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Watsons Simply Classic Bathroom Storage Cabinet

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Brand: Watsons / Bathroom Storage Cabinet / Type: Cabinet

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2010 12:47
      Very helpful



      A beautiful piece of furniture but think carefully before purchasing.

      Last year when I had my bathroom gutted and completely redesigned I decided to replace all the furniture in there too, it seemed rather silly to have a shiny new bathroom and fill it with cabinets and fixtures that were up to twenty years old. As well as having a penchant for 'smellies' I also have lots of medication that needs somewhere to live, I knew cupboard space was a must so on a trip to Homebase I perused their bathroom furniture section.

      There was little in there to catch my eye, much of the furniture being a little too modern for my tastes, but as I was leaving I spotted this Watsons bathroom storage cabinet from their Simply Classic range. The idea of having a cabinet on tall legs to stand above the toilet intrigued me and the soft white colour of this cabinet would fit perfectly with my bathroom's new colour scheme, the price was also very reasonable as this piece of furniture had been reduced to £24.99 which I believe is half it's usual price.

      My son in law erected the cabinet with very little trouble, it does come flat packed but looked straightforward with all the various pieces marked to save time sifting though them. There was a screw missing, but isn't there always with flat packed furniture? I would say that from first opening the box to standing the erected cabinet upright it took my son in law 30 minutes, this surprised me actually as I thought such a large item would take longer. He commented about how nicely it all went together too, and when doing jobs like this he's rather an impatient and bad tempered man so this is praise indeed!

      I immediately liked the appearance and when stood above my toilet the cabinet looks contemporary and extremely attractive. It has the look of something that costs a good deal more than it actually did with the white colour being a sophisticated shade, rather than appearing cheap as white wooden furniture sometimes does.

      I have had this cabinet for over two months now and have come to know it rather well. In fact I know it so well that I am already convinced it's not a convenient piece of furniture for me, I actually listed it on Freecycle this morning and it's now sitting looking empty and rather forlorn in my front garden awaiting collection. I still adore the attractive design of the cabinet but there are practical reasons which have led me to say goodbye to it.

      The main problem, for me, is the enclosed storage section of the unit is just that little bit too high for me to comfortably reach what is on the top shelf. This may sound trivial but I am not tall (5ft 1in) and also have the beginnings of arthritis in my shoulders so cannot stretch as well as a younger person might be able to. This section I had planned to use for my medication in place of a medicine cabinet but unfortunately this was impossible, not that I have any tablets I may need to take in a hurry as the majority of my prescriptions are for preventative medication but having to stretch up into this cabinet four or five times a day soon became wearing.

      Looking at it from a different perspective I think the height of this cabinet is a good thing as it removes the risk of young children being able to explore the dangerous side of any bathroom. It would not be possible for a very young child to reach the cabinet by climbing on the toilet as it's designed in such a way that you need a certain amount of clear space to be able to open the doors. Of course if your little monkey really wants to get into this unit they will so you still need to be careful, looking at it now though I think a simple lock would be easy to fit to the wood and providing you choose carefully it needn't spoil the appearance of the cabinet.

      I do find that the legs make sitting on the toilet a little claustrophobic at times, more so in the evening when the light is duller in the bathroom but I am at all times aware of this large piece of furniture above my head and to either side of me. It is also very impractical if, like me, you have a wall mounted toilet roll holder as it's almost impossible to reach around it comfortably to snatch a piece of toilet paper and get your arm into the correct position to be able to tear it off tidily. Again, this sounds trivial but I'm sure you're all aware that once an irritation like this occurs it just gets worse over time.

      I'm rather confused as to what rating I should give this storage cabinet. There are definite minus points as far as I'm concerned, but for the right person this would be a wonderful addition to their bathroom. I think the best advice I can give anyone looking at this product is to consider the implications of having such a unit, decide carefully whether this is going to be right for you and also think about how it will affect other members in your household.

      Personally I would have loved to have been able to make this storage cabinet work, instead however I've bought a wall hanging unit to go above my toilet. This has the advantage of me being able to fit it at a height to suit me, and also puts a stop to the enclosed feeling the legs of this cabinet provide whenever I'm sitting on the toilet.


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