap between the floor and bottom bunk allowing boxes to be stored, offering extra space within a small bedroom. The bed is not too high so with young children it is a safe option.

        OK so bunk beds are usually designed for small children and not full-sized, big adults so the fact the bed shakes and creaks every time we turn over is something we have to put up with. The bed however is more comfortable than my previous bed so I am not complaining. The bed is very sturdy and certainly feels safe when up top.

        Obviously a lot of comfort is due to the mattress used and not so much the quality of the bed, however don't expect the same comfort as an expensive bed.

        The bed has offered us a great temporary sleeping option and we have saved enough money to enable us to move out with a bit of financial security whilst saving a little money towards a wedding.

        It's not perfect but it's very convenient and useful, especially in a small bedroom. When we move out the bunk bed will be placed in the spare room for any guests. I would definitely recommend this bed to anyone looking for a new bed...although I would say it is better suited to a small child.


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      • Product Details

        Original styling, contemporary lines and quality materials are the real essence of Limelight beds. This Lunar bunk bed can be separated into 2 separate beds, the frame consists of robust 50mm tubing and it has a step plate ladder, a mesh and rod base is used to give additional strength. Price excludes mattresses and bedding. (Requires 2 x 90cm by 200cm mattresses which are available on this web site).

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