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Willowbrook Adjustable Bed

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3 Reviews
  • Tyrone
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    3 Reviews
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      09.07.2016 22:48
      Not Helpful



      • Tyrone

      Should be a trial period

      I had a demo which was very good .all went along nicely .but when i used my bed for nearly 2 weeks i realised it wasnt to my satifaction.when i contacted willowbrook on 3 occasions they were to send out a rep but no one came.i feel when i paid the amount of money the very least you should have a cooling off period .if you change your mind .worst money i ever spent .i regret it so much.
      Think carefully before you purchase.no real comeback with this company


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      21.02.2013 23:51



      We had a demo from Willowbrook and were quoted nearly £9000. We then tried another company called Simply British Mobility. Turns out they are the same company, same factory, same beds, quoted just over £4000. Bought one, was delivered a few weeks later, fitted, and went wrong immediately. Sensors don't pick up remote signal so I had to move them so that they poke out from under the bed. Can't get comfortable and neither of us has had a good night's sleep yet. Customer services are very slow to respond to any requests for help. Would also mention that the salesmen from willowbrook were unbelievably pushy and would no doubt have forced someone less able or confident to sign on the spot. We threw them out and lodged a complaint. Mobility salesman wasn't so bad.


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      14.08.2012 11:31
      Very helpful



      A very comfortable and more reasonable adjustable bed that other brands

      Willowbrook Bed
      A few years ago we went to a 'Home Show' and after walking around for hours we were waved into a massage bed display and treated to a massage on the bed and with a separate gadget that came with the bed. We were both very impressed but the price was so beyond our budget that we just put it in the 'If we win the lottery' pile.

      Several years later we sold off our barn, repaid our mortgage and had a bit of money for obce in our lives. We spent quite a bit on doing up our house with re-wiring, new kitchen bathrooms and so one. We also decided this was the time to replace our bed and began looking for something similar to our dream bed.

      We found this company called 'Willowbrook' and a man came to our house with booklets and they brought a display mini bed as well. It was years ago now so I forget the details. We were able to choose from various alternatives. The company makes chairs as well for the elderly to help raise you out of the chair and these beds.

      We could choose if we wanted two singles, a queen or a king or a double. With the last three we could either have one mattress on the bed or two individual ones so that they worked separately. Once we had decided we wanted a double with individual mattresses so we could raise and lower the head and feet independently of each other. We were then given mattress hardness options. My husband is a lot heavier than I am as he is a good six foot two and well built whereas I am only a tiny five foot two. This means that if we are on a cheap bed I fall into the middle as he gets in. We chose a firm mattress for my husband and a medium firm one for me. Finally we had several styles of bed to choose from. Our choice was the simplest and plainest of the lot with a pale pine look finish as this would go with any decor.

      We had to wait for a few weeks for our bed to be delivered but when it came it was put together up in our room. We were very excited at finally having the bed of our dreams and couldn't wait to test the massage element. Initially we used the massager every night but gradually we have used this element of the bed less and less. I think however that if you were bed bound for any length of time the massager would be very handy to avoid bed sores.

      The massager offers different levels of vibration from fairly mild to pretty damn obvious. It also allows you to choose whether you want it pulsing or waving, as in starting at the bottom of the bed working up to the shoulder . I hate it vibrating at my head end so I switch that button off. There are five massage zones, upper back, lower back , hip region, thigh region and calf. You can choose to have massages just in the middle at your back or only for your feet and so on. I like it waving up from my feet and through to my shoulders. You can also alter the speed of wave as well.

      The massage controller also allows you to choose to heat the bed too either with a low heat or a high heat. I can't say that we have made much use of this as I am usually trying to get myself cool as menopausal hot flushes are still plaguing me. The massage system can be set on a timer for either 15 minutes or 30 minutes which is usually more than enough.

      As well as the massage this bed allows you to raise just your head end or just your feet or both if you want to. This means you can have your head end raised a lot and your feet just a bit or vice versa. This aspect of the bed I love and use every night and often in the morning as well. When I am reading I love to have my head end raised and raising my feet helps release any aches and stresses from my legs and feet especially if we have had a hard day in the garden or something like that. In the morning if I am lucky enough to have my husband bring me a cup of tea on the days he gets up early for golf then I raise my head end and can sit and enjoy my tea at a comfortable angle while watching the morning news.

      I often fall asleep with the ends raised but I am so use to raising and lowering the ends that I can do this by feel in the night if I wake and i am uncomfortable. It does make a bit of a hum but doesn't make enough noise as to wake my husband though.

      We do go away quite a lot travelling to different places, When we go to the USA we usually have pretty comfortable beds but in some other countries have had some very uncomfortable beds so apart from a cup of tea, toast and marmite and a bath the next thing I am really looking forward to on my way home is my lovely comfortable bed.

      There is a memory foam layer on either side of each mattress and this means that the mattress is firm and supportive but at the same time I sort of sink into my mattress with a wonderful sort of caress. There is nothing quite like the feel of my own bed after a long flight in economy I can assure you; as we drive back up the M1 I start to dream about my bed and stretching out horizontally after hours of sitting.

      Yes the bed is wonderful to sleep on but making it is another matter altogether. Both mattresses fits tightly in the bed frame so that the sheets have to be tucked around the mattress and then the mattresses fitted back into the bedframe. It is really not easy and every morning pulling the bottom sheets straight is a challenge. Changing the sheets is even more fun as you have to get the mattress protector and fitted sheet onto each mattress and then get them back into the frame without the whole lot coming all baggy again. At the present time Ii am quite fit and agile but i can't see an elderly person managing to make this bed easily. I end up lifting each mattress out of the frame tucking the mattress protector and sheet around and then trying to slip the entire caboodle back into the frame without it all coming up again as I push one mattress against the other.

      This has happened to us twice. The first time we were in a bit of a panic as the motor allowed the bed to go up but not down and it was in a position that no-one could have slept in. We phoned the company and they said that they would not be able to come out or at least a week. Luckily they were able to tell my husband how to de activate the motor so that the bed could come down to a flat position. The second time we knew what to do so disengaged the motor before phoning the company. Each time they replaced the motor free of charge as the bed was still under warranty. Hopefully we won't have it happen again too soon as the bed is no longer under its five year warranty.

      The motors are powered with a 24 volt DC motor and a low volatage handset. The normal mains power is transformed for safety by an internal transformer.

      They advice that you should not let children play on the bed, either jump or just play with the controls. It is also important to keep children and animals away when lowering and raising the bed as they could get trapped between the parts as it descends.

      Pretty obvious but keep any liquids away from the electric parts to avoid shocks.
      If you need to repair any part of disconnect it then unplug the electricity first.
      Turn the mattress regularly to ensure even wear. You can only turn it over and not turn it head to foot as the electric leads are in the head end.

      This is a bit of a shocker as we spend £3691 on this bed. It should have been nearly £6000 but we got a discount and I cannot remember why. I think Ii entered a competition for one of these beds and we didn't win but this reduction was a runner up prize. They have started to send us letters to remind us that our bed is now out of warranty and offering us a discount on a new bed. We are quite happy with our present bed at the moment. Hopefully it will give a few more years use. I am not sure that I would go for another double with two mattress esin a fitted frame again and I am not quite ready to go for single beds either. One mattress is also not an option as I read late and have my head raised for longer than my husband and this means that I would be lowering and raising his head as well as mine which I don't think would work well either. The obvious answer is to have someone in to make the bed on a daily basis!! Now that is a good idea!

      Yes I love my bed and think it has been a great investment in our nightly comfort. It is a nice neat looking bed with minimalist features and plenty of room under the bed for shoe storage bags as well as the motors. I hate making the bed but for all the stress it gives me in the morning and weekly when changing the sheets I quickly forget and forgive it when I slip under the duvet and sink into my lovely comfortable cosy supportive mattress and enjoy a good night's sleep.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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    • Product Details

      A double bed that has two single mattresses designed for individual weights with an adjustable top and bottom as well as a massage element.