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Tidy Books Alaphabet Bookcase

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Brand: Tidy Books / Type: Bookcase

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    1 Review
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      31.12.2010 17:47
      Very helpful



      Learn to read and enjoy books with ..... Tidy books!!

      During the last couple of months my daughter has moved from her small nursery room into a larger bedroom beautifully decorated like a princess's palace. Along with moving my daughter into her new room we had to move her furniture and with her nursery being 3 times smaller than the new bedroom we had to buy some new furniture to fill in the spaces. One item of furniture that I had my eye of for a particularly long time was the tidy books alphabet book case. The book case costs between £100 -£120 depending on where it is bought from and also the colour you choose. The cheapest place I have seen it is on eBay, selling for £100 but I bought mine from mother care for £110 and I have seen the same one in toys r us for £120. The prices really do vary from place to place. It is quite expensive for a child's book case but I just thought it was such a good design in every possible way I just had to buy it.

      The book case is currently available to buy in 4 different colours; Natural - such as shown in the picture above, White, Pink and blue. We bough ours in white to go with her bedroom but all of the cases are the same minus the different colours. The alphabet on all for cases are in multicolour but in my opinion I think it goes better with the white case compared to the others, but the others do still look nice.

      The book case is designed as a space saver due to it being extremely thin but it looks just as good in my daughter's large bedroom. We have created a little book corner surrounding the case with chairs and cushions and rugs, it does look really lovely. The book case measures 155cm in height 77cm in width and 7cm in depth so it is not overly large and just the right height for little ones to be able to reach the top shelf.

      The tidy books book case is designed to hold a total of 85 books all facing forward to easily allow children to see the covers of the books and choose the ones that they want. With conventional book cases all of the books have to be pulled out ( or at least that's what my daughter did!) for children to be able to find the book they want, to do this they may require help or just ask you to find a specific book for them. With this book case children can become more independent. My daughter loves nothing more than being able to choose her own teddy and then 2 books off her book shelf whist mummy waits in bed for her.

      The book case has many learning functions other than the fact that it stores books. My daughter can say the alphabet when following the letters along the shelves and it has also taught her to tidy her books away after herself. Despite her not being much of a domesticated little girl she seems to enjoy putting her books away neatly and seems rather proud of her entire collection. There are four different sections to the book case to store different sized books, despite her trying to jam one or two of the wrong sized books into a compartment it has taught her to categorise in size. With a little help from me in the beginning she is now able to move her books around into compartments that fit their size correctly. My daughter has always loved books but I feel that this book case could actually aid those little ones with no patience for books to take the time to read and enjoy their books.

      The book case comes flat packed but is relatively easy to put together, I did manage to do it alone and I am not much of a DIY person. However I did manage to screw the alphabet planks in the wrong order so I did have to correct that but it is not hard to take apart again. The instruction booklet was easy to follow and gave good, clear instructions of what to do. The book case is actually designed so that the front alphabet panels can be flipped over once your child is too old for them and to keep the book case up to date with the child's age and bedroom style. I think this is a great feature although I have not had to do it yet it gives me good hopes that the book case is going to last several years which is definitely what I would expect for the price. The quality of the bookcase is outstanding it's easy to clean and also very durable, my daughter has tried a few times to remove the little alphabet blocks but they are firmly stuck and won't budge. The case also comes with brackets to attach to the wall, I couldn't comment on the fitting of those however because I didn't do it myself in the fears of pulling the house down! It looks simple though.

      I couldn't recommend this book case enough, It is one of the best designed things I have ever seen and I truly believe it could get any child however stubborn to read books, or at least take an interest in them. I can't find any faults with this case what so ever. It's one of the best loved pieces of furniture in our house!


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