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Sleepmasters Memphis Bed

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Brand: Sleepmasters / Type: Bed

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2011 22:40
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      I love this bed!

      Earlier this year, my boyfriend and I decided we needed to get a new bed . Now, we've been together almost three years, and in that time we have destroyed two beds, and in fact spent that last six months prior to getting this one sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

      Bed one was a Silentnight Divan - admittedly 5 years old by the time my boyfriend and I started sharing it. After about three weeks of vigorous bed type activity, it decided that a combined weight of 41 stone bouncing up and down on it was a little too much to handle, and part of the frame collapsed.

      Not to be deterred, we purchased a rather nice replacement with a nice scrollwork iron headboard . This bed sadly went the same way as the first after about a year.

      This time we decided to save our pennies, and buy a really nice, really good quality bed. It's taken us over 9 months to save up, and in that time we decided there were a few things we needed from a bed. Despite both of us having now lost weight, we decided this had to be a bed that could stand up to a lot of weight bouncing about on it. We also decided that, with us both being quite large, there would need to be some kind of central supporting leg to stop the middle of the bed from sagging . And lastly, we'd quite like some storage to help us put things away tidily.

      One bed that seemed to fit the bill was this Memphis bed, available from Sleepmasters . We decided to go for the kingsize version, which was advertised on the website at the time as costing 699.95 (reduced from 1399.95) . Those are still the current advertised prices. However, my boyfriend doesn't take advertised prices at face value, and suggested we visit the local Sleepmasters showroom to see if we could get ourselves a bargain . While I blushed red with embarrassment, by boyfriend haggled with the guy in the showroom , mentioning that fact that he was an impoverished student with young mouths to feed, and we eventually ended up paying £650 for the bed together with a Princeton Backcare mattress, with delivery included . The total cost of that package according to instore display prices at the time should have been £1034.90, so as you can see we made a significant saving by haggling. I think it also helped that we sighed disappointedly a lot, said we had to think about it, had a couple of coffees in a nearby cafe and then returned to cheekily haggle a second time .

      We paid for the bed in full at the time, although the store did offer to accept a £50 deposit as long as the balance of the cost was paid two days before delivery . We waited approximated 10 days for delivery, and the delivery guys helpfully lifted the four heavy boxes up our stairs (which turn a corner) and into the room where the bed was to be assembled.

      Assembly was actually pretty easy . There did seem to be a lot of parts, but whilst two man assembly was recommended, for the majority of putting the bed up my job consisted mainly of pairing up bolts and washers ready to had to the fella while he did his manly bit. The one part that really did need some help was fitting the gas lift frame correctly into the base. I would stress however that the sides and ends of the bed are pretty heavy and quite bulky to manouvre, especially as we were actually assembling our bed to fit into a narrow space. The instuctions were very clear, in good english with several helpful diagrams and each part clearly labelled.

      What we ended up with was a gorgeous bed in a dark chocolate brown colour, in a mixture of real and fake leather, that sits low to the floor and has a large concealed storage area beneath. And this bed perfectly matched what we had wanted in a bed - it had plenty of support under the mattress, included two horizontal supports stretching the width of the bed, and three central supporting posts down the middle of the bed . No risk of sagging here!

      The storage area is really quite ample - it is essentially thw whole area covered by the mattress, with a depth of about a foot . Now, sizes and measurements largely mean nothing to me when reading reviews, so to give you an idea in practical terms - after filling up the storage area of this bed I had an empty single width wardrobe, 5 drawer chest of drawers, and 3 foot wide ceiling height bookcase . And still enough room for the spare printer. My bedroom has never looked tidier. The only small issue with the storage area (which unlike many other ottoman beds has a base to stop items just resting on the floor) is that you do need to leave gaps for the three central supporting legs to rest . We found it tricky to guess where the legs would rest at first, until we covered the three legs with chalk, pressed the bed closed to see where the chalk marks, and then made longer lasting marks with nail varnish to make sure we could keep the little gaps clear.

      The gas lift mechanism works really well . The first few times we used it, it was very stiff and made an awful lot of creaking noise, but after about ten days everything seemed to settle into place very nicely and the mechanism works incredibly smoothly and practically silently now. It did come with a handle to attach with which to pull the end of the bed up, but in all honesty we found this handle next to useless, and prefer to lift the bed by simply gently tugging up the frame itself. This can be done one handed or two handed, and even with the weight of the mattress, bedding, and several books on the bed it doesn't feel heavt. I did worry that this might render making the bed in the morning pointless as it would get disturbed every time we had to go into the bed, but actually everything seems to stay in place incredibly well.

      The bed itself is gorgeous to look at - it really is the central feature of the bedroom now, and looks absolutely stunning. The gorgeous deeply padded headboard is a delight for me as an avid reader, as I can sit propped up comfortably with a book. There are some stitch details on the bed, and these are very neat and tidy with no loose threads. The bed is also incredibly comfy to sleep in, although suspect this is most likely down to the mattress as opposed to the bed, although the curved and flexible slats would also contribute.

      Do I have anything bad to say about this bed at all ? Well, I have one minor niggle, which is the fact that if my boyfriend rolls over in his sleep, the bed can be a little creaky , perhaps the mechanism objecting! But that really is a very petty little gripe, and overall I absolutely adore this bed . It has stood up to our weight and our bedroom activities so far with no sign of wear and tear whatsoever, and I've never had a better nights sleep.

      I cannot recommend this bed enough - but I do recommend going into a store and haggling over buying online anyday, as it really could work out worth your time. Had the store not lowered the price, I suspect that, despite the fact that I fell in love with this bed from the first time I saw it, we might have gone for a less expensive, lower quality option. Or perhaps we might have got the nice new bed but kept the old lumpy mattress . Instead, we got the bed, mattress, and delivery for less than the bed's advertised price, and I really can't grumble .


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