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Slumberdown Soft As Silk Pillows

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Brand: Slumberdown / Type: Pillow

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2010 16:01
      Very helpful



      I highly recommend these for comfort and your bank balance!

      Getting a really good night's sleep is one of those wonderful things which, for me, in the last few years has got more difficult. In my youth I would drop off in moments, and have to be woken up in the morning, but years of raising babies, and then listening out for teenagers as they arrived home in the early hours, has made me into a light sleeper, and my husband is too.

      My little Shih Tzu snores away in her Harris Tweed bed by ours within moments of climbing into it, so I think she has found the secret!

      So I have in the last few years made my bed into a sanctuary. I saved up to purchase some pure linen sheets from The White Company which are absolutely wonderful, and I have tried to find the perfect pillow, which until now was not very successful.

      I stayed in the Waverly Hotel in Edinburgh some years ago, and they had pillows there which were so cosy I had the best sleep for years, but when I looked into it I found they were hotel trade only, so that proved fruitless, as otherwise I would have bought these with enthusiasm as they were lovely. It's a pity Travelodges can't find a source of these, as the last few horrid nights I ever spent in these places afforded me the chance to try every kind of uncomfortable pillow in existance-hence I don't stay in them anymore!

      I was given a pure down pillow by my mother which I had high hopes for, but wasn't sure I should use it as it isn't exactly vegetarian, but it was dreadful, and I ended up with a cricked neck for days after as it was so bulky. I even tried some pillows which were lavender scented, these were very pretty with a lilac edge to them, but the lavender scent was so subtle as to be almost non recognisable, and a succession of these from various makes were used and discarded with frequency.

      Then I hit the jackpot and it was amazingly inexpensive! I decided to do some on line investigation to see if I could find some pillows that maybe others were recommending. Various websites now are brilliant in that they allow consumers to place their thoughts on products they have purchased directly underneath them, these then provide an excellent basis on which to make a decision to purchase.

      Asda Direct is a website I had never used before until these last few months and here I found some pillows which seemed to come highly recommended- Slumberdown Soft As Silk Pillows. Now I was no stranger to Slumberdown as I had previously purchased their lavender pillows. Their Soft As Silk pillows retail for £8 for 2, which I thought was a brilliant price, especially as they are washable, though for that price I thought it would be easier to replace them after 12 months, which I always do with pillows, if I am not washing them to keep them fresh.

      Slumberdown are a company with 40 years in the business, and their main factory is in Scotland. I expect these pillows may also be sold in Asda stores, which would save paying postage charges for home delivery.

      These pillows are presented in a lovely zipped bag which makes them ideal to store if, for example, you just wanted some spares to store in the linen cupboard. They are a soft pillow for sure, so if you like a rock hard sleeping support, these are not going to be your ideal choice. This Soft As Silk range also includes duvets as well.

      They are made from poly-cotton,are polyester filled, and are anti- allergy. If you do decide to wash them then they can also be tumble dried, which is of course essential if you are to ensure they are not going to go mouldy as a result of not being aired properly.

      At the moment there are 11 reviews on the Asda website all singing the praises of these pillows and justifiably so. They are simply the best pillows I have ever had the joy of sleeping on. Your head just sinks into this luxuriously soft pillow, which is so cosy it makes sleeping a joy! I have not had the least bit of neck ache since using them over the past few months, and they are as comfortable as the day I purchased them!

      They are so good in fact that I decided to purchase them for my daughter as she is a vet who spends many nights up and down answering the phone, so her sleep patterns are very interrupted. She told me that these pillows are fantastic and she has loved sleeping on them, and was very surprised when I told her the price, as she thought they must have had a luxury price tag to be so comfortable.

      So it is one case where spending a little really has paid dividends, as these are inexpensive little beauties which provide a peaceful place to lay down your head at the end of the day.



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