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Sterling Royal Oak Nest Of Tables

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Brand: Sterling Furniture / Type: Table

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2011 08:07
      Very helpful



      Five out of five stars

      Sterling Royal Oak Nest of Tables

      Since moving into our first ever house earlier last year we have been slowly purchasing nice bits of furniture for various rooms. When we lived in the flat previous to that we never really spent much money or put in a huge amount of effort in to selecting the furniture we had, other than making it look nice. At the time we didn't have the money but also we knew that wasn't where we were ultimately going to settle down in. However, I wanted to get the house decorated and fully furnished spending that little more on quality pieces of furniture with the hope that they will last us for years to come. Both my husband and I prefer nice wooden chunky furniture that looks stylish but is also practical and easy to use.

      When we first started our search for furniture we headed to one of my all time favourite stores, Sterling home and furniture store. In the past we have bought other various items from there and always been pleased at the level of service and quality of our purchases. Among other items I was specifically on the lookout for a nest of tables to sit at the side of our sofa to use as a convenient side table, but also as a space large enough to leave a few coasters, remote controls and other small items such as tissues. Really all the things that I could keep on a coffee table but prefer to have them slightly more out of the way.

      Sterling Furniture store has quite a large selection of tables, which are all spread out around quite a large floor space and right from the start this set of Royal Oak tables caught my attention. They also quickly became the ones that all the other tables we looked at were measured up against. The sales assistant was also nice enough to let us carry around the smallest table from the nest of tables to compare to some of the other ones we like and to some of the other bits and pieces of furniture that we were considering buying. Personally, I think that one of the main reasons that I continue to go back time and time again to Sterling is that the sales staff are always helpful, usually easy to find and thankfully never pushy. I can't stand feeling like I am being given a hard sell or not enough time to think or discuss any large purchases over, but this has never been the case here.

      The tables are made from solid oak with an oiled oak finish, they look quite rustic and importantly these tables even the smallest feels solid. I knew I liked these tables from the moment I saw them. Thankfully, the tables are also delivered how you view them in the store and there is no home assembly to worry about. All three of the tables deliver the same level of great quality and it is often really useful to have the extra table space for parties or when you just have a few friends over.

      If you are interested the specific measurements for the tables are;
      Small Table: H 39 x W 38 x D 38 cm
      Medium Table: H 46 x W 47 x D 38 cm
      Large Table: H 53 x W 56 x D 38 cm

      If I am being really picky then I would maybe point out that because of the design of the tables it can be slightly harder to clean. Each of the corners is made up of the corner leg, so there is a small cut out in the wood and the top isn't a completely solid square, which can cause dust to accumulate in the grooves. Personally, I just use a cotton bud to get in there and give it a clean out. However, when we were shopping for this my husband's parents came down to join us for a cup of tea and a quick look, my mother in law would have been put off the set of tables for this reason. Personally, I just don't see it as any major problem, but in fact I rather like it as a design feature, which makes it look a bit more unique.

      As you might expect from a solid oak quality piece of furniture this was not a cheap purchase. Sterling are currently selling the nest of tables for £179 (as a promotional price) with the recommend retail value of £279. For £179 you do get three individual tables that all fit securely together to make up a rather attractive nest of tables. This nest of tables are available to purchase online as well as in the store, personally I would find it hard to get a proper feel for this kind of item of furniture without being allowed to touch it or pick it up first.

      As with the majority of wooden furniture you need to be careful with its upkeep and wipe up any spills as soon as they happen, I have had these tables now for a good few months and really they look exactly like the day they arrived. Although these were an expensive purchase I don't doubt that they will serve us well for years and years to come. Personally for us and our home I think that they were worth every penny.

      Personally, I prefer a room full of furniture that doesn't quite match. We have lovely chunky wooden pieces that are all from different ranges. However, if you do prefer a set that matches (as most people that I know do) and you like the look of this nest of tables then there is a coffee table, lamp table and TV/audio unit available as well as some other smaller items such as a royal oak wall mirror.

      When the nest of tables arrived I was pleased that everything had been securely wrapped up. The nest of tables had been placed in a box with bubble wrap but they had also been placed in a box that had been structured with a solid wooden square cut out at both the top and bottom of the box. Ensuring that they couldn't move around and wouldn't get damaged if anything was placed on the box and meaning that the wooden legs were raised off the ground, which was good considering it was pouring down with rain on the day that they did all arrive.

      As you might expect from having read the review, I love this Royal Oak nest of tables and I have been more than happy with them since the day they first arrived. Therefore, I think it is only fair that they get a full five out of five star rating. They are a beautifully made quality set of tables that I am sure will be in our home for many years to come and personally I doubt that I could have found ones that I liked more.

      As a side note - Sterling do deliver your items from the shop straight to whatever room they are intended to. The downside is that they charge a flat rate of £59 whether you live quite a distance away or just around the corner. The one redeeming feature of having such an expensive delivery charge is that regardless of how many items that you are purchasing and whether these will even be delivered at the same time they will still only charge you £59. When we bought this nest of tables we also bought another few large items and had two different delivery dates, all of which only cost us £59. If you did just want a smaller set of items like this nest of tables then you could always get them to deliver it to the store and then collect them from there, which of course would cost nothing.


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