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Softeeze Microbead Tube Cushion

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Cushion size: appx 40cm x 20cm

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    2 Reviews
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      23.02.2013 20:44
      Very helpful



      soft and squidgy

      When I had a bad back I had to bring a cushion into work so that I had more support in my chair. I could not find a cushion comfortable enough until someone gave me a Softeeze cushion such as this one. The microbeads moulded to the small of my back and it felt very supportive making life at the desk much more comfortable.

      ==Price and availability==

      You can buy the softeze from Amazon and it costs £9.00. So far on Amazon you can buy it in black or pink; the one I was given is black. I am unsure if it comes in other colours.


      The cushion measures 34 cm x 18 cm. The small Tube Cushion is perfect for travelling, cuddling, back support, stress relief or for just relaxing with. The cushion is very soft with the extra material being soft to the touch and slightly stretchy; it is almost like lycra but less pliable. The cushion is filled with thousands of microbeads which you can touch through the fabric. They are like bean bags but much smaller so they mould easier to the contours of your body. The cushion moulds, stretches and squidges into any shape you want. The cushion is machine washable so you can throw it in a machine; this is good as the cover cannot be removed. It would be rather unhygienic to have a cushion where the cushion cannot be washed. The cushion can also be tumble dried. The cushion comes with a carry case cover so you can take it travelling.


      The cushion was perfect for my back troubles as it absorbed a lot of the pressure on my spine and it made sitting in the work chairs much more bearable. The cushion is designed for back stress and pressure and this is the reason why it was given to me. I really like the feel of it, it feels quite relaxing and it is not noisy to lay on like a bean bag is. You can compress it smaller into a backpack if you were going to take it travelling which is also a good point. What I like best through his that you do with it whatever you want, you can balance your meal on it, lay your arm on it, lean on it, and even lay your head on it. It is good for taking on a plane and using as a headrest. I am pleased with the cushion I managed to acquire, my friend said I could keep it once I had got over my back problems; bonus!


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        03.03.2008 12:49
        Very helpful



        The Original Micro-bead filled squishy cushion!

        I'm always trying to find new solutions for my snoring problem, and my latest attempt at decibel reduction has been sleeping with a Softeeze micro-bead cushion.

        First of all, what is a micro-bead cushion? Essentially, it is a cushion filled with tiny plastic beads. These beads make it very squishy and due to their small size, they tend to conform to your body more ably than something made of fibres or feathers will. These cushions are made by a company called Jagabon Trading, and come in many shapes and sizes. The original product is tube shaped, with a synthetic cover that's both stretchy as well as soft.

        So, why did I buy this? When something conforms to your body, it also helps give those areas of your body support and I was looking to get something that would keep my neck well supported. That's why I thought that this cushion would help me with my window rattling. I figured, if my head is held in a straight line with my spine (via neck support), then my airways will be less constricted. With clearer breathing passages, I assumed I could reduce the offensive noises that come from them.

        Alas and alack, this was not totally to be, and I feel that any lessened sound levels I've been able to achieve have probably been due to my losing almost 2 stone and my increased physical activities. However, all is not lost. While this cushion gives me the worst bed-head (meaning: how your hair looks when you wake up in the morning) I've ever experienced, I can't say that this is totally uncomfortable to sleep on. The beads really do support my neck and head nicely and while the synthetic cover is a tad on the slippery side, if I put it inside a case, that sliding sensation is greatly reduced. Of course, it is a great deal smaller than a normal pillow and so there's a good deal of the cover that is left over, but that's not too terrible. Had I a choice, I probably would have liked to have purchased one of these that is the same size as a standard bed cushion to see how that works. Still, I feel that I sleep well with this, but not a great deal better than with a conventional pillow.

        I've also noticed that this feels warmer to the touch than regular cushions which make winter slumber more comfortable. The reason for this is that the filling is made out of recycled plastics - much like those thermal fleece jackets they make these days, so you're also being "green" when you buy one of these. Also, because I never remove the one pair of earrings I wear even at night, I find that this pillow actually keeps my jewellery from jabbing me while I sleep, so that's certainly something in its favour.

        I bought mine through firebox.com and their price of £6.95 seems to be the going rate. I should mention that these are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While they don't seem to sell them in a size for use inside a regular pillow case, they do have "U" shaped ones which are probably ideal for trying to sleep on planes. Even so, I'm convinced that my tube shaped one will still be a great travelling companion in the future, and I hope to test this very soon. All in all, while this hasn't solved my snoring problem, (and to be fair, that wasn't what this pillow was meant to do) I think I still got something pretty good and I'll recommend it but give it only four stars since I don't care much for the cover and how my hair looks like a rat's nest when I wake up.

        Thanks for reading!

        Davida Chazan © March, 2008

        PS: Nar2 correctly asked about cleaning this. According to the label, it is 100% machine washable and dryable, in case you're interested (sorry, I couldn't find an appropriate place to put this inside my review above).

        Technical Stuff:

        As mentioned above, I found these on firebox.com but I've also seen them as well as an imitation product called a "Cushtie" on for £9.95.

        The site of company that makes these can be found at but they only sell from that site to retailers and not individuals. Their contact information is:

        JAGABON Trading Limited
        Studio 2000
        5 Elstree way
        Borehamwood, Herts
        WD6 1SF, England
        Company Reg No: 5497503
        VAT No: 865324219
        Corporate site:
        Telephone: +44 (0) 208 236 236 6
        e-Fax: +44(0) 208 711 38 39


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      • Product Details

        Cushion size: appx 40cm x 20cm

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