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Reflections 2 Door Mirrored Wardrobe

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Brand: Reflections / Type: Wardrobe

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2013 17:41
      Very helpful



      A fantastic wardrobe from the Shop Direct Group.

      Earlier this year I set about some major home renovations. My husband and I have a new home and as it all happened quite quickly I ended up purchasing a load of furniture that then had to be moved again just a short while later! I purchased black, white and mirrored furniture for my bedroom and this has been used in two different rooms in just a few short months. I purchased items from the 'Reflections' range that matched and I purchased a pair of bedside cabinets, a chest of drawers and a pair of mirrored wardrobes. I believe I decided on the wardrobes I liked first and then chose some matching items to go with them before completing my purchase. I purchased a pair of wardrobes, 2 door ones, from the Woolworths website for approximately £146.25 per wardrobe which is a fantastic saving against the usual selling price of £250.00 each. I paid £162.50 and saved a further 10% on each wardrobe by opening a credit account and becoming a new customer which I was able to settle within just one day of placing my order.

      I received my wardrobes, and other items, within just 5 days of placing my order. This was fantastic as my order was placed over the Christmas bank holiday period and as such I expected a large delay. My items arrived flat packed and were delivered up 3 floors, and 48 steps, by the 2 delivery men. The wardrobes were packaged each within 2 boxes, one for the doors and one for the framework of the wardrobe. Now it isn't listed on the website but if I remember correctly it was approximately 33kg for each wardrobe, over the 2 boxes, with 11kg being the 2 doors for each wardrobe. Within the box each piece had a numbered sticker on it with a detailed instruction booklet provided. The instruction booklet made it very simple for my husband and I to check that all pieces were included, which they were in both boxes, and the parts required (screws, dowels, glue etc) were included in a box with individual packets for each item making it very simple to lay out the parts on a tray and see what was needed when. The instructions were fantastic with detailed diagrams making it clear if I was looking at the left or right side of a piece of wood as per the fittings required. Each piece for building the wardrobe was protected by a mixture of tissue paper, cardboard and polystyrene with the packaging being done fantastically well to ensure that pieces were not rubbing against each other in transit or damaged if the box itself was damaged (which one of them was slightly).

      There were lots of pieces required such as cam locks, screws, wooden dowels, glue and other parts such as the hanging rail for each wardrobe and the pieces to hold the hanging rail in place. Each of these were easy to identify and I was able to rip out the parts page from the instruction booklet and lay each of the parts out in the alphabetised order that they were detailed. This made it very simple to check that all parts had the correct quantity before beginning the build.

      The instruction booklet was very simple to understand with the detailed diagrams I have already mentioned. It stated either 1.5 hours or 2 hours per wardrobe and we exceeded both times by working together (it advised this time for 2 people) and by building the frames up together so we knew what we were working on at any one time. I found it very simple to organise all the parts in the order that we were going to need them for each wardrobe. We built the wardrobes in our bedroom, after moving out some of the old furniture, and this was simple considering we were in the process of moving lots of things in our home, replacing lots of furniture and generally just strapped for space. We were able to build the outer frame for the wardrobe with ease, fitting the handrail in place and even a shelf at the top of the wardrobe which is very strong and holds lots of boxes full of wedding items, photographs and other sentimental items in both wardrobes. It took us approximately 50 minutes to build each frame and this was quite reasonable considering my husband and I get a little stressed at one another when we are building items together. When it came to hanging the doors this was a little more difficult. Now the instructions had perfect details as to how to adjust the hinges of each door (of which there were 4) horizontal and vertical but my husband and I just seemed to struggle. The doors are off the floor, by about 4 or 5 inches, so my husband held them while I stood up on a stepladder to work on the individual hinges 1 at a time. Now it did take us a good 10-15 minutes per 1 door so this meant that our total build time for the 2 wardrobes was approximately 2 1/2 hours but this feels reasonable for the size of these wardrobes and their strength and quality too. The wardrobe doors have been hung evenly, they look equal and they do not scrape one another when being opened or closed. The left hand door on each wardrobe has a large curved handle that allows the door to be opened. Now this should mean that you have to open the left door first but I find that my husband (even with his big hands) and myself are able to open the right door as well without using the handle.

      This wardrobe was very simple to build, even with the door hanging process. My husband and I barely raised a temper building this, which is unusual when we build things, and overall we were both really pleased with the end results. The wardrobes are 200cm high, 81cm wide and 52cm deep, this is ideal for us as it is about 25-30cm of shelf space, 155-160cm of shelf space and the small amount of space that is lost by having a bottom on the inside of the wardrobe. This really is suitable for us and the hanging rail holds a vast array of clothes, with the wardrobes both being fit to bursting, with no bowing at all of the one rail that runs along the back of each wardrobe.

      The pieces and parts to build this wardrobe were all high quality, the parts were all there and nothing at all let us down during the build. These wardrobes have been built for at least 4 or 5 months now and they have been moved to another home recently, which they survived with no wobbles and no problems at all. There were fastenings provided to secure the wardrobes to the wall but as we have no children or very large pets (yet) we decided not to bother with this for now.

      Overall my husband and I love these wardrobes. They bring light into our home, which is what I wanted really, and because they are neutral colours they are suitable for any theme throughout our home really and they fit in our master bedroom very well. They look solid and of high quality, which they are for the very low price that we paid. The material is not listed for these wardrobes on the website but I feel that the wardrobes are a soft wood with a laminate coating. The glass is all backed by wood to make it strong and sturdy and there is no crookedness to the fixing of the glass onto the wood which would have drove me crazy. The finish is very high and the glass is strong with no damage at all which is great. We have the rail in each wardrobe full to the brim with suits, coats and other heavy items really and it shows no sign of bowing or damage at all. The shelf in each wardrobe is very strong and these too are full to the brim. We even have a few items on the top of the wardrobe (mainly some figurines) and despite the doors being heavy (at approximately 5.5kg each) we are able to shut the doors without knocking over any of the items, although if I really slam one of the doors or bang it closed with my leg or bum I have found that the figurines may wobble very slightly and I have a few panicky seconds, but that is because we haven't fixed the wardrobes to the wall really. It is fair to say that we are pleased with these wardrobes and I feel that they are very deserving of the 5/5 rating that I am giving them. They are tall, much taller than me, but this doesn't stop me reaching the top shelf and my tall husband can put items on the top of the wardrobes for me with no problem.

      To clean the mirrors on these wardrobes, and the other furniture that I have, I tend to use a microfibre cloth to just rub the mirrors over. I have used a handheld steam cleaner a few times and used a window cleaning attachment on it. If I have some stubborn marks, such as marks from my cats, I tend to use some window cleaner and just use kitchen towel which is also effective. These wardrobes can be purchased via the Shop Direct Group with their websites including Littlewoods, Very and Woolworths with differing prices on different websites.


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