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McCord Neptune Chaise Sofa

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Brand: McCord / Type: Sofa

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2010 23:05
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      I admit it, I have a problem. I am a compulsive decorator. Every year I feel an overwhelming urge to redecorate one or more rooms in my house. I've only been at our current address three years and I've already decorated the bathroom three times, my bedroom twice, and every other room once.

      Two months ago I got that overwhelming urge again; I just had to have a cocktail bar in my living room! Hmmm, guess I'd have to redecorate... yay!!!
      I already had two big squishy leather sofas in there though so didn't really have the space - 'oh well, I'll just have to buy a new sofa' I thought. So online I went, in my search for a nice, cheap sofa that would compliment my new bar. I didn't really know what I wanted so browsed endlessly, until I came across the McCord range at Very.co.uk.

      The 'Neptune' and 'Anderson' sofas, from what I can tell, are the same sofa, just in different fabrics. The Neptune sofa comes in a Chenille fabric, while the Anderson comes in Micro fibre with Teflon coating - probably a better choice considering that I live with a messy five year old. The Anderson comes in either brown or black and the Neptune comes in either brown or natural; as I preferred the natural, I went with the Neptune.

      You can buy the Neptune sofa as either a right hand or left hand chaise; oddly, the right hand cost £299, while the left hand cost £224 (both sale prices, and both still on sale). Luckily I could choose either so I went for the left hand one. I paid £6.95 for delivery and it arrived within a week. I think I got a bargain as you would struggle to find an equivalent sofa for less than £400.

      The sofa arrived in two pieces (plus three back cushions and 8 legs to screw on): the main sofa, and the 'chaise' piece. The chaise piece consists of the chaise area and the adjacent seat, which you simply push into place on the sofa. It is easy to do and is a tight fit so it is very secure.

      I did encounter a problem with the sofa; the stainless steel legs were slightly rusty and the bubble wrap they came wrapped it wasn't big enough to cover them so some legs had Sellotape marks over them - which is near on impossible to remove without scratching the metal. A quick call (actually, three mid length calls now I come to think about it) resolved the matter and I received 10 (not sure why I received 10 when the sofa only requires 8) new legs within a week.

      The sofa is the same size as an average 3-seater (80" in total), and the chaise part is 45" long from back cushion to end - just long enough to put your legs and feet up.

      Looking at the sofa, it is sleek, modern, and sturdy. It is a cheap sofa, and you can kind of tell this (will explain later), but who cares about that if it looks good? And for the price, if it didn't last that long you could always afford to replace it earlier than you would a more expensive one - a great selling point for compulsive decorators such as myself!

      The chenille fabric is thick and firm, yet soft and comfortable to sit on. Being such a light colour I am quite worried about spills and stains, but you do receive two swatch type samples of fabric with the sofa so you can test cleaning products beforehand, thus hopefully reducing the likelihood of ruining the material.

      The fabric is very well stitched and stretches firmly over the sofa frame - this gives it a smart, sleek look, although does make the sofa look quite hard and angular. It looks like a show home sofa - a beautiful item, but one that is never meant to be sat on. The big squishy back cushions offset this a little, but it does look like it would be quite uncomfortable to sit on.
      Luckily this is not the case! It is surprisingly comfy. The side pieces are quite hard, although a couple of big, beautiful cushions would help this, it would also soften the look of the sofa! Buying extra cushions in the right shade woudl also help tie the sofa into the room's décor.

      One issue I have (that hints at the price of the sofa) is the seat's habit of moulding to your shape.

      Ever watched The Simpsons? Remember the time when Homer spent a week on the sofa trying to preserve his 'sofa groove'? Well this sofa achieves this within two hours - Homer would be proud!

      After settling down to watch a film one night, I was quite amused to stand up and find that the sofa had sunk in the spot where I'd been sitting. Only an inch or so, but it was clearly noticeable. Luckily this just seems to be a quirk of the cushioning rather than a permanent issue as it pumps back up within a minute or so. After three months of wear it still looks brand new, so this doesn't appear to be a lasting problem.

      My final verdict?

      I LOVE IT!!!

      It's: gorgeous; comfy; stylish; and very, very cheap! I also love sitting on the chaise part with my feet up - the best way to relax after a long day, I don't think I could ever go back to a standard sofa.
      Luckily I'm single so don't have to fight anyone for the spot, but I imagine that this seat could be the basis for many a heated exchange, so beware people!


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