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Minky Pro Workstation Ironing Board

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5 Reviews
  • Large surface area
  • Without the cord holder which has to be removed for storage the cord continually gets caught between the iron holder and the board.
  • The fold out hanger thing is useless.
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    5 Reviews
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      18.01.2017 02:59


      • "Large surface area"


      • "Without the cord holder which has to be removed for storage the cord continually gets caught between the iron holder and the board."
      • "The new cover has frayed and trails gossamer like threads of nylon which stick to your iron and burn."
      • "The fold out hanger thing is useless."
      • "Doesn't lock into a closed position so this monster is difficult to store."
      • "The cover it came with dissolved into shreds after 3 months."
      • "The board has buckled."

      Don't. Just don't buy this one.

      This is the worst ironing board I have ever used. The large surface is fantastic but the covers are awful. The first one went to shreds after 3 months and I don't even do a lot of ironing. The replacement fits badly over the pathetic and highly mobile foam pad. All round it's just rubbish but I can't justify buying another ironing board. My last one came from a charity shop. It was really old with blankets held on by safety pins and a home made cover. The surface area was quite small but I would have it back tomorrow instead of this piece of cheap junk.


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      01.03.2014 13:57



      There is a very sturdy shelf underneath and also a pop out rail hanger for your completed ironing

      £74 for an ironing board, does it do the ironing for you as well?
      I was flabbergasted by the price, never having had my own place before, I was assuming that an ironing board would cost about £20. However, I have to say this has been well worth it.
      I was told that Minky was the best brand to get. this particular ironing board is sleek and well designed.
      It is incredibly lightweight which has been great for me, because the only place I had to store this is upstairs, but there is not enought room upstairs for me to iron, so it means having to take it downstairs twice a week, without much difficulty.
      Even though it is lightweight, it is still incredibly sturdy and the wide legs make sure that the board doesn't wobble no matter how vigorous you are with your ironing technique.
      The cover is machine washable and has so far lasted me about 5 months. I am not sure how long covers are expected to last, but this looks as new as it did when I first bought it.
      There is a very sturdy shelf underneath the board and also a pop out rail hanger for your completed ironing, which is perfect for storage, and ensures that your clothes stay perfectly neat.


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      15.02.2011 14:26
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic board for those that do a lot of ironing and who may be ironing larger items of fabric

      With 3 active children, and a professional husband, it feels like sometimes I spend more time ironing than I do anything else at home. That is why I purchased this ironing board. My main reason for purchase was the wider than average board, and the shelf underneath for storing ironed pieces. These two features have proved excellent but what makes this ironing board exceptional is the double plug and extension underneath the board (which means the hazard of a trailing wire with an iron attached to it, is lessened) but the most fantastic feature is the heat retention of the ironing surface which holds the heat and means that on items that have plasticised print you need not turn the item inside out to achieve a good finish... all you need to is iron the back.
      The board is easy to put up and fold back down and the ingenious hanger rack near to the iron stand makes hanging shirt hangers over doors a thing of the past.
      The extra width of the board makes ironing my husband XXXL shirts easier as I need not keep moving the fabric around, but the end of the board is narrow enough to fit it shoulder areas for a smart finish. Ironing my 3 year olds jeans and shirts is also a breeze due to the width because I only need to move the items twice in order to iron the front and back of his garments.
      My iron has a high steam pressure, and this ironing board is fantastic with it because the iron rest area is bottomless which means any residual steam doesn't build up as water on the board and can dissipate beneath the board.
      The ironing board is sturdy, with excellent features. I only wish I had bought one of these years ago because it probably cuts my ironing time by about a third.


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        13.09.2009 17:18
        Very helpful



        a very poor board I am afraid

        In the long list of things that I have to do, ironing is probably quite a low priority. However, as much as I would like to extend my "fold it whilst it is still warm out of the dryer/fresh off the line" philosophy to all items, sometimes you do have to iron.

        This board is the one I have owned for the last 3 years, and it does get used at least twice a week, I iron workshirts and uniforms; pre-children I used to iron everything including duvet covers, but these days life is too short. My mum's ironing board has lasted her the whole of her married life - I have my ten year wedding anniversary coming up, and all I can say is I hope that my marriage is in a better state than this board. During the time I have owned it various bits have dropped off and I have found it annoying in the extreme.

        I purchased this exact board - I have exactly the identical cover as in the photo, but I think it comes in a range of patterns - as I had been looking for a larger width board for ages, this one is 122 x 43 cm. At £40 (now about £38 from Tesco direct), it seemed a good deal, and I had found ironing boards surprisingly hard to find on the High Street - maybe my "iron only if absolutely necessary" approach is widespread.

        It has a rack underneath for ironed items, allegedly, and with an attachment for the flex and fold out hanger holder, it seemed to have lots of features. A good board, right? Wrong.

        The first complaint I have is the cover - it is stupidly thin and the mesh under it, which if memory serves, was supposed to make ironing easier, doesn't, and as a board the surface just feels less than solid.

        Secondly it is hard to put this board up correctly - the leg has to go onto a line of teeth and sometimes gets wedged in the wrong place, this is hard to explain, but basically you end up having to start again. I do find I could adjust the height, but not easily.

        The rack under the board is of no use to anyone, flimsy and with holes in strange places (what is it supposed to hold? I don't know..) and the fold-out shirt rack fell off about the fifth time I used it - it is just a length of metal that is slightly thicker than wire, and has a few wiggles in it. I did replace it in its housing a few times and then gave up.

        You would think there wouldn't be much else to be wrong with such a simple item, but no, the rubber feet on the sides of the void for the iron also regularly pop out - why they are emblazoned proudly with "Minky" escapes me, in all honesty they would do well not to remind anyone that they made this aberation.

        The legs are solid enough, and you can iron with it, and the wide width does make ironing easier, which is the reason for me giving the board two stars and not one, but this item is just not great. If you are feeling that I am struggling to find anything good to say about it, you would be right. This board is heavy, badly constructed and just disappointing in so many ways. The only reason I haven't binned this item and bought something (anything) else is that spending money on an ironing board is not a priority either, and so I go on using this and muttering darkly every time I struggle to assemble it for use.

        I can't recommend this item, in all honesty I wish I had bought something of better quality in the first place - it really is a case of buy cheap(ish), buy twice here - a poor show from Minky I am afraid - shame as it looks great on the photo! I have tried to be as objective about this item as possible, honestly, but I am afraid there is no excuse for poor design and construction on this scale, and my mum's nearly 50 year old ironing board is much much better.


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          08.04.2009 20:19
          Very helpful



          Not recommended for steam irons!

          Having recently acquired one of those large steam generator irons I decided that it was time to update my ironing board so that I could stand the steam generator on the board. It seems, however, that I am to be cursed in my choice of board.

          I really like boards with a laundry rack underneath and it seemed that the choice of board that had such a rack and would take a steam generator was very limited. Quite by chance I happened upon the Minky board in Tesco and this seemed to satisfy all my criteria and more. Minky are a well-known name in household goods and I saw no reason not to go ahead with the purchase without further research.

          The board itself is a generous 122 x 43cm and in theory is height adjustable. It has a laundry rack underneath the board, a stand for a regular iron or a steam generator, a flex holder, 2m extension lead and socket holder and even a sleeve board - at around £40 this seemed very good value.

          The first board I purchased had to be returned as the mesh that formed the board was not taut meaning that the board bounced during use - I assumed this to be a simple manufacturing error and exchanged the board for another. Unfortunately the board is of particular poor quality and, after just two weeks use, the board is already going rusty despite being stored inside and aired before being put away. It will be returned to store for a refund.

          Given the speed with which this has shown rust I really cannot recommend the board, but, for the sake of completeness and were you to try your luck please also bear the following points in mind:


          * The ironing surface of the board is a good size and allows you to iron with minimal garment movement.

          * The extension lead and its associated socket holder could prove very useful if you need to iron away from a socket point (this has meant that I can position my board more safely when my toddler is around).


          * Although supposedly height adjustable I've only felt safe using the board at the maximum height (which in fairness is fine for me at 5'4") - below this the board has felt unsteady.

          * The cover of the board is very poor quality and the fit is poor - with a replacement cover one might have expected this but one expects the first cover a board uses to fit.

          * The foam that is placed under the cover is very thin and moves in use.

          * The board, when collapsed does not stay locked together and so is awkward to move around.

          * The silver paint that adorns the legs and iron station chips easily and marks paintwork if you lean the board up against a wall. Coupled with the fact that the board doesn't lock in a closed position makes the board very hard to store safely.

          * The laundry rack is very, very flimsy and the gaps between the bars are too wide if you want to place small items on the rack.

          * The flex holder is easy to fit but must be removed when storing the board so becomes inconvenient.

          * Despite being made for steam generators the water build-up on the mesh in use is considerable (I suspect it is this that has contributed to the rust) and before the end of a large load you'll have a wet board. The condensed water will also drip onto the washing placed on the rack below.

          * With a full tank of water in the steam generator the board moves on a solid floor and travel is quite considerable.

          * The flip-out hanging rack is flimsy and will take no more than about 3 adult shirts before it feels unsafe.

          As you can see, the negatives far outweigh the positives and it's safe to say that I will not be exchanging this board for the same model! Our last ironing board was good for over 12 years and, were it not too small I would still be using it. I therefore expect to get more than 2 weeks out of a new board before it goes rusty (and that rust has already stained the ironing board cover!).

          Not recommended.


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