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Pavio Faux Leather Double Bedstead

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Brand: Haven / Type: Bedstead

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2011 15:48
      Very helpful



      A nice, comfy, budget priced bed that, despite a few problems, it's not all sheet! (groan...)

      Buying furniture for me is not something I do a lot. I like to try to make a wardrobe or table last until it's falling apart, partly due to costs and partly due to the ponderous task of searching for furniture, something which I find deeply dull. This wasn't the case with buying my new bed however, even though the previous one was in a rather ropey condition, it was causing havoc with my back so I needed a lower and firmer bed to slumber in. On a low budget, I looked around the internet for some deals, and came across this little gem from our old friends at Amazon. Here's are my thoughts on this Haven Pavio Faux-Leather Double Bedstead.

      --Catching some zzzz's....From Books to Beds--

      Sleep. One of my favourite pastimes. Some people say you can sleep when your dead, I prefer to enjoy the energy and refreshment that a good sleep gives you, and a decent pit to slumber in is a key aspect of this. Unfortunately, I haven't had the best history with bed's, and coupled with the fact I'm a part-time insomniac doesn't help, but needs must and I had finally decided (or rather my back decided) to bin the old bed and mattress and look for a shiny new one. After a few wasted trips to furniture shops, I went on-line and discovered, to my astonishment, that Amazon sell furniture! After an hour browsing I found a nice looking replacement double bedstead which seems to tick the boxes. With the very handy pairing facility that Amazon have, I also got a quality mattress to go with it.

      Of course, the drawback with buying an item such as a bed on-line is that you cannot test it out for comfort, height, shape and just general 'feel', but all the statistics were available so I was confident in my purchase. It arrived in 3 flat-packs within 3 days, and on day four I had a new bed to crash into. As with many Amazon products, it came from a third party manufacturer, in this case, Mercers Furniture. They had a 93% rating on Amazon with good reviews of their products, and a return policy, so this gave me additional piece of mind.

      --Price and Packaging--

      For me, some beds can cost seemingly astronomical prices, and I wasn't in a position to shell out over 300 New-English on a bedstead plus paying for a quality mattress. So, hoping more than anything that the comfort would be okay, this is basically a mid-priced bedstead at a RRP of £200, but with the deal Amazon had on this at the time, cost me a mere £69.95 plus £10 for express postage. I thought this was a great price, even if it wasn't the best built piece of sleeping apparatus, just so long as the comfort was there. Like I have said, it arrived quickly and undamaged in the form of 3 cardboard flat-packs. These were surprisingly not heavy, but also made me worry about the quality of wood used. Heavy normally means hard wearing, so I have to admit to being slightly cautious in opening the boxes to find I may have bought a turkey. Thankfully, this wasn't the case. The parts were packed together neatly and included all the fixings needed and a simple diagram assembly guide. The boxes of course are fully recyclable, open up easy with no vicious sharp staples to catch a pinky on, (all taped) and fold up easily too. Some parts are wrapped in plastic sheet for protection during storage, but this is removed with ease and again can be recycled in with other plastics.


      Depending on where you buy your flat-pack furniture, it can either be a fun lego-building type adventure (Ikea), or the most laborious and infuriating task ever! (Argos) It's nice to know here that, whilst the assembly guide is very basic, with just diagrams and no descriptions, to putting together of this bed is very, very simple. The main parts of the bed, the sides, headboard and footer all include the correctly located fixing holes, supporting legs and brackets. It's a case of lining up the sides to the footer and headboard, making sure the hooks are all locked in and putting 2 bolts into each corner with an Allen Key (which is supplied).

      Once the structure of the bed is complete, a base support is fitted with central legs, again using hook brackets, but this time you will have to break out the phillips screwdriver to secure it in. It's only 4 screws however, so even if you haven't got a power screwdriver, it's not going to give you RSI using a manual one. Finally, you place the wooded slat/springs into position. This, for me was a great bit of design. In the past with other beds, I have taken an age to fit slats individually via screwing each one down, or tediously positioned a set of slats held together by a ribbon of material, which nearly always end up moving out of position when you put the mattress down. Although it is the most time consuming part of the assembly, each slat goes into a plastic clip, which fits to the opposite slat. 2 more clips are at either end and they all just push very securely into the pre-drilled holes in the main frame. Some can tend to be a little tight to fit, but a light tapping with the butt of a hammer sorts this out a treat. The reason why I say use the butt of the hammer is because when I first used the hammer in the conventional manner, I squashed on clip upon impact, which rendered it useless. My fault, not a design problem. Also, remember to place the slats 'curve up' to provide the spring to the whole bed, this doesn't say this in the guide, which could cause a few problems and irritation for some people who would fit them upside down.

      --Looks, Quality and Comfort--

      The description of the colour of the bed which Amazon state is that of a brown hue, but is appears to me that the artificial leather used as a covering is black. That said, it is of a fair quality and is fitted well to the frame, albeit a few loose staples here and there. You may find a few scuffs on the headboard due to it's size and the manner of the packaging, but these rub out quickly. The covering is also washable with a damp cloth and looks rather nice when dusted off.

      The underlying build quality and wood used is a bit hit and miss really. The headboard feels study and strong and is well built, but I noticed that in the slat supports a slight splitting in the timber used. Although it supports 2 people (and 2 kids) without collapsing instantly, you get the feeling that it will not last a long time, and running repairs may have to be made in the future. An example in this case would be that one of the side panels seems and feels very strong, but the other side tends to creak a little, and it may be a matter of time before one of the beams inside the covering splits or breaks. The fittings, as previously mentioned, are all present and positioned accurately, but again sometimes a hairline crack is hovering around such an area. All in all at the price I paid for it however, I cannot grumble a lot.

      Or course, comfort is mainly down to the type and quality of the mattress and bedding used, and having a mid-range mattress myself, it does feel very nice indeed. It's of the correct UK double size of 4'6" by 6'3", which is good as some beds I have had always seem to be a little shorter than the said size, and the mattress pretty much fits into it the the edges. I don't find it too soft or hard in places, find I have adequate room for my feet considering I'm 6'2", and the suppleness for sleep, movement and..... other activities, is very evident all over the surface of the bed. Despite the creaking from one side, the general height of the sides, length and shape of the bed is good, and provides a nice place to sleep and rather welcoming to crash onto after a long day. As a side note, the covering also is padded slightly, so knocking your shins into the frame in the dark won't hurt as much.


      If you are on the hunt for a new bed that won't cost the same of a new fridge-freezer, this in my opinion is a sound purchase. With a top quality service from Amazon and Mercers Furniture, a bargain price and easy assembly this is something I would recommmend. Of course, in this class range of furniture your going to find niggles sometimes, and this bed is not without it's faults certainly. I hope the build quality would be higher on others, but I suspect that this would be the main for all of these Pavio Beds. If you want a bed to last a decade or more then buy-all-means spend as much as you would like, but for a basic, stylish, mostly comfortable and easy to assemble bedstead, this is a good one.

      Thanks for Reading. © Novabug Also posted on Ciao.co.uk


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