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Sound Asleep Pillow

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Brand: Sleep Limited / Type: Pillow

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    7 Reviews
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      25.06.2013 17:55
      Very helpful



      A great product which has really helped me to improve my sleeping pattern!

      I have always had trouble falling asleep, don't know why, just have. I've tried herbal sleeping pills and they just don't work for me, and well I don't like the idea of proper sleeping pills! The only thing that really helps me fall asleep is listening to something, whether it be leaving the tv on or playing some music. I think one of the main causes of this is tinnitus, so if you suffer from that then this could be the product for you! This product is just perfect for me and anyone else who has trouble sleeping.

      The Sound Asleep Pillow is just like any other ordinary pillow; it's comfy, normal sized and soft. However, what the Sound Asleep Pillow has that other pillows do not have is the ability to listen to music whilst you fall asleep. The pillow comes with a detachable wire which you plug one end into the pillow, and the other into a music playing device. Then you can just hit play on whatever you want to listen to and it'll gently play out of the pillow, loud enough for you to hear when you have your head on the pillow, but when you move away from it, you can't hear it. This is great, especially if you are sharing your room with someone else, as they won't be able to hear it, and you can listen to your music to your hearts content with no complaints.

      It is important to ensure that you've placed your phone in a safe place so that if you do accidentally pull on the wire it won't fall or get lost. It's also important to make sure that you haven't got the wire anywhere near your neck; I personally don't think the wire is long enough to strangle you, but just for precautions!

      I really like this pillow because you can take it anywhere, you can use it in the car for long journeys or just when you fancy a nap on the sofa. Just plug your phone/music player in and it's ready to go. You don't need to download any software or change any settings; as soon as it is plugged in, it's ready to use. I also like how this pillow can just be used as a normal pillow if you don't fancy listening to music. You just unplug the wire from the pillow and put it somewhere safe so you don't lose it and voila, it's just a nice comfy pillow!

      I would recommend this pillow to anyone, whether they have trouble sleeping or not! One of the main reasons I have trouble sleeping is because of tinnitus, which is basically a constant ringing in the ears if it's too quiet. Having the pillow playing music quietens down or completely stops the ringing so I find it easier to sleep; so anyone suffering with tinnitus should give this a try, as it's completely worth it! Music lovers should enjoy this product too as well as people who struggle to keep their mind clear whilst they're sleeping. We all do it, as soon as our heads hit the pillow, we think of 101 problems we are having to deal with and just worry and worry. If you have music playing whilst you are trying to sleep, it'll often help you to take your mind off any issues you are having and concentrate more on the music than anything else. Another person this pillow could be useful for is people who live in a noisy area; the speakers are very close to your ears so it may be difficult to hear any noises other than the music!


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        25.02.2012 11:20
        Very helpful



        A comfy pillow with an inbuilt speaker so your favourite tunes can lull you to the land of nod

        "There is only one thing people like that is good for them; a good night's sleep" Edgar Watson Howe

        I've never had any real sleep problems (touchwood), but I do find some noises can interfer with the whole process of getting to sleep - excessive traffic or loud snoring being the worst offenders. This was easily remedied for me by donning a pair of headphones and listening to music. The only problem with this is that I did tend to find my headphone cord would get half wrapped around me in the middle of the night. Similarly I once thrashed about so much in my dreams that I managed to pull the CD player off the bedside unit....and woke up the whole household when said item hit the wooden flooring in the bedroom with loud bang.

        After that I was rather keen on acquiring a Sound Asleep Pillow. After all you can only semi-garrotte yourself in your sleep so many times, making me most keen to try an alternative method of night-time listening. I received my Sound Asleep Pillow as a birthday gift from my parents some four years ago now, and there's a rarely a night when I don't use it. I really do find that my musical pillow sends me off to the Land of Nod quickly and easily.


        I love listening to music - be it on my iPod when I'm out and about, or on my PC when at home plugged into either iTunes or Spotify. However, my partner isn't as keen on my musical tastes as I am. Fine if I was listening to Abba or ELO; I suspect he'd be more than keen. However, I tend to favour more Indie type music, which he finds it infinitely depressing. He can just about tolerate Coldplay or Snow Patrol, but draws the line at Elbow or Athlete. Therefore I need to listen to my music quietly without disturbing him with my doom-along anthems (his words...not mine). Enter stage right...the Sound Asleep Pillow - saviour to giving me a good night's sleep and not disturbing himself with my doom mongering.

        The Sound Asleep Pillow is not just a pillow, but also a sound source. Each pillow contains a tiny built in speaker, which delivers sound through your pillow using a 3.5mm jack and lead which connects to your preferred source of sound. You can hook your pillow up to your iPod, a CD player, a TV or a radio. I prefer to keep my iPod for trips out and about, so I haven't yet needed to try this option. Instead I have my pillow hooked up to my Sanyo Compact Disc Player. This is ideal as my CD player had become more or less redundant after I purchased my iPod. Added to which no one in their right minds wants to be seen out and about carting around a heavy old portable CD player when iPods are so much lighter...not to mention containers of about 99% more music :o)

        The pillow itself is a standard sized one (74cm x 48cm) so there are no worries about finding a pillow case to fit over it. The pillow is stuffed with 550g of 100% polyester hollow fibre filling as well as the speaker, which is well embedded in the filling so you shouldn't be able to feel it. The pillow is covered with a 50% polyester and 50% cotton cover, and once you slip the pillow inside your usual pillow case you cannot tell it apart from any other pillow on the bed. The only slight give-away is the cord that protrudes from the edge of the pillow (which hooks up to your music source), but this can be easily unplugged to make your bed look tidier if you so wish.

        The pillow is very comfy and soft - no different at all to any standard pillow...and using it is simplicity itself. As the speaker is built inside the pillow, the pillow does not require any headphones at all. You plug one end of the lead into the speaker jack and the other end into your iPod / CD player / radio. You press play and you're done. The volume is controlled from your music source, so that may take a bit of adjusting as you get used to it. The pillow will not give out any sound until it is connected to your iPod / CD player and you press the "play" button.

        ~~~ DOES IT WORK? ~~~

        My pillow came packaged in a large plastic bag with plastic handles. The pillow looks just like any other standard pillow, with the only visible difference being the wire coming out of the corner. Some users have complained that the pillow quality looks a bit cheap, but I've been very happy with the quality and softness of mine. I have been using mine for four years now, and it's only just loosing its comfyness and going a little flat.

        I'd say the main beauty of the pillow is that you can listen to your favourite music (or stories, or self-improvement CDs or even the shipping forecast if that floats your boat...groan), without disturbing your fellow sleeper. The volume of the sound is controlled by you from your chosen music source, so if you keep it turned down low enough, you will be the only one to hear the music, allowing your partner to sleep in peace. The upshot is that it's miles more comfortable than trying to listen to music in bed using headphones.

        The sound quality is fairly good. Obviously it's never going to be as clear as a bell as the sound will always be slightly muffled by the pillow's filling. The speaker is pretty basic, but the sound is good enough to hear lyrics clearly, especially if you manage to find the right spot in your pillow just above the speaker. I must say that you do need to keep the volume down fairly low otherwise it may disturb your bed fellow. If a track has a heavy bass line or tinny background beat then they may be able to hear it unless you keep the volume to a minimum.

        However as a relaxant it really does come into its own. When I climb into bed, I choose whichever CD I fancy, slot it into my player, press play and off we go. I find I only get to hear the first couple of tracks before I've drifted away. No disturbing background noises from traffic or my partner snoring reach my ears as they're effectively blocked out by the music. The soothing music sends me sleep quickly and easily and does not disturb my partner at all. I wake up after my full eight hours mostly feeling refreshed and rejuvenated (and ungarrotted by headphone wires).

        ~~~ WHAT'S NOT SO GOOD? ~~~

        Sadly this pillow cannot be washed, only spot cleaned. Therefore over a period of time it's going to get a little stained and marked. Sorry to be graphic, but my four year pillow is rather unsightly to look at, with some unpleasant large yellow stains from where I have sweated into it over years of slumbering. A spot clean is never going to lift some of those larger stubborn yellow patches.

        The pillow was nice and soft when I received it, but 1,400 nights use have rather taken their toll, and the pillow has lost much of its bounce. It's started to go rather flat and squashed and refuses any attempts to fluff it up. It's had a good innings and served me well, but I think my pillow needs to be replaced anytime soon. Four years seems to be the maximum shelf life for this product in my opinion.

        Added to which the flatness of the filling makes the speaker inside more discernible when you are lying on it. Until earlier this year, I could not feel the speaker at all inside my pillow. However, as my pillow is definitely starting to loose its oomph and becoming much flatter, I've noticed that I can feel the speaker at times. It's not a massive problem as I just move my head to a different part of the pillow where it's softer and the speaker is not touching my ear. That said, despite the pillow losing its fluffiness, the speaker inside continues to play as well as ever.

        The volume does need to kept to a minimum otherwise you may get a good night's sleep but your partner won't! There's nothing worse than listening to the tinny beat of someone else's iPod on a train or bus, and that's what your sleeping partner will have to contend with if you don't keep that volume down.

        ~~~ RECOMMENDATION? ~~~

        After four years constant usage, my pillow has been an excellent investment and I thoroughly recommend it. It's ideal for any music lover, those that have difficulty sleeping or those that need to block out outside distractions or noises.

        My pillow has been used almost every night for the last four years, and it's lulled me to sleep quickly and easily almost without exception. On the odd night when I have woken up in the small wee hours, it's great to start the music up again as it soon sends me back off to Sleepyland.

        Although my pillow is definitely on its way out in terms of plumpness and cleanliness, I consider four years service to be excellent value and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product. Four stars from me (with one star lost as it's not a washable product).


        The Sound Asleep Pillow currently retails for £15.00 (plus £5 postage and packing) and it's made by a company called Sleep Limited. You can view this pillow as well as several others in their range at www.soundasleep.co.uk. As well as the Sound Asleep Pillow, they do a Kids Speaker Pillow, a Travel Speaker Pillow and a Memory Foam Speaker Pillow. They have also extended their range to sell Slankets with built in speakers (an all in one blanket with sleeves and a hood) and a Headboard with built in speakers.

        However, you can also buy this pillow at various other online retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, I-Want-One-Of-Those or Pressie Box to name but a few. The price on Amazon is £15.64 with free postage and packing (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Soundasleep-266888-Sound-Asleep -Pillow/dp/B000XS42RQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330164904&sr=8-1), so currently this is a better option than purchasing it direct from Sleep Limited.

        Sleep Limited
        Albany Mill
        Old Hall Street
        M24 1AG.

        Website: www.soundasleeppillow.co.uk
        Email: info@sleeplimited.co.uk
        Telephone: 08708 031325


        * The speaker is built inside the pillow
        * Connects to various music sources such as iPods, MP3 players or CD players
        * Compatible with most radios and some TVs
        * Unobtrusive as you control the volume so as not to disturb anyone else
        * A well padded hollow fibre filling (100% Polyester) for extra neck and head support
        * The wire can be removed for tidiness and/or safety when not in use
        * A standard UK pillow size - 74cm x 48cm (19" x 29")
        * The enclosed lead is approximately 120cm with a 3.5mm stereo plug
        * The pillow cover is 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester
        * Not washable - the pillow can only be spot cleaned
        * Can help people who suffer from Tinnitus by creating distracting background noise

        The pillow is not recommended for use by children under 5 due to risk of strangulation. For safety reasons, your chosen music/sound device should be placed on the floor or a bedside unit next to the bed, and not in the bed with you. You are also recommended to detach the cable from the pillow when not in use (though this is not something I do very often).


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          03.12.2011 12:33
          Very helpful



          Nice for a stocking filler.

          I work late at nights sometimes and can find it hard to drop off. My other half is sometimes asleep when I get back and I like to listen to music as it helps me to relax and get a good night's rest. She bought me a Sound Asleep pillow from an online store and it cost £15.

          This pillow looks just like any other ordinary pillow - same size and same shape etc. However, there is a big difference - this pillow will play you any sort of music you like as you drift off to sleep and it's great. I think it is a little bit gimmicky but what the hell.

          The idea is that you just attach it to your music player and listen to what you want and the sound isn't so lound that it will wake your sleeping partner, so not too obtrusive, just gentle background noise to help you to drift off.

          The downside to this pillow is that it is not washable so it does have a very limited life and that's the only problem I think for this, personally speaking. It is not suitable for children under five or six years of age but we have let the lttle lad use it in his bed a few times and he really loves it and thinks it's a real novelty - which it is!

          It has a polyester filling and cotton outer sleeve and you don't think its any different when you sleep on it and are not affected by the lead and it is very comfortable.

          I would recommend this - good idea for a present.

          Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead.


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            30.01.2011 20:14
            Very helpful



            Great idea that really works!

            The Sound Asleep pillow at first glance looks like any other pillow, it is only on closer inspection you realise there is more to it.

            The pillow has a small speaker fitted inside of the pillow, there is a wire comes out of the side of the pillow which is designed to connect via a 3.5mm stereo plug to music sources such as ipods, mp3 players, cd players and radios. The idea of the pillow is that it provides a personal sound, the person using it lies their head on the pillow and can hear the music (or other audio source) playing through the pillow, it is not intended to be used as a loud speaker.

            The pillow is the size of a standard pillow (48cm x 75cm). The cover is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and has a 100% polyester hollow fibre filling.

            *** *** ***
            Safety guidelines.

            It is not to be used by children under 5 due to strangulation risk
            It is recommended that the playing device attached to the pillow is on the flour or a bedside table whilst playing
            You are advised to detach the cable from the pillow when not in use.

            *** *** ***
            My Experiences With The Product

            Just over a year ago I was suffering with severe back problems and was on a cocktail of prescription drugs whilst waiting for corrective surgery. Whilst the drugs helped greatly with the pain they did have rather a lot of unpleasant side affects, one of which was insomnia. A a result I spent hour after hour every night lying awake bored out of my mind. As I did not want to disturb my husband watching tv or listening to music was out of the question as I obviously didn't want to make any noise and I found headphones so uncomfortable whilst lying down.

            It was during this time a friend suggested I try one of these pillows. I wasn't convinced as to how good this pillow would actually be, it seemed rather gimmicky to me and I did question the quality but decided to give it a try. I ordered my pillow from www.iwantoneofthose.com, I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but they are currently selling for £17.99 or can be picked up on amazon for lower price of £12.59.

            When my pillow arrived a few days later it came packaged in a plastic bag with plastic handles, the packaging almost identical to that of a standard pillow. The pillow itself looked and felt just like a standard pillow, the only visible difference being a wire coming out of one end for which to attach your ipod (or music player of choice). The fabric on the outer of the pillow has quite a cheap look and feel to it but has been well filled and is nice and comfortable to lie on. With a bit of a prod and a poke it is quite easy to locate where the speaker is concealed but once you lie your head on the pillow you can not feel it.

            The pillow simply plugs into the headphone socket of your ipod (or music player of choice), turn player on and lie back and enjoy. I was quite surprised by how good the sound was that came from the pillow, it was much better quality than I had expected. It is a nice clear sound which can be set to the volume of your choosing (using volume control on ipod or music player) . I was initially a little disappointed that you can still hear the sounds from the pillow whilst not lying on it, it is quite a muffled sound but unless you have volume set really low it can still be heard in the room. But my husband assured me that it was fine, that he could hardly hear it and it certainly wasn't loud enough to disturb him. Comfort wise the pillow is really good, it is as comfortable as a standard pillow and much more comfortable than wearing headphones.

            My pillow has been well used since I got it, it was my most treasured possession whilst laid up with back problems, it was used almost constantly over this period which lasted around 3 months. It enabled me to listen to music, audio books and watch tv via my ipod touch day and night without disturbing my husband who although could hear muffled sounds emitting from the pillow was not disturbed by them. Now I am back on my feet I still use my pillow on a regular basis, it has been well used in the year or so I have had it but it is holding up well. The pillow is not machine washable so I have mine in a pillow protector as well as a pillowcase to keep it clean, it's lost a bit of its bounce as all pillows do but is still very comfortable and it will be not need replacing for a good while yet.

            This is a great product which I do not hesitate to recommend.


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              08.02.2010 13:53
              Very helpful



              A soothing and relaxing pillow

              Being a 50 year old grandmother of 10 little ones i am always on the look-out for stress-relieving gadgets and products, so when my daughters bought this Sound Asleep Pillow for me for Xmas i couldn't wait to go to bed to try it out.

              This pillow comes in a standard uk pillow size being 29" across and 19" deep, it is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester with the filling being 100% polyester fibre, and is lovely, soft and comfortable.

              So when it comes to going to bed i dig out my Ipod and choose some very soothing, relaxing music and set that particular album ready. I open the bag to my pillow and inside find the pillow itself and a small lead that connects into my ipod and into a little stereo jack at one corner of the pillow. I then slip the pillow into the pillow case and i am ready to then undress for bed. Once i snuggle down onto my pillow i turn on my ipod and just soothe my way into a lovely deep, relaxing sleep while listening to my music, it is just wonderful and i love it. I wake in the morning feeling totally relaxed and ready to face the day.

              The Features:

              * Speaker built inside the pillow
              * Connects to a music source such as ipods, MP3 players, or CD players
              * Compatible with most radios
              * Listen to your personal sounds that only you can hear
              * Cosy hollow fibre filling for extra comfort and support
              * Removable wire means it's tidy and safe when not in use
              * Standard Uk pillow size - 19" x 29"
              * Lead: 1200mm with 3.5mm stereo plug
              * Cover: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
              * Filling: 100% Polyester Fibre

              The Benefits:

              * A soft and comfortable pillow
              * A soothing and relaxing sleep
              * A distraction from a snoring partner
              * A huge benefit for Tinnitus sufferers or Insomniacs

              These pillows are quite widely available Tesco does them and so does Amazon and various other outlets. Mine apparently came from Prezzybox and the site if you wish to have a look is www.prezziebox.co.uk and they vary in price from about £11.45 from Amazon to about £25.00 at other retailers.

              I would deffinatley recommend this as a lovely, novel gift its something that is a bit different and there is nothing really to not like about it. It really would make a nice present for any age group as its easy to assemble and you cannot feel the speaker inside the pillow whichever way you lie on it. A very nice and unusual gift.


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                09.01.2010 01:40



                A great product - must try if you suffer from tinnitus

                My boyfriend has suffered from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) for years and has tried so many things to help him to get to sleep. The only thing that seemed to work was having an electric fan next to the bed at night...until now. For Christmas this year I bought him a sound pillow along with some sounds of nature CD's and he loves it! I've never known him fall asleep before me but every night since he has started using it he has fallen to sleep first. The Pillow is a very good quality pillow, you cannot tell that the speakers are in there (you cannot feel them) and it does not need a power supply, you simply plug your ipod or mp3 etc (anything with a normal headphone jack) in and drift off to sleep listening to your favourite sounds.
                The only down side to this product is that you can hear the sounds (although not loudly) when laying next to the person listening to the pillow, you have to be careful of the volume but to be honest I enjoy listening to the sounds anyway!


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                01.01.2010 15:06
                Very helpful



                This is a fun, novelty item that fulfills a need you didn't know you had!

                Sound Asleep Pillow

                On Christmas day, opening presents with my family, I was given a large present from my brother in law. He's usually very generous, so I was intrigued as to what it was. When I opened it, it appeared to be a single pillow in a pillow bag. My first thought was what a strange present! Especially as I had recently bought a set of goose down pillows which should last me for years. However, on closer inspection I noticed that this was no ordinary pillow - it was a Sound Asleep Pillow - basically a pillow that has an integral speaker that lets you plug in your IPod (or other MP3 player) to play soothing sounds whilst you sleep! Since I received an IPod for my birthday earlier in this year, this was a lovely, fun present!

                ---The Pillow Quality---

                The pillow itself is of a standard UK pillow size and appears to be of a reasonably high quality. It is hollow fibre filled, with the material being 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Since I personally don't like synthetic pillows in general to sleep on, I've not used it for sleeping, so I can't comment on it for this purpose. However, it is very comfortable to use as a cushion whilst sitting up in bed or on the sofa.

                ---The Speaker---

                The unique selling point of this pillow is the speaker buried somewhere in the pillow (I can't feel where it is, and I have tried to follow the lead inside the pillow) and the MP3 connectivity. At one corner of the pillow is a lead and jack which allows you to connect directly to an MP3 Player. The lead is 124cm long so you can place the MP3 player on your bedside table, or even the floor. I have an IPod and this connected easily to play music. I should point out that an MP3 player is not included with the pillow (although you probably knew that already!)

                The blurb on the packaging states that the pillow is designed to allow you to listen to music personally without disturbing anyone else (or your partner if you're sleeping), avoiding the need to use earphones. As such, there is no volume control on the speaker and you have to use the volume on the playing device. However, even at full volume, the sound is not very loud. The pillow is designed to be like this. However, I would dispute the claim that the sound is only audible to you if you are resting your head on it. When I first tried it out in a room full of family, everyone could hear the music, although it was a very quiet, soft sound. I'm sure that in a quiet bedroom with no background noise, it would definitely be audible to your partner.

                The packaging clearly states that the pillow is not a loud speaker; it is designed for personal use. As such, the sound is not of superior quality. However, it is sufficient for playing music at low volume and is not particularly tinny. As you are unlikely to use this pillow if you want an enhanced listening experience, I don't think that this is a major issue. I use mine to provide a soft background noise whilst reading.

                ---Other Information---

                The MP3 connector lead is located at the corner of the pillow. Therefore, when using it with a standard housewife pillowcase you do need to run the lead back and forth around the flap of the material. This is fine for me, as I don't sleep on the pillow, but it might be a bit annoying if you did. Also, there is a possibility that the lead could get tangled up, especially if you flip your pillow over, or toss and turn whilst you're sleeping.

                Due to the internal speaker, the pillow is not washable at all. This is fine if you don't dribble whilst sleeping or always have a clean head! But if you do, then this limits the life of the pillow.


                Overall, this is a fun, novelty item. If you like to fall asleep whilst listening to music, then it might be the pillow for you! However, there are a few issues with it, such as not being able to wash the pillow or adjust the volume to anything louder than quiet.

                My brother in law bought it from I Want One Of Those, and looking at the website, it is currently advertised for £17.99 (not reduced) which is quite steep for a reasonable quality pillow with a speaker. Doing a quick Google search, it is available reduced at Tesco for £12, which is a better price for a fun gift. A memory foam pillow is also available, although this is more expensive.

                This is definitely more of a novelty item, although it does have a practical use. I think it would also be quite good for subliminally learning a language when you sleep and it would make a great gift for teenagers and people who like to listen to music!


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              • Product Details

                Speaker built inside the pillow that connects to any music source with a removable wire for safety. Cosy hollowfibre filling. Pillow size 19x29”

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