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Rayen Folding Ironing Board

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Brand: Rayon / Type: Ironing Board

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2009 18:36
      Very helpful



      STAY AWAY!!

      I must admit I am not a great fan of ironing. Any review iroing related may be a little bias but I really hope you will take my comments on board with this particular ironing board because I dont just think it's my hatred for ironing that makes me see red when I use this.

      I brought this ironing board because we originally lived in a studio flat and lack of space meant this was the only board for us. At first I was really pleased with it because we got it for half price in Tesco £15 down from £30. I had been eyeing it up for quite some time due to its practicality.

      It came with a standard stripy ironing board cover which was pretty boring and I promised I would update it when I had a spare £15 to buy a specially made ironing board cover for it.

      It was really very heavy and in my pregnant state I chose to steer clear of it until after my baby was born. I didn't really do a lot of ironing myself and it was only really my husband who insisted on everything being ironed to perfection. Im more one of those wear it and let it drop out girls. When I eventually came to use it I was in shock at how stupidly designed it was.

      It was impossible to get up and down without near on chopping your fingers off and the flimsy bit of rubber that held it all together whilst folded away soon snapped which meant that it just fell apart when not supported by itself or something like a door. This lead to many injurys and bruised legs.

      There is nothing to lock it in place so when you are ironing you have to be really careful not to move it too far as it will just fold and collapse also causing accidents. You cannot just move it assembled accross the room as it just collapses.

      It seems really unsteardy and nothing gets ironed properly because I dont want to press down too hard. And although it is really heavy (I cannot emphasise this enough by the way) It just will not stay in place.

      Unfortunately as you can hear I am very disappointed with this ironing board and although it is really easy to store, I usually keep it up for as long as I can for fear of chopping off my fingers putting it down. I would be really disappointed had I paid the full £30 for this and I would really recommend finding the extra space for a proper ironing board.

      This ironing board can be brought in all good home stores and I actually brought my one in Tesco, I wouldnt bother though as it really is a call for DISASTER!!!


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    • Product Details

      This folding Ironing board is designed to provide all the functionality of a conventional ironing board, but while stored way will take 50% less room. So a standard size ironing board is approximately 160 cm, the Folding Ironing board only takes up 80 cm. It has all the standard features that you expect from an ironing board.