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Garden Centres in Bradford

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    2 Reviews
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      17.02.2009 14:40



      Avoid unless you can afford to replace at your expense within the week

      TONG GARDEN CENTRE - This place is overpriced and a rip-off.
      I recently purchased some garden furniture which i found to be quiet pricey but it was what i wanted and couldnt find anywhere else, after only 1 week outside the furniture has started to split, we havent even used it yet.
      There customer service is terrible if you try to return something faulty which i did you havent got a cat in hells chance of an exchange or refund.
      I had spent over £500 on garden furniture which was obviously of poor quality and after only 1 week they wouldnt exchange it.
      I am currently in the process of putting them in the small claims court.
      I spoke to 2 members of staff and then the actual manager and was basically told not our problem.
      I wouldnt recommend any one buy from there especially from the furniture section as they only seem to supply seconds or poorer quality products.


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      26.04.2007 13:54
      Very helpful
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      Tong Garden Centre is vast and has a superb choice of products

      A few days ago a friend of mine took me to Tong Garden Centre, which is situated about three miles from the centre of Bradford, about a mile off the A650 Wakefield/Bradford road. It is located in a very pretty village called Tong and this in itself is very quaint, with clusters of stone cottages and some pleasant countryside nearby.

      The Garden Centre is approached from the main street, but its entrance is on a rather sharp bend and I was glad I wasn't driving, as visibility at the exit could be better.

      There is lots of car parking space, with an overflow carpark on a gravelled area nearby and there are disabled bays and child and parent bays.

      Inside the garden centre is vast and there is a wide variety of products on show. It is all on one level which makes it easily accessible for anyone with limited mobility.

      This garden centre not only sells plants and flowers, they also have a good assortment of furniture, not just for the garden and conservatory, but other types too. They even had some long case grandfather clocks!!!!

      There is a section for silk and other artificial flowers, candles, seeds and gardening accessories such as gloves, tools etc.

      Another section is set out with books, again not only on gardening, but on a variety of topics.

      There is a gift section with ornaments for the home, not just for the garden - glassware, arrangements etc.

      In addition to all this, there is a separate area which is the pet section. In here it is fascinating to see the different types of fish for sale, there are also rabbits and guinea pigs too. Of course they also stock all the necessary equipment to look after these assortments of pets, with fish tanks, bird cages, rabbit hutches etc.

      Near the checkouts there are various products for feeding wild birds - fat balls, seed, feeders and bird tables.

      I was fascinated at how much there is to see at this large garden centre, but we are not finished yet!

      There is a cafe where you can have a cooked meal or a sandwich or just a cup of tea and cake. The food is reasonably priced and very tasty, the cafe area is not huge but it is clean and comfortable.

      After our refreshments we went outside and there are conservatories on display out there, in addition to a good selection of water features and statues.

      Also outside are building materials, such as paving slabs, pebbles, wooden fencing, etc. A good selection if you are planning a new patio or want some decking.

      In a separate covered area there are all the seasonal displays of plants. It is almost time for the bedding plants and Tong has a huge variety on offer, as well as some really pretty hanging baskets.

      There is another section outside where you have a choice of shrubs and trees.

      Trolleys are in various sizes, if you need building materials there are the flat type of trolleys available, or just the normal supermarket kind.

      Staff are very helpful and they seemed to be spread out around the different areas of the garden centre. They were very knowledgable about my queries about what to buy for my garden, which is not always the case in garden centres. The staff were working around the store and did not pester us, but took time from their jobs to help with out queries and showed us where to find what we were looking for.

      My friend told me that several years ago, just before Christmas, a huge fire destroyed most of Tong Garden Centre, but it seems to have risen from the ashes and is a modern and spacious store.

      Apparently at Christmas time Tong is decorated lavishly and people go from miles around to look at their displays. There is also a grotto where children can see Santa!

      Prices were reasonable, not cheap but then most garden centres are not cheap are they, but the prices were no more expensive than other garden centres I have visited.

      At the checkouts the staff were very careful when packing my plants, supplying trays and boxes to help prevent any damage to them.

      My visit to Tong was very enjoyable, and it is not just a place to go to if you need something for the garden, I am sure it is a place where every member of the family will find something to interest them.

      A shame I don't live nearer, I would be able to visit more frequently if I did!


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