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Optimum Vision TV1100 TV Stand

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Brand: Optimum / Type: TV Stand

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2013 10:24
      Very helpful



      Your TV will stand out on this lovely little black number

      People who own a television will either have them hanging on a wall, using a wall bracket of course and presuming that it's a flat screen television that you want to put on the wall, or have them standing on a television stand, hence the words standing and stand.
      Myself, I have the latter, a television stand, which sits in the corner of my living room, having my television sitting on top of it.
      The television stand that I have purchased is not just any old stand, it's not an old fashioned wooden wobbly unit that needs to be tightened up every few months to try and stop the side from falling off. It is in fact a rather fine looking and very sturdy glass stand with hollow yet very strong tubes that act as legs and shelf separators.
      I know the word glass may make people think that maybe a television shouldn't be placed on it just in case the glass breaks and leaves a lot of mess to clean up, plus the dreaded trip to the shop to buy another television. But the glass used to make the shelves on this stand are almost as strong as any old wooden shelf, only these shelves are a lot thinner than those wooden shelves, making it look stylish in any ones room.

      This glass stand is in fact the Optimum TV 1100 stand, which is the 2nd version of the stand, meaning that the holes in this one are in slightly different places than its predecessor.

      This 2nd version TV 1100 can take flat screen television up to 42" screens, with a minimum size guided at 26", which is down to the fact that anything smaller placed on this would just look so lost and very silly indeed. To be honest, even a screen smaller that 32" looks a little daft on here.
      If you've got a 40" or 42" then they will sit perfectly on here without looking out of sorts, anything smaller may look like a toddler wearing his dads jacket..!!!

      For those that like to know all the sizes, gaps and where the holes are...
      The height of the entire glass stand, from floor to top of top shelf, is 530mm. The lower and middle glass shelves are a solid 8mm thick, making them strong and safe, with the top shelf being an even thicker 10mm.
      The size of each glass shelf is a good 1100mm long by 400mm wide.
      The legs themselves, which there are four of them, are a good 40mm in diameter, giving the entire unit a good solid look and feel.
      The 'stumpy' legs to the first shelf are 80mm from the ground with the gaps in between the bottom to middle shelf being just under 250mm. The gap between the middle and top shelf is about 175mm.

      So now for the holes...
      The picture shown on here is not the unit that I have as the holes are in different positions, and there's not as many as the picture shows. I'm assuming that this glass tv stand has more than one design selling under the same name.

      Anyway, the holes in these glass shelves are to the rear of each shelf, being about 25mm from the back, with each hole being 80mm in diameter to allow the thickest of cables to go through. The fifth support, although this one only support the shelve as it does actually reach the floor, goes right through each hole, both hiding the wires that connect to you television and support the middle of each shelf, with the shelves each having a little clip attaching this leg, giving it that support and stability it needs.
      Also on this rear support there are gaps, or holes, being about 80mm in diameter, where the shelves are to sit. This is to allow the cables to go onto each shelf from the support so that it remains looking neat and tidy.

      As I said, the shelves are made of glass, with a choice of black or clear, and the legs and rear support are made of polished chrome.

      Putting it together couldn't be easier, with each shelf having a little sticker on it to state which is which, although it's obvious which the top shelf is as it is the only one that has four round caps glued to it, with these caps being for the legs to slot into.
      You simply turn the top shelf upside down, o top of a soft surface to protect it... I used the box that it came in as it was the right size..., then you start to connect the four sections of the legs, adding the middle shelf once the four sections have been screwed into place. Then repeat this process for the lower shelf, (which will be the upper shelf as you're building it). Then screw on the 'stumpy' leg ends and, carefully, possibly asking a friend for help as it does weigh a bit, turn the entire unit onto the stumpy legs, putting it the right way up, and you're ready to stand your television onto it, starting the cable connection process.
      Once put together this unit can take up to 80kg in weight, which is plenty for most modern televisions, and even some of those old fashioned box shaped ones that need two weight lifters on steroids to move.

      The only downside to this glass unit, the black gloss one that is, is that it collect dust like a vacuum cleaner on a high setting, and therefore needs a wipe over at least once a day.

      So how much does this one cost then..?
      This unit sells for around the £80.00 mark which is not too bad as it seems to be made to last and can take some weight placed on it, although I wouldn't let the mother in law sit on it as she is, shall we say, quite fond of emptying the fridge for fun.

      Would I recommend this..?
      Yes I certainly would, especially if you can get it at the lower price. So if you've got a 42inch flat screen television then it will sit on this unit without looking like it shouldn't be there.
      The glass shelves are smooth as silk and the corners and curved in such a way so that there's no danger of cutting or slicing your fingers.

      ©Blissman70 2013


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