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Worlds Apart Thomas and Friends Flip Out Sofa

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Brand: Worlds Apart / Sofa for kids / Height: 26 cm / Width: 68 cm / Type: Sofa

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    3 Reviews
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      21.03.2011 13:56
      Very helpful



      not really worth the £££

      Thomas The Tank Engine is a famous train from the Island Of Sodor. Himself and his friends are mainly seen in the actual show aimed at preschoolers but also on books, toys and other merchandise.

      *~*Thomas Bedroom Collection*~*

      As Thomas' popularity has grown, the collection of items bearing his cheeky smile have increased. It is now possible to create a Thomas haven in your childs bedroom. You can buy various designs of Thomas beds, boxes, bins and wall hangings along with curtains and duvet sets. The choice is endless.

      *~*Thomas Sofa Bed*~*

      The Thomas Flip Out Sofa Bed is a 2in1 product. It can be used as a sofa for your little one to sit on in their room or relaxing in the living room watching their favourite shows. It can also be used as a flip out bed for your child to lie on. The sofa is made up of 2 parts which are joined together. One part is the base and sides which is inflatable and needs to be blown up prior to use. The other part is the flip out part which has a removable, material cover for easy cleaning and is also inflatable.

      Dimensions : 28 x 68 x 105cm
      Boxed Weight : 2.1kg
      Recommended Age : 18months+
      Manufactured by : Worlds Apart


      The sofa once inflated, is very colourful and bright. It is mainly blue when foled up. The arms of the sofa have a huge image of either James or Percy. The sofa when foled up, allows you to see Thomas and the fat controller at the station. Further down, the engines can be seen in Tidmouth Sheds. Folding out the sofa, reveals a plain but bold yellow and slightly creased material. This is the long area which acts as the fold out bed.

      *~*Availability and Price*~*

      The Thomas sofa is available in many outlets.

      Argos : £25.49
      www.toys-world.co.uk : £22.13
      Asda Direct : £18.75

      *~*Our Thoughts*~*

      When I was pregnant, we decorated Ryans nursery with yellow and a Winnie The Pooh theme. As he grew, it came a bit babyish so when we moved last August, we decided we would kit his room out in Thomas as he loves Thomas! We decided to paint the walls white and simply put up pictures so it isn't a huge decorating deal when we come to update it. Ryans room has a Thomas bed but in November, we decided to look for some sort of seating and came across this Thomas Sofa. At the time I purchased it from Amazon for around £24 and we presented it to Ryan on Christmas morning.

      The sofa came in quite a large box which had to be hidden! When Ryan was sleeping on Christmas Eve, I got it out and being the best puffer in the house, I had the job of blowing it up. It didn't actually take all that long. Once blown up it was quite a good size. I had hoped that it would be big enough for Ryan and his cousin (4months younger but bigger) to sit on together but sadly not! The design is eye catching and it is very noticeable. It was noticeable enough to be seen first by Ryan when he woke to open his presents.

      The little hold for blowing the sofa up is concealed in the base. 2 velcro openings cover a large, white inflatable sofa inside the cover and here you find the hole. This area is also where you would approach to remove the cover for washing it.

      *~*Chillax With Thomas and Ryan*~*

      Ryan mainly uses this in the livingroom but it is kept in his room. It doesn't take up much space..only a little corner of the room and is light enough to be moved around by me or Ryan. The main reason we bought was to allow Ryan somewhere to sit when chilling and watching television and it has been well used. During the day, Ryan will position it in the middle of the living room floor to watch his shows on Cbeebies. He has plastic chairs but prefers to use them when he is eating at his little table.

      The sofa holds weight well. Ryan isn't a huge child and once folded up, he can comfortably sit without the sofa deflating! My nephew on the other hand is a big boy and I noticed despite being fully inflated, the sofa seemed to indent when he parked his big bum on it! We inflated this on Xmas Eve and it stayed firm and rigid for a good few weeks after regular use. I find now though, as Ryan grows, I need to give it a little top up blow every 2weeks or so just to keep it in fine shape.

      The sofa is well padded around the bag, edges and the seating area. The seated area is especially padded as it is really the bed part rolled up and pushed into one area. I find that when Ryan pushes forward off the sofa part, the flip out bit comes with him and needs to be readjusted. The design of the sofa is well appreciated by Ryan as the characters are true to life and there is lots going on without being overcrowded. The sofa sits comfortably on the carpet in living room but on laminate flooring, it does tend to slip about.

      There is enough room for Ryan to comfortably sit with his teddies and the back of the sofa acts as a support keeping him upright. This sofa is suitable for one child only. The sofa area across the way isn't terribly wide and allows for one bum only as two bums and there is tight squeeze which will result in tears and arguments!

      *~*Lets Have A Lie Down*~*

      Before purchasing this, I had hoped that if Ryan had wanted to go for a wee lie down in the living room, he could do so. Whenever Ryan is unwell, he usually asks for his Thomas sofa to be laid out and he can lie in the living room with us there and not need to lie beside Mummy. The bright yellow flip out bit is reasonably padded but perhaps not as padded as it should be. With it being intended for lying on, it isn't particularly thick and as supportive as it could be. It is a good length though leaving plenty of room to stretch out.

      The material used in the flip out part is quite flimsy and isn't thick enough to hold any kind of warmth. You certainly couldn't lie a child on it and expect them to nod off. If we were having another toddler staying, there is no way I would allow them to sleep overnight on this sofa as it is simply only designed for temporary use. Ryan usually brings his soft Thomas pillow through and it sits at the top of the flip out part due to the insufficient padding. I then slide a fleece blanket over the material giving it some added padding and warmth.

      Ryan is happy to lie on the sofa for a short period of time and loves getting cuddled up with his teddy under a cosy cover. He has never fell asleep on the sofa though and I wouldn't expect him too. After about an hour, he usually gets up and has a wander about before going back to relax for another little while. As the flip out bit is used, I notice it deflates quicker than the rest of the sofa which is probably due to the weight of Ryan being spread out more evenly. Its flimsy nature when it slightly deflates, leads to Ryan rolling a bit to the side as he tries to stand up..he isn't impressed with this aspect!


      The sofa appears to be fairly well made. The stitching is performed to a good standard but nothing spectacular. The material is firm around the back and base providing a sort of grip. The edges and flip out part are flimsy and very thin. Ryan isn't overly rough with it but if your child is one to jump around on sofas then this won't last long without being torn or damaged.

      We haven't felt the need to wash the cover but I can imagine it would be difficult to put the cover back on! The thiness wouldn't allow the cover to dry very quickly ready to be put back on. Ryan did have a little juice spill on top of his fleece cover which leaked through to the yellow part. It was a little sticky so I got a cloth dipped in hot soapy water and gave it a wipe over. I left it to dry and the next morning it was ready to be sat on again. The actual material is keeping surprisingly clean and scuff free.

      *~*Is It Worth It?*~*

      From a Mums point of view, I feel the price for this sofa is a bit much. Fair enough it provides a comfy seat for Ryan to watch the TV on but thats about it. The idea that it can be used as bed for any long than an hour is an awful one as it is simply not padded enough nor warm enough to be comfy and cosy for any child. Ryan is nearly 3 and quite tall. He can still sit on this sofa without issues but I cannot imagine it lasting him much longer.

      The Thomas Sofa is a bright and appealing addition to Ryans room. It is the first thing my nephew approaches when he visits despite being too tubby to get full use from it. Ryan loves it but its limited uses make it something that only gets used for a short while and then left for Mummy to be put back in the corner. If you really do want to purchase this for your little Thomas fanatic..think hard and try and get it cheap as it isn't worth the money and really, you are just paying for the Thomas branding.

      Thanks for reading x


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        04.11.2010 01:33
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A seat for any Thomas mad child

        I actually had a surprise when I received the box as in the catalogue it did not say it was inflatable but anyway we took it home and pumped it up. We were to put the cover on the sofa which is handy as it can be removed to machine wash which for younger children I think you will agree is a must have.When inflated it looked so much better than deflated. It looked good value when blown up and the seat pulled out like any normal sofa bed to reveal his very own bed for witch he loved lying on watching TV and at night time we would have to try and get him into his own bed.

        Both the bed and seat where not greatly made but the were good enough for the £25 that we paid. The seat itself must have been comfy as my soon just wanted to sit in it all the time. This could have been down to the fact that it was a Thomas design but either way he enjoyed playing sitting lounging and even eating on it. I was a little worried as my nephew had popped his very early on when he had one but after taking it for a refund his second lasted him well. I can say that we are now a year on with both my little man and his friends all jumping all over it it still remains in one piece.

        When I first brought this I hoped it would turn in to a temporary bed for guests of my little boy as they began to stay over but I'm afraid it would not do for spending a whole night on it just looks a little thin and uncomfortable in the bed form. Also it seems every two days it needs a little air added to keep it inflated which can be annoying at times.

        This is great as a novelty seat for any Thomas fan but is a little smaller than i expected not comfy enough to be slept overnight on but for lounging around and just having fun its perfect. It is easy to keep clean and easy to set up I'm also glad to see they have made it cleare in the description now that it is an inflatable sofa.


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          05.11.2009 08:47
          Very helpful



          Not recommended

          I bought my son the Thomas and friends flip out sofa when we moved into out home when he was just over a year old. At the time he was Thomas mad and I thought he could have it downstairs as a seat but also as he got older it would work as a fold out bed if any of my friends with young children stayed.


          I purchased mine from Argos for £19.99 but it is also is available at Amazon for £20.49 and am now £24.99 at Argos.

          What is it?

          It is an inflatable sofa that has a removable cover that can be machine washed .It has Thomas and his friends on the cover.
          Size Height26, Width68, Depth105cm

          Inflation was easy enough though exhausting as I didn't have a pump at the time.

          The sofa folds up like a normal sofa bed although isn't as sturdy as it is more like sleeping on an air bed.

          It did look nice and the material was of good quality and did look nice once assembled

          Age recommendations

          Although my son was 15 months old when I bought it for him it is recommended for children 18 months and over. I was happy enough for him to play on it during the day but do think he would have been too young to sleep on it.

          My son's opinion

          My son loved lying on it to watch TV downstairs but as it wasn't that firm he never seemed comfortable with it as a sofa. When he was small he would pull the bottom of the sofa up as a blanket. He loved playing pretend games in it and would climb on it with his toys and put them to bed. He also liked to get a tea cup and sit in bed with a pretend cup of tea. I have no idea why gave him the idea of having a cup of tea in bed but hope as he gets older he thinks it is a great idea for mommy too.

          Sadly this Item only lasted a few months as it burst on the seams when my son jumped on it. I did purchase another one from a car boot for £1 which didn't even last a week before it burst.


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