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Tesco Double Air Bed with Pump

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4 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Bed

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    4 Reviews
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      10.04.2013 11:02
      Very helpful



      A great guest or camping bed

      **What is it?**

      This Tesco Double Air Bed is a bed as used for camping (in larger tents, of course!) and for guests. It isn't a blow up bed proper (if you've ever seen the full sized blow up beds which come to about thigh height and can be dressed like an actual bed), it is more of a blow up mattress really.

      I bought mine because even with a spare room with a double bed in it, when my in laws come to stay there isn't enough bed space, so we got the Tesco Double Air Bed with Pump so we can convert the lounge into a spare room without too much inconvenience.

      **Price and Availability**

      The Tesco Double Air Bed with Pump is available exclusively in larger Tesco Stores and via the Tesco Direct online / catalogue service with click and collect for free in all stores and an optional postage and packaging charge should you wish to have it delivered.

      One good point is that there are often vouchers floating around the internet, usually £10 off a £50 spend or 1000 extra Clubcard points and so on - as Tesco says, every little helps!

      I paid £15 for my Tesco Double Air Bed with Pump, this was on a half price offer down from £30 (which in itself is very reasonable for a decent quality double air bed with pump), which I thought an absolute bargain. So if you're not desperately in need of one then wait for the sales because it does go half price often.

      **What's in the Box**

      In the cardboard box you get:

      The Air Bed (folded into quarters)
      A soft cover
      Instructional leaflet
      The pump (foot operated)

      **The Bed**

      The Tesco Double Air Bed looks nice, it is just about a standard double size (if my bedding is anything to go by) and it comes in a light navy blue colour. Rather than be a sharp cold plastic it has a soft flocked finish to it meaning you can sleep on it directly if you need to / want to but I always use a cover, for hygiene also.

      Pumping it up is a doddle, just attached the supplied hose from the outlet of the foot pump and - well, pump! It takes about 20 - 30 minutes of vigorous pumping, we took it in turns, so if you can, I'd invest the £10 or so for a decent electric pump (unless you want legs like an Olymipian ;) ). It pumps up well and feels nice and firm when the stopper is placed.

      In terms of a good night's sleep.. well, all reports are excellent. The air bed is comfortable for one (in the middle) or two people, and bedding fits on it well and thanks to the flocked finish, doesn't creep about. If camping, it keeps you warm and comfortable away from the cold ground and when indoors provides an excellent extra bed.


      Yes, I highly recommend Tesco Double Air Bed, especially if you're lucky enough to get it at half price. Even at full price it's an excellent air bed which I can't find any fault with even on over 2 years of occasional use.

      I will give the Tesco Double Air Bed 5 stars out of 5, if you're looking for an affordable, good quality occasonal air bed which won't give your guests back ache (or pneumonia!) then go for this.


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      22.05.2012 14:11
      Very helpful



      a great value air bed!

      I am a huge fan of camping and tend to go a lot during the summer, I have a large tent with three sections that are all large enough to fit double beds in! Last year after summer tesco had a lot of these on sale at only half price! I was delighted as I had debated if I should get one for ages as they were a good price when at there full RRP. I am so glad that I bought this and I will explain why a little later. I ended up buying 2 as they were to a very high quality and much better than I expected!


      I paid £14.99 each for these on a half price sale, They usually are roughly £30.00. This is a good price for an airbed and pump. Other stores and places had these at a much higher price, so was happy with the price that I paid.


      You simply blow these up with the pump, the end is easy to take off and to secure the pump. Its easy to inflate, once you have inflated it to a level you are happy with you are ready to try it. I have it quite firm as I find this to be the most comfortable way of lying on them. The first night I slept on this was brilliant, slept straight through and didnt have a bad back which I do tend to suffer with when camping. My girlfriend also said it was nice to sleep on! These are fantastic, they make camping much nicer if you have trouble sleepin on your usual camp bed.

      Other uses?:

      I also use these camp beds for when friends or family come to stay! often my house can be very full and we need extra places for people to sleep, these are great because when stored they take up a very little amount of space.They are easy to inflate indoors and guests will be able to sleep on them!


      I really like my camp beds! They have lasted a year and always hold the air in them over night. There are no holes in them yet and I always can sleep well. The quality of them is very high and I would recommend that you give them a try if you are thinking of camping this summer and want something to sleep well on, These get 5 stars from me as I have had no problems to report as of yet :)



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      25.06.2011 21:24
      Very helpful




      Last year we were having some work done in the house so for various reasons had no bed. After a few days of sleeping on the floor we decided to buy an airbed. We made this snap decisuon while shopping at tescos.Whilst browsing through the catalogue this was the cheapest and best looking for 35 pound.

      It came in an average sized box all crunched together.I had never used an airbed before so had no experience blowing one up. THe best feature is its inbuilt pump.To inflate simply lay the brd out flat,unwind the plug from inside the bed. Then plug it in turn the round switch to inflate and hay presto!IT inflates in around two minutes.
      When inflated the bed is a small double perfect for to average sized people.

      It is made from grey plastic with a grey velvet type material ontop to stop any sheets or blanket slipping.It is very comfy to lie on soft but firm. After a few days it slowly looses some air but its very simple to plug in and blow up again.
      To deflate plug in and switch to deflate.

      Great for camping guests or rveryday use.


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      26.05.2011 22:16
      Very helpful



      see review x

      I purchased this air bed for when I go camping, I know camping you re supposed to be sleeping rough, but I do need a little comfort for me and my kids while I am there. So I popped to tesco and bought one one of these for £28.99.

      What came with it

      With the airbed also came an electric pump, which to be honest I did never use as I already had a really good electric pump that fit the airbed, so I always used that one, the fact it does come with its own pump though if you don't already have one, as it would take quite a bit of pumping up using the mouth and saves money buying a new pump also.


      The bed is very comfortable to sleep on, although I do always have a sleeping bag underneath and a sleeping bag on top. The reason I have the sleeping bag underneath is not because its uncomfortable without it, but I just don't like the feel of a mattress like material on my body, I just find it more comfortable like this, although I would not say you have to do this, its just the way I am.

      I have always had a good nights sleep when I have slept on this bed, and it is big enough for I would say 2 adult, or 1 adult plus 2 children, as I sleep on this with my 2 children and there is always more than enough room without me getting pushed off. They also always seem to have a good nights sleep on this too, to me it just feels like you are sleeping on a normal mattress except it does dip in a little bit.


      I have had this for just over a year now and it has lasted so far there have been no problems with it, no rips or tears, although I have had an airbed that has had a tear in it before and a bicycle repair kit would fix it, but so far I have not had this problem.

      My kids have jumped all over this and still it is in one piece, and still stays blown up. I will say though after it has been blown up for a few days it does tend to deflate a little, it is still inflated but not as much so you will tend to sink into the airbed. All that needs to be done is a little more air putting into it to pump it back up again, then it will be ok for another few days.

      My overall opinion

      There is really nothing bad I can say about this airbed, it does the job it is supposed to do and lasts with no rips or tears, so the material must be pretty good quality withstanding my children loll. Its comfortable to sleep on and I would never go camping without it, so I would recommend this to anyone who likes a little bit of comfort when camping, or even just when you have a friend staying over and they have no where to sleep. It only takes about 5 minutes to inflate, so its quick to put up although it does take longer to deflate it, but its still a great thing to have.


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