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Tongue & Groove 2 Drawer Storage Unit - White

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tongue & Groove / Type: Storage Unit

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    2 Reviews
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      04.05.2012 17:43
      Very helpful



      A disappointing unit from Argos.

      We moved in to our own home together back in 2010 and over the course of the past two years we have basically furnished our whole home with pieces that we want to keep long term. We purchased this 2 drawer tongue & groove unit back in 2010 for around £22 (price now £25.00) from the Argos website and we also purchase a 4 drawer one (thinner & smaller drawers) for around the same price. I had checked the size before we purchased them and knew that they would fit perfectly in the two spaces that I wanted them to fit in within our bathroom. The larger unit was to go just next to the sink and the smaller 4 drawer unit was to go by the bath.

      I mainly picked these units because of their design rather than because of their price. Price was not really an issue as long as it was under £150.00 for the two and they blended in with my blue and white colours I have in my bathroom.

      My sole reason for purchasing these was that I was needing some storage for my toiletries and I have absolutely tons!

      Like almost everything from Argos this unit needs to be built before you can use it. This came 'flat packed' in a cardboard box and with all the necessary fixings and pieces of material to stick together. The instructions that came with these were simple to understand and we managed to build this (the two of us) in around 20 minutes. This seemed reasonable enough and we didn't have any problems with any of the pieces fitting together or any of the fixings being missing.

      The size of this unit is 56cm high, 34cm wide and 28cm deep. Obviously there is a top on this unit too that can provide additional storage and we tend to store our items we use on a daily basis such as face wash, shaving foam (for my husband), deodorants, toothpaste etc. This works very well actually.

      These two large units are used one for my husband (the top one) and one for myself. In my drawer I currently have 4 large bottles of Champneys bubble floats (must review those!), two large bars of Lush soap, about 15 smaller bottles of Soap & Glory, Boots products and other items that can be picked up in mini form. Basically each of these drawers holds a LOT of products! I also have smaller items like dental floss and other little bits and bobs such as nail polish dotted around my drawer.

      In my husbands drawer (the same size) he has about 7 bottles of Lynx shower gel, a couple of pots of hair product, shampoo, spare razor blade cartridges and lots of little bits and bobs such as soaps and things he received in sets at Christmas that he hasn't got round to using yet (soap on a rope being one...!).

      In terms of looks I would say that I really liked this unit when I first bought it. It does get dusty quite quick as at the sides of the unit there are little shelf like ridge bits (where the unit is bigger than the drawers and they've used less material on the side), and these get dirty very fast. The grooves also accumulate dust quite quickly too but this isn't really a problem as we have lots of large skirting board ledges around the bathroom and these also get dusty quickly so I have to keep on top of the dusting and cleaning in my bathroom but it's quick enough to do really.

      In terms of appearance as I said above I was very pleased with this unit. I WAS. That was until I opened one of the drawers to get something and the paint peeled off the handle. This left a pine looking handle underneath that was still partially painted in some places. Now I appreciate that I could just remove the paint and repaint this but I would have to get the paint to match and also I should not have to go to those lengths just to have a bathroom cabinet with a nice handle. I really would not expect the paint to peel off. I was not wearing any jewellery on that hand nor where my hands wet nor was I rough with the unit when pulling the drawer open.

      Overall I am going to give this unit a 3/5. I know that the paint removal was not a one off as we have the 4 drawer unit and the same thing has happened with this on two of the drawer handles. This is a disappointment and coupled with the fact that the bottom of these drawers is not made of the same material as the unit and are infact lined with a strong cardboard (which is prone to staining and damage) I am a little disappointed with this unit. The price was very reasonable, yes, but the quality over the past 18 months has been a let down. I would not buy this unit again, it has become wobbly over time despite the screws being tightened slightly and I know that cheap prices usually means poor quality and in this case that was true!


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        03.05.2012 19:52
        Very helpful



        Great little bathroom accessory!

        Today I am going to give you my review on this tongue and groove 2 drawer white storage unit that I purchased for bathroom storage in January 2012.

        I purchased this particular unit as unlike a lot in the Argos catalogue this looks really attaractive, the colour matchs the theme of my bathroom (pink and white) and the price was very good value for money!

        I needed something mainly to storage extra toilet rolls, shower gels, toothpaste and facewipes. According to the desription on the website this fitted my needs perfectly.



        The unit comes flat packed like many things in the Argos catalogue and the cardboard box it comes in isn't particually heavy or large - perfect for girls like me to lug to the car and pull inside the house :-)

        Putting the unit together was quite easy and the only issue I had was mixing up some of the panels and ending up with the unit looking a bit strange after the first attempt - all backwards! However if this happens it is easy to rectify and I have to voice that you follow the instructions even if you are quite confident with DIY!


        Size of the unit

        The unit fits perfectly between the small space between my bath and sink - I have a standard sink so would imagine if you also wanted to place this at the side you could easily.

        The exact measurements are are follows:

        *H56 *W34 *D28cm

        The internal space of the two drawers within the unit are round about:

        24.7cm x 22.2cm

        For those who like me, measurments go over your head when I have put some toilet rolls in to give you an idea of what can be fitted inside I can get a total of 8 toilet rolls in per draw - which isn't bad considering its not a huge unit.



        The overall appearance of the unit is very cute and attractive. Its not clear exactly what it is made out of but its likely going to be something similar to chip wood - its very durable and appears to take a bit of abusing to cause any damage. The side panels and front of the drawers give a wood panelled appearance which is exactly the same style of the side of my bath which is one of the first things that attracted me to it.

        The top of the unit is also an extra storage space for me - like the rest of the external unit it has a hard wood-like top - I have a little pot there for toothbrushs and toothpaste and I also keep my face cream there :-)

        The drawers can easily be opened if putting the unit together has been done properly - it is not too loose or stiff - and is quite heavy due to the wooden sides of the drawers. My only issue with the drawers themselves is the base of them - rather than being made out of wood like the rest of the drawers and unit it is made out of a hard cardboard - so be very wary storing liquids like shower gels ect in case of leakage. You could end up ruining the drawers.


        Keeping clean

        The unit is very good to keep clean and dust free - just once a week with the duster and I use a multi purpose spray to keep it looking good. My only issue was spilling a little shower gel on the top and it discoloured the wood slightly turning it green... this isnt a major issue though and if its a common problem it can easily be painted over!


        My verdict

        Overall I think this unit is great for small spaces and does offer a lot of storage for what it is. It currently retails on the Argos website at £24.99 - which I believe is around the price I paid. In future I would be swayed to purchase more tongue and groove items due to how happy I have been with this unit.

        As mentioned earlier if I could talk to the designer I would advise them to replace the base of the drawers with a hard wood like the rest of the unit rather than the rubbish hard cardboard!


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