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Worldstores Teri Triple Sleeper Bed

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Brand: Worldstores / Type: Bed

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2011 11:47
      Very helpful
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      see review x

      Ease to set up

      I bought this off a family member for just £40, I did not realise just how many parts to the bed there was, it was stuck in my bedroom for 2 weeks waiting for my nephew to come and help me put it up. I started to get a little fed up of waiting so decided to try to do it myself, which to be honest I was not looking forward to, I had no instructions, and just 2 nine year olds to help me hold parts up, but I knew it had to be done.

      So eventually I braved it and started, to start with I got the two ends of the bed and stood them up, so as to be able to screw in the top safety bar to secure the top bunk and I thought this would be easier to hold the two ends of the bed up straight.

      Ok now please remember I am female loll, I ermm did set this up wrong at the first attempt, I did not realise you had two slots on either side of the end bars to slot the main beds into, and like an idiot I put these on the outside of the bed, so I had to unscrew all the things again, this was actually the hardest part of the task, once the screws are in properly, they are pretty hard to get out, and a lot of bad words came out of my mouth loll.

      Once that was done though and I turned them the right way the rest was simple, you have ledges that need screwing in on the top and the bottom of the bed to have something to keep the bases balanced, then at the top you have two slots at each side of the bed, just grab the metal bottom for the single bed and just slot them into the holes, I banged them down pretty hard to make sure they would not come loose. And then do the same with the bottom, although the bottom base does come in two halves so these have to be put on but it works just like the top one did.

      Now I was pretty tired after managing all that so I did give up on the ladders, and still have not put them on as the kids seem to manage fine with out them.

      I should also mention that to tighten the screws and to untighten them you need an Alan key, I can't say if this is supplied with the bed as I did say I bought it second hand. Also I am not sure if the bed is supplied with mattresses, but I bought a double mattress (see my mattressnextday.co.uk review) as I did not have one, and I already had a single one.

      The mattresses needed are just a normal double, and a normal single mattress, although I did find that one the single one there is a slight gap at the bottom of the bed. But apart from that its fine.


      I have found this to be very stable so far, my kids jump and bounce on it and I have had no problems, although it does move a little backwards and forwards, but there is no real danger of collapse, the screws have never come loose, or anything, so I would say you are in pretty safe hands with the bed, although sleeping at the bottom of it can look pretty scary loll.

      Overall opinion

      I have had no problems so far with this bed and it is easy to set up, i mean fair enough I did it wrong the first time, but I am dumb when it comes to setting anything up, and I also had no instructions, so I was well impressed with myself, and if I can set it up then anybody could do it.

      The bed is really comfortable, although I think that is pretty much to do with the mattresses more than anything, but I really like the bed, its very safe, the kids love sleeping in it, and also playing on the top bunk too. They have bounced all over the bed and its still in one piece, so you can rely on the quality of the bed.

      I would recommend this bed, although I am not sure if I would pay top price, I was really pleased at buying this for just £40, the mattress cost me more than what the bed did loll. But an easy to set up nice stable bed is a must for anyone.


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