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Homebase Tongue and Groove Toilet Seat

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3 Reviews

Brand: Homebase

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    3 Reviews
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      01.08.2013 20:57
      Very helpful
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      A beaut for your butt.

      ~~~ The Back Story ~~~

      I've always been interested in property, real estate and the community as a civic entity. In the mid 1980s - when I was 15 or 16 years old, I decided to buy my first rental property as soon as I could afford to.

      It took me sometime, and in the interim I lived in shared accommodation and rental properties for many years. Indeed I do so now for some of the time, but that's a whole other story.

      I have had many different landlords over the years. I quickly learned that the nicest were those that seemed to care for the property and understood that their property is the tenant's home.

      Several years ago I bought this white toilet seat for my three bedroom property in Cambridgeshire. I was a live-in landlady; the other two rooms were rented.

      I had realised that spending a few pounds here and there on items that were used by all of us regularly was certainly one way to maintain lodgers.

      ~~~ This Item ~~~

      This toilet seat and lid are made from MDF and covered in a white plasticised paint. The lid is a lovely tongue-and-groove style. The hinges and bolts are zinc alloy.

      They came packaged in a cardboard box, and fitting directions were included.

      ~~~ My Experiences and Thoughts ~~~

      I bought this toilet seat and lid unit from Homebase. I cannot remember the exact price, but I think it was approximately £17. I selected this seat instead of an easier-to-clean plain plastic loo seat as I felt its appearance was more stylish and the seat appeared to be more comfortable.

      The unit was very easy to install. I simply removed the old seat by untwisting the screws attaching it to the toilet, gave the entire toilet unit a good clean, and then screwed the new unit in place. It took less than 10 minutes.

      The toilet seat was very comfortable to use, felt sturdy and and was quite easy to clean. The lid didn't make too loud a noise when being replaced.

      My lodgers and I were all very happy with this seat. It was in use for more than two years before we decided to replace it as the lid was starting to look a little manky and the paint had a few scratch marks...goodness knows how.

      ~~~ Recommended ~~~

      If the style suits then I definitely recommend it.. This is a comfortable and durable enough toilet seat.

      Currently available from Amazon for £20 (August 2013).


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        17.11.2012 22:13
        Very helpful



        A decent toilet seat from Homebase!

        Last year we decorated our bathroom and turned in to to something of a tongue & groove 'paradise'. With blue walls and white edgings and decorations we've managed to turn our bathroom from a boring beige in to something that feels calming and relaxing. We frequently get compliments on our bathroom and when we completed our decorating we didn't even think about a toilet seat as our home was brand new when we moved in and while there was a chip in it (there from when we moved in) it was fine for over a year until one day a guest sat on it (and not a heavy one!) and it suddenly snapped and pinched their bum cheek too! This meant that a new toilet seat was needed promptly and we walked down to our local Homebase and picked this up for around £10.00 in white. This is currently available in store and from the Homebase website for £19.99 in white and for around £40.00 in the same design but made of solid oak.

        This toilet seat is made from MDF and is fitted in the standard manner by placing it on to your toilet cistern and then turning the twisty nut things (no idea what they're called sorry!) and my husband fitted this for me in just a moment or two. I've since undone this once to give the back of the toilet a deep clean after my nephew had a bout of illness just to make sure that every millimetre of the toilet was spotless, even the gaps behind the nuts as he really did a number on my skirting boards and other surfaces and so the whole bathroom needed a deep clean to ensure that I avoided getting ill myself. This is simple to fit and it is easy to tighten the nuts enough to ensure that the toilet seat is nice and secure although do be sure not to over-tighten just in case you cannot get them back off if you should need to replace your toilet seat in the future. The hinges are made from zinc alloy and they open with ease. There is a very small amount of rust on these now which is most likely caused by me spraying toilet cleaner on it and not wiping it all off sufficiently.

        This toilet seat is very sturdy and it has been very simple to clean too. The only minor problem I have had with this is that when I put yellow bleach down the toilet and shut the lid by accident overnight it left the lid with a slight yellow hue to it that hasn't stopped us being able to use it but doesn't look as nice as I'd like the toilet seat to look. The tongue and groove design is simple and looks nice and classic in our bathroom. The ridges are not so deep that they stand out in an obvious manner but they are there so I do have to wipe this seat over quite regularly because of a build up of dust and dirt. I find this simple to clean and I just use my standard toilet cleaner which hasn't caused any damage to it (other than the bleach stain I mentioned already). This looks nice enough in my bathroom and more importantly it is sturdy enough that I do not worry about a guest or myself falling off it or having an accident and also it is very strong and therefore despite getting slammed down sometimes when I am protesting against my husband leaving the toilet seat up it does not have any chips or cracks on it at all. This has been used for around a year, perhaps a little more or less I can't recall exactly, and it is still as good and strong now as it was when it was brand new.

        We have not had to tighten the nuts or anything other than on the occasion when I removed them to clean the bath of the toilet fully and with ease and they tighten up easily afterwards too. I really cannot think of anything bad to say about this toilet seat and as such I am going to give it 5 out of 5 stars because I feel that it is worthy! The tongue and groove pattern on the top of the toilet lid gives it a fantastic look and it fits in very well with my bathroom and likes stylish and classy too.


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          06.10.2011 21:28
          Very helpful



          Good value at current prices.

          I can hardly believe I'm writing about toilet seats now - but, hey, I'm not proud! As this one seems to have turned out so much better than previous ones that we've had, I thought this was worth passing on.

          This seat is one of a range of core MDF products, including some with the distinctive 'Tongue and Groove' design. It was the style of the lid that initially caught our attention, but it's the overall quality and value for money that impressed me.

          ~~A choice of materials~~

          There seems to be a choice of basic materials for toilet seats nowadays: wood, plastic or MDF. This sturdy seat has a core of MDF with a plain white painted finish. Its chromed zinc alloy hinges look reasonable quality too and should resist corrosion.

          We bought it a couple of months ago to replace a plastic one with a fancy pattern originally purchased along with a matching shower curtain. We replaced the curtain some time ago when it started to look somewhat the worse for wear, but we kept the toilet seat for a while as it seemed slightly more awkward to replace. This was despite the fact that it no longer matched and had never actually felt quite 100% stable.

          ~~The package & instructions~~

          The box contained all necessary parts and was light enough to carry. Simple fitting instructions were easy enough to follow, though it was admittedly a job I'd done several times before.


          The new seat was easily fitted - took me only a few minutes. Minimal adjustment was required and no special tools. It doesn't have the same tendency to move about as its predecessor. The fittings are standard, almost identical to the previous ones, but somehow this one just sits better.

          ~~Look and feel~~

          The seat looks quite smart. Its plain, minimalist style would probably suit most locations, with or without matching products from the range. It has quite a solid feel to it. Most importantly, once fitted, it feels much more stable than our old one, and I haven't had to keep tightening the fittings as I had to with the last seat.

          The only slight drawback may be that the 'groovy' pattern can only be seen when the lid is fully down. Otherwise, it's indistinguishable from plain ordinary white versions. Obvious, when you think about it, really!

          ~~Availability and price~~

          We picked this up on special offer from our local Homebase store for just £9.99 (half price). I believe this offer is still available, though similar deals may be found at other major DIY outlets and online.


          Look and feel; simple to install; sturdy.


          Pattern only visible when lid down.


          There isn't a great deal more you can usefully say about a toilet seat. (No jokes about lifting the lid please!) Tastes vary, but it seems good value at current prices, looks quite acceptable to me, was easily installed and appears completely fit for purpose. It shows no sign of wear or discoloration after several months of use, but I intend to keep this under review.

          Note: Dooyoo's official photo is clearly not the white Tongue And Groove version.

          [© SteveS001, 2011. A version of this original review may be found on other review sites]


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        • Product Details

          White MDF toilet seat with 'tongue and groove' effect design