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Reflections Mirrored Bedside Cabinet

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Brand: Reflections / Type: Bedside Cabinet

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2013 16:11
      Very helpful



      A fantastic bedside cabinet that is strong and sturdy.

      Recently I wanted to decorate a bedroom in my home and I had decided on a white, black and mirrored look. This, naturally, involved me purchasing mirrored wardrobes, bedside tables and a mirrored chest of drawers also on which my black TV stands. I made my selections online, based partially on reviews, partially on my budget and also based on suggestions from my Mum and my best friend. I decided on the 'Reflections' range that is available from Shop Direct, which includes Very, Littlewoods & Woolworths.

      I paid £49 for each of my two bedside cabinets on sale from £79.00 and then I saved a further 10% by being a new member making these cabinets £44.10 which I considered to be an absolute bargain. This payment included delivery which overall on my order was free also thanks to another promotion.

      This cabinet was delivered flat pack and even survived when the box ripped from where the 'handle' that I had made was and it bounced down 12 of the steps that lead up to my home. Within the box there are the pieces of wood/glass required to build this cabinet. All of the wood and glass sections are labelled with white stickers with red numbers on them. There is an instruction booklet provided as well as a box that contains all of the parts that you will need to build these cabinets.

      Parts: The parts provided include screws, wooden dowels, glue, cam locks, cam dowels, and any other relevant parts needed for the specific flat pack that I was building. Each of the parts is provided in a separate bag and on the instruction booklets there are letters indicating which parts are which and I found it easy to identify them and lay them out in letter order on a plastic tray to keep them to hand and well organised.

      Instructions: On the instruction booklet there was step by step guides for each of the relevant parts from building the outer shell, putting the top on, building the drawers, fitting them in place and installing the drawer runners. Each of the instruction parts was well laid out and simple to understand with the numbers from the pieces of wood and glass and the letters for the relevant parts simple to see and understand. As well as showing the letters for the parts it also showed diagrams of any pre-drilled holes so I could see exactly which part went where which meant that I was not worried or confused at all while building this. Each of the parts required also had a number next to it that allowed me to see how many pieces of each part I required which was very useful too.

      All of the parts were layered between polystyrene or tissue paper depending on their weight/shape etc and all of the parts were in pristine condition with absolutely no damage at all to them. This pleased me immensely as I've been unlucky with flat pack in the past and really was taking a bit of a gamble buying this stuff from Woolworths.

      When it came to building this bedside cabinet I believe that the booklet said it would take 0.5 hours and it actually took around one hour but I was building this myself with an inquisitive cat in tow who kept trying to move the parts and even climbed inside the shell of the bedside cabinet on more than one occasion. I felt that if two people were building this, as the instructions for all the reflections products I've built have said, then it would definitely be done in 30 minutes or less.

      To build this cabinet I put the runners in place first for the drawers and obviously there were two runners for each drawer and two pieces to attach to each drawer also that fit in to the runners. These were simple to fit and the holes were already pre-drilled for them too. Once I had fitted the runners to the sides I attached these to the back of the drawer unit. I then placed a small piece to the bottom front of the drawers to complete the look of this cabinet and then the heavy top was added. Most of these pieces required cam dowels and cam locks to ensure that the pieces fitted together snugly and there were also some wooden dowels that were required to be glued in to place. I was able to glue them in to place and continue building straight away and this did not affect the strength of the build at all. All of the pieces felt strong and of reasonably good quality and the top in particular felt strong and of very good quality. This reassured me as obviously the top is where I have placed a lamp and other nick nacks. When it came to building the drawers the two of them took more time than the whole frame of the cabinet but they were still simple. The front were fitted on before the drawer runner pieces were fitted which initially I thought was a little weird but I still managed to add these parts on with ease. Once the drawers were ready they just slotted in to place and then the cabinet was finished. Now on the instructions I do recall it saying to build this product near where you are installing it but I could have imagined that. There was also an option to attach the cabinet to a wall but as it is so short I decided not to. The drawers slide in place in and out with ease and as I was initially careful putting them in place they run evenly and the drawer runners and sliders and in place perfectly too thanks to the pre-drilled holes which are fantastically well placed to the millimetre. The glass on these cabinets is several millimetres thick and of the same quality of the other pieces of furniture in this range too. I have found that if you do break it, as I have one drawer on my chest of drawers, that a small piece just chips off and it was simple for me to smooth off the edges with a file to ensure that the chest of drawers stayed functional and wasn't dangerous to babies or my pets.

      It is difficult to say exactly what these cabinets are made of but I believe it to be a fairly soft wood that has been finished with a black laminated coating that keeps it smooth and protected. It isn't the strongest material ever, however once built the cabinet is very sturdy and strong and I can put lots on the top of it without worrying about damaging it at all.

      With regards to the dimensions they are 48cm high, 37.5cm wide and 39.2cm deep. This makes these beside cabinets a little shorter than the ones that I had previously but they were cheap and horrible looking and I wasn't so worried about the height really as long as they were strong, sturdy and looked nice. Check, check and check in that case!

      With regards to the final product I am really pleased with it. These cabinets have been in place for three months or so now and they don't have a scratch on them. Coasters are used when placing drinks on them which keeps it from getting water marks on it and even though bowls, ornaments and other bits and bobs have been placed on the top of the cabinet there are no scratches.

      To clean the glass I just use a microfibre cloth and I don't even need to use any products. I then use that cloth to buff the top of the cabinet and I am able to clean the whole thing with no products which is ideal as it means that I can keep the cloth in one of the drawers and just get it out when needed.

      I am giving this bedside cabinet 5 out of 5. This review is based on building two separate cabinets and both of them were simple to build and put in place. They are not wobbly at all, despite not being attached to a wall, and they look fantastic. These cabinets, along with the other mirrored items I have purchased, allow the room to be filled with light and to look spacious and airy when it isn't a huge room. I have been very pleased with the quality of these bedside cabinets, they were easy to build, easy to place and the two drawers are deep enough to house numerous items include hair straighteners, rollers, a hair dryer, hair tongs and several other items all in one drawer. I would definitely recommend this bedside cabinet and while is it not currently as cheap as I found them they are still reasonably priced and as well as finding them on the Woolworths website they are normally on the Very and Littlewoods website also, with varying prices, and there is often 10% available for new customers.


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