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Sterling Derwent Etienne Snuggler

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Brand: Sterling Furniture / Armchair / Type: Sofa

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2011 14:18
      Very helpful



      Five out of five stars- I love my chair!

      Sterling Derwent Etienne Snuggler

      Since moving into our first ever house earlier last year we have been slowly purchasing nice bits of furniture for various rooms. When we lived in the flat previous to that we never really spent much money or put in a huge amount of effort in to selecting the furniture we had, other than making it look nice. Cheap and cheerful was definitely the theme, because at the time we didn't have the extra money but we also knew that wasn't where we were ultimately going to settle down in. However, since moving into our house (over a year ago now) I wanted to get the house decorated and fully furnished spending that little bit more money on quality pieces of furniture with the hope that they will last us for years to come, while also looking great.

      When we first started our search for furniture we headed to one of my all time favourite stores, Sterling home and furniture store. In the past we have bought other various items from there and always been pleased at the level of service and quality of our purchases. Plus they have a great little cafe on the top floor that serves the nicest cake!

      I have always wanted an oversized armchair that I could snuggle into with a huge mug of hot coffee, a blanket and a fantastically entertaining novel. When I was out with my husband looking for another chair for our living room, something that would match our sofa and just fill the room out while providing a bit more seating, we came across this Derwent Etienne snuggler armchair from Sterling home furniture store.

      The armchair is perfect for one person, I can tuck my legs up, sit with my legs crossed and generally just get very comfy as there is quite a lot of room. Or the armchair is also perfect for two people to snuggle up together hence the name, but you have to like that person because you can only sit snuggled up to them.

      The photo above doesn't really do the chair justice, it makes it look rather dark when it is a much brighter and funkier colour. It has a striped fabric covering with pinky and purple tones, however, although it does look rather feminine I personally don't think that it looks overtly girlie. This chair with its purple and pink tones, doesn't match anything else in our living room. It also doesn't clash either, but it is definitely a focal point. I love it, and I love my husband even more for loving it just because I do. It is definitely one of the more feminine pieces of furniture that we own and more often than not it is the piece of furniture that people comment on. I don't think I could have an entire room decorated in these colours, but the chair does work brilliantly as a comfy seat and as a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral room.

      As well as the chair you also get a separate throw cushion, which feels equally good quality. The throw cushion matches the purple highlights of the chair but has a completely different pattern. I only wish that they had provided two of them instead of just the one, there isn't an option either to buy an additional one.

      The snuggler chair has beautiful hardwood feet, the front two are beautifully decorative with a sort of slight old fashioned rounded look, which contrast nicely with the very modern bright patterned design of the fabric. The back two are of a more simple and functional design, but still in the beautiful dark stained wood.

      When we were buying this the chair, the one that they had in stock for display was exactly the one I wanted. However, there was also a fabric book available to choose a different covering for the chair. There were different patterns as well as different colours available, from memory I believe there was at least ten different options that you could choose from. Therefore, it is great if you like the chair, but are not sure about the purple and pinky tones of the stripped fabric.

      As with all pieces of furniture you have to make an effort to keep them well maintained to keep them looking at their best. I have accidentally spilt some juice on the chair which I cleaned up immediately after and you would never know that I had been so clumsy. We also have two dogs, and even with them occasionally jumping up and generally just being messy the chair still looks as good as new. When we first bought the chair Sterling were also offer a furniture insurance policy that you can take out if you are worried about pets, or anything else prematurely ruining your chair. We didn't take this out so I can't really comment more than merely mentioning that it is always an available option.

      This chair comes with a pretty hefty price tag, Sterling are currently selling it for £879, with a recommended retail price of £1099. Although this is expensive, personally I think that it was worth the money, I love it and it completes my living room as well as bringing a bit of personality and colour to the area. The chair is a high quality piece of furniture and I am sure it is going to be with us for year and years to come.

      As you might suspect from reading this review, I love my chair and from me this snuggler armchair gets the full five out of five stars. Since owning this everyone that has come into our house has commented on it, but I think that is because it really stands out really well in our living room and it just looks so comfy and inviting.

      As a side note - Sterling do deliver your items from the shop straight to whatever room they are intended to. The downside is that they charge a flat rate of £59 whether you live quite a distance away or just around the corner. The one redeeming feature of having such an expensive delivery charge is that regardless of how many items that you are purchasing and whether these will even be delivered at the same time they will still only charge you £59. When we bought this snuggler chair we also bought another few large items (which I have slowly been reviewing) and had two different delivery dates, all of which only cost us £59. If you did just want a smaller set of items then you could always get them to deliver it to the store and then collect your furniture from there, which of course would cost nothing. When they did deliver this chair it was well wrapped up and they did remove and take away all the packaging and put the feet on the chair, and of course they arranged it where I wanted it placed.


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