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2 Reviews
  • Modern and Stylish
  • Long lasting
  • Seems to attract dust
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    2 Reviews
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      30.10.2014 13:36
      Very helpful
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      • "Long lasting"
      • "Good price"
      • "Modern and Stylish"


      • "Seems to attract dust"

      A godo study stand which looks nice and modern

      The TV stand can withstand a maximum weight of 60kg and is suitable for TV's up to 42inch. The dimensions are 48cm(h) x 105cm(w) x 45cm(d), towards the back of the stand, the edges are cut in so that the stand will fit nicely into a corner of the room rather than flat against the wall.

      The design of the stand is very simple, it consists of three glossy black glass shelves which are made from toughened safety glass. Each shelf is separated by silver chrome effect pillars. I would say that the look of the stand is very simple, modern and one which I really like. Despite the fact that this was free, the unit does have quite an expensive look to it.

      I must say that the stand when loaded with the TV on top is quite heavy and very hard to move around so I would say, make sure you have the TV in the right place as you will definitely require two people to move it around.

      This TV stand is the perfect size for a 42inch television, the edges of the tv sit inline with the edge of the stand. The fact that the stand is black means that it fits in well with the decor of our living room and also matches the trim of our television.
      The shelves on the stand are quite deep and allow plenty of room for other electrical items to be stored, we currently have two games consoles, blu-ray player and two Sky boxes sitting on them and there is still plenty of room for other items to be placed underneath.
      Although the stand has a supporting column at the back which has holes cut in where the wires can be thread through, the rest of the back is open and I do find that the wires can look a little unsightly. We have a number of electrical items on the stand so there seems to be hundreds of wires (this could be an issue with the hubby not being tidied up properly though). The positive note about the stand being backless is that all the other electrical items can 'breathe easily' and I don't have to worry about them overheating.

      Within one day of giving it a dust down, it looks like it hasn't been touched in a week - the stand seems to attract more dust than the rest of the furniture in the same room

      I actually received this as a freebie when we purchased our plasma TV several years ago however this can be purchased from Currys priced at 80pounds

      I would definitely recommend this TV, the price is good and its really quite durable, even with the cleaning issue, I would still give this 5 out of 5 stars.


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        28.08.2008 15:21
        Very helpful



        Great with a Samsung television.

        After purchasing my Samsung television I realised I would need a new stand to place it on, with all the extra pieces such as a DVD players, games console and Virgin Media box I needed a unit that would be suitable to hold all these items and at the same time not take up too much space. We also have our TV in the corner of the room to utilise the space we have, therefore a corner unit was crucial. After a few hours researching on the net I discovered the Serano SC500B. It is in fact a corner unit, with 3 glass shelves and silver legs, the stand immediately drew my attention and I knew it would look great with my black glossy television.

        I personally purchased the stand from Dixons for £70 which was the cheapest I could find at the time, the stand arrived in a good looking and professionally made box. The box was colourful and bright and had a picture of the unit on the front. The box was solidly put together and was held together by industrial glue and large staples. I would like to point out there is a small safety risk there, although the staples are well embedded in the packaging they may well come lose upon opening. Another warning I would point out is the weight of the box, it weighs around 20kg and shouldn't be lifted by one person, and you could definitely cause yourself an injury and quite easily drop the stand.

        Inside there was a thick layer of polystyrene covering the glass shelves and plastic wrapped around all of the silver legs to protect them from being scratched? The small parts such as the screws were securely fastened in small plastic bags tucked neatly inside a small cardboard box in the corner.

        The instructions were very clear and straightforward, although I would like to point out a mistake that I made quite early on. Although the instructions don't state it very clearly you are in fact building the unit upside down, so make sure the shelves are the wrong way up to start with. At the end you turn the unit over and it all makes sense, I got half way through and realised the glass was the wrong way up...The build apart from that is fairly straightforward, the only difficult times when you may need more than one person is when you insert the glass panes over the metal rods. The glass is very heavy (toughened safety glass) and it can be a bit tricky to get the 4 rods into the small holes.

        Once you turn the unit over however (two people advised) it does look very smart, the silver legs look brilliant against the dark black glass and it gives it an expensive look. The stand works extremely well with the Samsung televisions and look like they were actually designed for them specifically. The three glass shelves are both wide and deep and will easily hold two pieces of equipment each, maybe even three. The exact measurements of the unit are 530 x 800 x 450mm and it will easily hold a 32" television. The maximum weight the unit will hold is 120kg, and considering my 26" television only weighs 20kg I should assume a 37" could quite easily be squeezed on. The only reason I would refrain from doing this is if the unit was in a vulnerable position, the TV will be wider than the unit and it could get nudged.

        I would like to point to all the clean freaks out there that the stand is a dust magnet, I have to clean the unit every few days or so to ensure it remains clean, and the fact that the glass is black doesn't help. There are also small stickers attached to each pane of glass which I advise you do not attempt to scratch off, use some warm water and slowly wipe it down until they become loose.
        Another feature I like about the stand is the wire tidy parts located at the rear of the unit, they not only hold all your wires into place but also act as a barrier to keep any other wires you have behind there from view. I would also like to mention that when building the television you should place these on upside down also.

        Overall I think the Serano SC500B is brilliant and looks far more expensive than it cost, it has shown no sign of struggling with the weight I have placed on it and isn't too deep that it will stick out into the middle of your room. It can still be purchased from PC World for a reasonable price and can often be found within TV packages from Dixons.co.uk.

        Scores -

        Appearance - 9/10
        Price - 9/10
        Functionality - 9/10
        Assembly - 8/10


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      • Product Details

        Corner Stand with silver legs and three glass shelves. Ideal for flat panel TV up to 37.

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