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Reflections 5 Drawer Mirrored Chest of Drawers

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Brand: Reflections / Type: Drawer Chest

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2013 19:28
      Very helpful



      A fantastic chest of drawers from the Reflections range.

      A few months ago I set about decorating a bedroom in my home and decided on a white, black and mirrored theme. I purchased mirrored wardrobes, bedside tablets and this mirrored chest of drawers for my black TV to sit on. I chose this particular item online, after reading several product reviews on the Woolworths website, and I paid about £95.00 for my chest of drawers and the usual retail price is £169.00. I bought these in the sale and received a further 10% off for being a new credit customer. This meant that as soon as the first bill arrived I was able to pay the balance off in full knowing that I had saved myself another £150 odd over my whole order.

      I received my item within 5 days of placing my order, despite it being over the New Year period, and this chest of drawers arrived flat packed and survived the journey to my home and being lugged up 48 stairs on one end by myself. Within the flat packed box were the wooden and glass pieces required to build this chest of drawers with each piece being labelled with red and white numbered stickers. There was a detailed instruction booklet provided that allowed me to see, with ease, which way up things went and whether I need to be adding any parts to the left or right side of a piece of wood or wood backed glass. Each piece required was layered between either tissue paper or tissue paper AND polystyrene meaning that all pieces were scratch and damage free when I started building this chest of drawers.

      The parts provided with this chest of drawers included screws, wooden dowels, glue (several little thin pots), cam locks, cam dowels and perhaps some other parts that escape my memory now, although I think I have covered everything. The parts came provided in a wooden box making it easy to find those at the beginning and cross everything off the check list that was at the start of the instruction booklet. I found it simple to lay the parts out, in letter order, on a plastic tray so that I had all the parts I required to hand and was able to be organised and work from the instructions with ease.

      The instruction booklet for this chest of drawers was simple to understand and had a step by step guide for each part that needed to be built. I built the outer shell, put the top on, built the drawers and then fit them in place and this was even more simple for me as I had already built two bedside cabinets that were basically smaller versions of this by the time I came to build this. The instructions were very well laid out and simple to understand too with the numbered pieces and lettered parts fitting together exactly as shown in the diagram with relative ease, even by myself. There were pre-drilled holes on several of the parts and these were correct to the millimetre making this build very simple for me. At no point was I confused when working from the instructions thanks to the well numbered pieces and well layed out parts. The step by step guides literally showed all the numbers and letters required to build that particular step and I had no problems understanding any part of this build what so ever.

      If I remember correctly the instruction booklet stated that it would take two people 1 hour to build this but building this by myself was a breeze and took approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, even with my inquisitive cat in tow! I am sure if two people were building this that it would be built in under one hour, definitely, as one person could work on the shell while one person worked on building the drawers.

      When building this chest of drawers I worked on the outer shell first, putting the runners in place for the drawers to run smoothly once this was built. There were two runners for each drawer, one at either end of the inside of the shell, and there were two pieces to attach to each drawer to ensure that all the parts of the runners fit together properly. The pre-drilled holes were in the perfect place and I made sure that all the screws went in the middle of the holes and were screwed in as straight as possible. There was a small piece of wood that was added to the bottom front of the chest of drawers to finish off the look once the whole thing was built and avoid having an unsightly gap at the bottom of the chest of drawers. This does complete the look and gives the unit an overall symmetrical look, as you can probably see from the photo above. The top was heavy but I managed to add this by myself and it fit in to the pre-cut holes with ease and the top had a protective film on it to keep it looking perfect until I had finished building it, something which I left in place right until I was finished. There were cam dowels and cam locks used to keep the top in place and these worked very well and help to ensure that the top is exactly where it should be and sturdy too, even with my television on top of it. In addition to the cam dowels and cam locks there were some wooden dowels also that I glued in to the top and placed go on the tops of to glue the top on to the unit and just give it an extra bit of support. When building the drawers I obviously had to just repeat the same process five times over building the drawers, slotting the bottoms of the drawers in place and making sure the runners were put in place correctly. The drawers were quite time consuming but they were simple as I had made up smaller versions for the bedside cabinets previously with no problems. With the drawers built this unit was ready and I was able to slot the drawers in to place. The drawers slide in to place with ease, providing you've got them lined up in the runners correctly and not running along the top. I put the fourth drawer in place incorrectly and failed to notice this. As it was about 2am when I was trying to finish this room and get to bed for the night I failed to notice and I pushed the drawer several times, at least three, to try and force it in to place, obviously being glass this was a mistake. I had put the right hand side of the drawer in place incorrectly and when I forced this for the third or fourth time I heard a crunching noise and I had managed to damage the top right hand side of the glass. Now fortunately this didn't crack everywhere and instead I just crunched off a piece that was about 4mm long and 2mm wide so this was barely noticeable and when I showed people my finished room, even if I pointed it out, they stated that the damage was minimal and not noticeable at all. I was able to file the edges of this broken part, even though it wasn't particular sharp, just to ensure that my cats don't harm themselves if they brush past the chest of drawers.

      I'm not 100% sure but this chest of drawers, like the other items in the range, appear to be made from a fairly soft wood that has been finished with a black laminated coating that keeps everything looking and feeling smooth. The material doesn't feel really strong when building this chest of drawers but once in place and once the last of the parts are in place and everything is finished this chest of drawers feels sturdy and is not wobbly at all. The chest of drawers looks and feels fantastic and even after several months of me putting things down on it daily there is not a single scratch. There were fixings provided to secure this to the wall but we haven't bothered with this. Each of the drawers are evenly balanced with mainly Winter clothes and I just make sure that I don't open all of the bottom drawers together just in case there was a tipping issue. I've had no problems with this wobbling, moving or almost tipping over at all and I am very pleased with the quality of this chest of drawers. Obviously a small piece of the glass on one of the drawers is broken but this is my own fault and it wasn't until I really lost my temper and pushed the drawer in place for the third or fourth time that it crunched the glass and caused the damage to occur. Of course by the time I realised my error I had already been too aggressive and managed to damage the drawer. There are details provided on the back of the wood for the back piece that tells me who I can contact if I need to buy replacement parts but as the damage is so small, and completely safe
      now, I have just left it as it is for now, and likely will forever!

      These chest of drawers stand at 109cm high, 70.4cm wide and 39.2cm deep. This is ideal for the bedroom that I have placed it in and it has a 32" TV standing on it, an Xbox (on its side) and a few other bits and bobs with a little bit of room still available at the front for me to stand my hairbrush and other items on. The height is ideal as the TV can be seen comfortably from on top of the double bed in that bedroom, should I choose to watch it.

      Overall I am really pleased with this chest of drawers. The height is perfect and the mirrored drawers add the ideal look to the bedroom. The bedroom is now light, airy and looks fantastic with the addition of this piece and several others in the range.

      With regards to cleaning the mirrors I do this once a week and I use a microfibre cloth, with no cleaning products, and find that this is perfect to remove any fingerprints that guests have left and I just keep the cloth in one of the drawers of one of the bedside cabinets and I just get it out when I nee it.

      I am rating this chest of drawers 5 stars out of 5. I feel that this item is really worth of the 5/5 rating as it was cheap, at just under £100, and it looks fantastic. Lots of light has been added to the room and the furniture looks fantastic, in my opinion. There is no wobble to this chest of drawers and the drawers are deep enough and strong enough to hold jumpers and other items too with ease and without any damage occurring to the bottom of the drawers. I haven't had to attach this to the wall but likely will once we have our own child rather than just nieces and nephews visiting from time to time. I am chuffed with the quality of this item and I would firmly recommend it, just don't be heavy handed when you first put the drawers in place! The runners are smooth and stop the drawers from coming out, even if I pull them right to the end of the runners. I purchased this item, and the other items I own in the 'Reflections' range from Woolworths. I saved 10% for being a new credit account customer and the Reflections range is also usually available from other companies in the Shop Direct Group, including Very and Littlewoods should you want to shop there instead.


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