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More Than Home Insurance

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15 Reviews
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    15 Reviews
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      21.09.2013 15:40



      Paid my premiums for over 2 years had a car break in stole the satnav from the glove compartment would not pay as it state glove compartment must be locked However the car I have a Nissan quasqui you can't lock the glove compartment as there is no locking facilityHence rejected the claim I will be moving once my policy is up for renewalPoor service and don't pay genuine claims


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      08.04.2013 22:10




      AVOID THEM AND PAY £300 and insure elsewhere. This is to avoid a heart attack or stroke.

      I insured my car on the 24FEB 2013. All paid in full, no instalments just one off payment. Because my TAX disc was valid until 28 FEB I tried to login to their website to print out my policy details. No luck, the big MORETHAN had website inaccessible and crashing. Next day, logged in successfully but I couldn't get PDFs to open so I rang them and asked for assistance. I was told that there's a problem but they will sort it out very soon. Next day - same thing and cannot open PDFs with policy summary. Another 2 calls. No luck, there's another [problem but they offered to fax documents over so I can take them to the post office. Guess what? They did! One issue - the policy was only a temporary one for 7 days and not the one I paid for! When asked about it, they were insisting my documents will arrive in the post in 10 days time and what I was given was legally OK. I told them I'm going away for more than 30 days and I need the right documents with me. No luck. As expected, post office staff refused to issue a TAX disc on basis that they need min. 30 days insurance. Another day lost and 3 more calls and wasted hours. This time, I was able to speak to one of the managers [in India]. I was told the mistake will be corrected and my documents will be faxed over again. Same thing - they did it in 2h and guess what? Once again temp cover but this time for 30days! I paid for 365 days! Where's my insurance?! Fortunately, I was able to get my tax disk and drive off on holiday. And here's the nasty surprise! While on holiday, I received 2 messages to get in touch with them. No details - just to get in touch. It's quite expensive to call from abroad and wait on hold for long minutes especially when no reason for call was provided. I left it till I come back. Upon my arrival 6 March, I found 2 letters. One with my policy details for 12 months, a welcome letter and other useless papers. Second one where they informed me abut cancelling my policy because "they were unable to obtain a proof of my NCD from my previous insurer". And this is even I was told twice they DID! Moreover, an email and policy details were sent to me showing all OK and my policy valid for the next 12 months! WHY? I was driving for a few days without insurance because of those idiots.

      I drive for 22 years without any accident, 9+ NCD, no points on my license - ever, and for the first time in my life I have to deal with such ignorant company.

      I offered them to forward my NCD proof, I offered them to get a letter from my previous insurer, I offered them to call my previous insurer and ask them to call MoreThan back. And you know what they said? They don't know if they are able to offer me a new insurance. This will be down to NCD verification team. What a nightmare! I bet you, they will quote more than before.


      They are an absolute nightmare company to deal with. Incompetent 101%
      Never again!!!


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      01.07.2011 12:06



      I duly paid for my premiums but after 3 years i made a claim as I had mice in my kitchen who chewed through my appliances...more than then stated i was not covered for this. Even though I had accidental damage and had paid more for my premiums.


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      22.03.2011 13:21



      Took out a home insurance paolicy 2 years ago, paid extra for cover of Jewelery and Computer Equipment, Wife lost a stone out of her ring in the home (which we paid extra for) and they weaseled their way out of making a claim with small print. (despite me insisting on a copy of the initial call which proves they said we were covered)Cancelled the policy 12 months ago but More Than then took a full anual premium for a closed account.Took weeks to get a refund and now 12 months futher down the line I recieve a Default Notice for an Policy that was closed over 12 months ago...To say I'm furious does not even come close!!!In my opinion please be careful as I wwould never want to have the hassle of this company ever again.See you in court!!!!


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      10.02.2011 23:00



      good insurance for someone who tends not to claim.

      Ive brought cover from more than for various things including car insurance and house insurance. i think the company offer great value cover for the cost in comparison to others but believe that the house insurance isnt always the best.
      More than do various offers which include free contents cover of up to £75,000 when buildings cover is purchased. this makes the cost quite cheap but dont be fooled as the cover is only free if no claims are made during the insured period.
      This insurance may be beneficial to some if you dont need to claim and i think the cover itself is amazing compared to others at a similar price on the market but there isnt much point in saving money if you unfortunately have to make a claim and then find the cost of the contents cover outright before your claim is taken into account.
      As a home insurance customer who hasnt had the need to claim within the 5 years of owning my home i believe the cover if faily addequate for my needs but believe people should take this into account before just shopping for the cheapest.
      More than have always been very helpful over the phone when we have had to make calls but can normally apply for the insurance online and feel that were have given an accurate quote and recieving the best price without the need to pick up the phone.


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      14.07.2010 20:43
      Very helpful



      I've been happy with the cover, price and service...i havent claimed so can't comment on that

      I've had a More Than home insurance policy now for over 3 years at two different properties. I live in a flat and therefore only have contents insurance, More Than are consistently one of the cheapest insurers for me when i search price comparison websites to make sure i'm not getting a bad deal.

      I took out a More Than policy on an offer they had a few years ago which gave you the third year free if you made no claims. Its pretty rare insurance companies really give you any benefit for staying claim free so this really appealed. And true to their word las year my insurance was absolutely free. Now my renewal has come through for a fourth year More Than still provide the most comprehensive cover at a competitive price. There are cheaper providers out there which are cheaper for me, like Hasting's Direct, but the level of cover at More Than is far superior.

      I have spoken to More Than on a few occasions but haven't had the need to claim. I have however used their Legal Advice service which proved to be very useful to get a steer on my legal rights in a minor dispute at a previous property.

      Insurance prices are always going to vary for each person/postcode but being someone who shops around alot i think More Than provide one of the best levels of cover on the market.


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      22.10.2009 17:33
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      They say they offer a 4 star service- but not 5- they don't like 5 or 6 or 7 or.......

      I used More Than for my home insurance the year before last and overall, they offered me affordable cover- which is why I chose them. I stayed with them last year for my travel insurance, but because of a good cash back deal I went somewhere else for my contents insurance.

      I received a letter from them this morning offering me a very good price for home contents cover, coupled with £40 worth of Marks and Spencers Vouchers- nice one. But never one to miss out on all that was available to me, I logged on to More Than to get an extra online discount.

      I just couldn't get past the second page of details- I tried and tried- the fact that I was having a problem must have sent an alert on their system as an online chat window opened to help me.

      It turned out that because I live in a block of flats that has 6 flats within the block- they consider me to be uninsurable- they will ensure blocks up to four flats, but no "MORE THAN" that. Apparently a new policy from January this year. Not one I can understand as living in London I know that many apartments have MORE THAN four flats in a block, but with contents worth hundreds of thousands - I would have thought good income for insurers- and quite possibly easy money too, as they have high level security- but who am I to question?

      I am writing this to warn others in a block with MORE THAN the maximum flats - as I have just wasted almost an hour.

      I will not be renewing my travel insurance policy with them -as the hotels I stay in always have more than four rooms and as they seem to have an issue with any number MORE THAN five, I shall find travel insurance elsewhere.

      I have never made a contents claim in my life- so it has always been money for nothing for the insurers- could they ask for MORE THAN that?


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        02.09.2009 11:52



        Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

        I've used a number of insurance companies over the years and More Than have always stood out as being one of the better companies to work with. Their prices, while not the cheapest available, offer good value for money in terms of the cover that is on offer. Furthermore, they have an efficient website and a well-run call centre, so you always know you'll get through to customer services promptly and not be sitting in a telephone queue for an hour, like with some other insurance companies. I found that arranging and renewing insurance was always straightforward through the website, where I was able to obtain detailed quotes which I could save for a period of time. This allowed me to do comparisons elsewhere if necessary and come back to purchase at a later date. The staff members I've dealt with personally have always been extremely helpful and polite. As mentioned, their quotes are not the cheapest but you have to weigh up all aspects of the service you are getting and I believe that More Than are a very good choice. I've had insurance with some of the cheaper insurers in the past and all I can say is "you get what you pay for".


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        01.06.2009 14:36
        Very helpful



        Haven't had a problem with their customer service yet

        I've been with MoreThan for home insurance (building and contents) for 2 years. My husband is the second account holder on this policy which, from reading the other reviews, is a good idea otherwise the reps at MoreThan will not speak to you. There are cheaper insurance policies out there but we wanted one with a good rep (or rather a rep large enough so it "shouldn't" be problematic should we need to claim). The time came to claim when we were burgled in the house (whilst asleep upstairs) but as the cat disturbed the burglar, nothing was stolen but damage was done to the patio door. This happened at 4am on a Sunday morning and after the police came and went, called MoreThan (approx 5am same Sunday), explained to them what had happened. The guy was completely courteous about the situation and told me a locksmith was on it's way (even went as far as giving me an approx time of arrival). The locksmith came and did more than we asked, fitting 2 locks (instead of one as he recognised that only having the one lock did not sufficiently secure the patio door enough) and fixed the damaged on the outside of the doors. Very quick and efficient response time from MoreThan with no questions asked. A surveyor came the following day on the Monday and checked everything was OK and that we were ok. Very good service so far!


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        27.01.2009 14:06
        Very helpful



        Has been total nightmare I tried to be forgiving but they were awful!

        We decided to shop around for cheaper home insurance and my husband picked More Than as they seemed to have good reputation and good price.
        Hopefully we will never have to claim as had no problems.

        But one fateful day at start of November I was washing up in kitchen and heared screams from mini terroist in lounge.
        My nearly 3 year old daughter had managed to pull £800 LCD tv off its stand.

        My first thourght is thank god shes not hurt, my second oh my god the tv!
        Keep calm it will be ok im sure it,s just fine pick it up off floor and put back on stand.

        To my total horror the tv screen was cracked in 3places, noise but just lines.
        The most obvious culprit for damage is my daughter although I suspect part of the blame has to go to her peppa pig plastic figures on floor which survived, peppa pig 1, tv 0!

        So I rang hubby who was working late he said calm down best report to insurance tonight to get it sorted out as quickly as possible.
        So I rang had to wait a few minutes but then nice helpful chap answered the phone and heard my sob story in full.
        He said he could not speak to me as my husbands name was on policy so he would need to speak to my husband to get permission first before discussing claim further with myself.

        Seemed fair enough so gave him our landline number so he could ring me back, husbands work line which put him through to switchboard of major DIY chain and husbands mobile.

        He eventually got through and as promised ran me back.
        He talked me through claims process and said it was probably to be 2weeks before its sorted out.
        Also that due to high value of claim they wouuld be sending loss adjuster round the house to investigate within 4working days!

        Luckily we had old tv in bedroom we could use but my daughter said she did not like small tv!
        Hubby says it be fine, look on bright side no one was hurt its only a tv it can be replaced.

        However after 12days no contact we rang More Than to complain.
        The excuse was unfortunatly they had no contact numbers for us to tell us loss adjuster was very busy and would be a delay!
        Yet when we took out insurance they had comtcat details and only 12days before their operator rang 3 of our numbers give.
        Sorry More Than just not good enough.

        Eventually we got an appointment 14 days after event when a serious stern loss adjuster devoid of personality came round to the house one morning to inspect the damage.
        Unfortunatly daughter in nursury so unable to interrogate the suspect.
        I explained peppa pig may have been an accomplice in causing the cracks to the tv screen as it landed on floor with toys scattered underneath.
        She asked lost of questions and I explained daughter does sometimes drag her potty or toy box and stand on it.
        She took notes, looked very serious , studied actual tv with minute detail and said another company would be round within 2 days to pick up tv to inspect damage and to assertain if it would be repaired which im my opinion it could not and would be offered like for like comparision.

        Oh well you can guess more lies 2days was more like 7days before man came and took away damaged tv.
        Its now been nearly a month with no tv!

        Over a week past when we got snotty letter saying after studying damage and reveiwing evidence given they will not honour the claim as they do not believe a toddler could cause so much damage!

        I mean I understand they have to do an investigation and some people do make dodgy claims but this was unbeliveable!
        Be very worried ifyou with More Than and have destructive toddler in the house!

        Well hubby fired off angry email that night saying how dare they accuse us of lying, we have been completly co-operative despite their negligance and awful customer service and poor communication.
        We said we would appeal and take it further.

        Next day hubby got phone call with someone with a brain and she apologised for the delay and trauma the company had caused us and they had reveiwed the case and will pay out waiving the hefty £100 excess!

        Guess every cloud has silver liner but not sure if It was worth the stress they caused us making us feel like criminals but hey been month half now we need new tv lets just get it sorted.

        They then put us in contact with another company who deal with accepted claims and send us vouchers ect.
        They sub contract lots of bits out it seems maybe why they so bad at communicating with each other.

        When we rang this company they had no idea about the waived excess fee so had to contact More Than again ourselves to email this company before we could proceed.
        We were meant to get like for like specifications as out tv was 3years old the tv technology had progressed and cost of LCD,s had fallen so they offered us £400 of vouchers.

        I myself was dubious and the fact we could only use Currys/Dixons limited us as John lewis offer 5 year gaurantee on their products plus free delivery.
        We brought original tv from Comet but could not use them so could not really hunt round for best deal which annoyed me!

        Hubby just wanted to get it dealt with so we went to Currys and ended up with LG 32inch LCD dont get me wrong it,s nice but not comparable felt ripped off but was too late.
        The one we had before was Sharp Aquaos was top of range at the time and the newer version was £650 not £400 of vouchers they gave us.
        So overall really unhappy as they been so deceiptful and negligent with their communication.
        They caused us so much stress and dissapointment, will do anything to avoid paying out.
        We went to 2 currys stores to get tv in car as they would have charged us home delivery costs and probably more delay!

        I guess my advice to you all is when looking for house insurance is consider what happens when things go wrong and excess not just the monthly price.

        I took 2months from event to get new tv with More Than making us feel like criminals and constant chasing up with More Than and other companies.

        If you are unfortunate to have something happen do following things

        1)always note down name of person you talk too and what they said with time and date.
        2)stand your ground,less persistance and chasing up on our part got it sorted.
        3)be cautious with like for like , do really good research online and in store so they don't con you, know the facts as they cant argue with those.
        4)Do read small print carefully when signing agreement as some policies now exclude pet damage only a matter of time before child damage is included!

        Not sure if this is useful and had no first hand experience but Lloyds TSB insurance looked good they have £50 excess and put money in bank which sounds better in principle but not sure about reality.

        We will look to move shortly I think as I cannot bare the thourght of another fight if anything else goes wrong we had never claimed previously.

        More Than Enough Trouble!


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          04.11.2008 12:48
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          having made a claim I am 'more than' happy to recommend them!

          I must admit to being a bit of an insurance tart! Each year just before renewal time I look around for the best offers and prices and tend to change every year. Last year I had a £50 cash back via Quidco and ultimately chose to go with More than- mainly because of the cost to be honest rather than anything about the company.

          I have always regarded house and contents insurance as a bit of a rip off- Think the prices are quite high and I never claim so effectively I am paying for a what if situation. You may be perfectly happy with one insurance company as opposed to the other but sadly the only way you can tell if they are a good company is if you had the misfortune to have to make a claim.

          Anyway back to Morethan. I took out a combined buildings and contents plan with them with optional accidental cover as you never know what may happen. I don't have pedal cycles or things like that so didn't have this option but did raise the up a bit in personal possession's. Without checking my paperwork I cant say exactly how much it was but as I couldn't afford a lump sum payment I chose to pay it by monthly direct debit which worked out at about £25 a month

          The bank direct debit has worked faultlessly and have never had a problem with this and all the paperwork came through within a few days. Like all insurance policies you have to go through the various clauses with a fine toothcomb as I am convinced that they will wriggle out of it somehow!! But all seemed well.

          Everything was ticking along nicely until 2 moths before my policy was due and I had a break in at home. Could have been a lot worse but some things were taken. I deliberated for ages over making a claim as I also had £100 excess and thought if I made a claim by premiums would go up. However the stolen goods amounted to about £1500 so in the end I put a claim in and crossed my fingers.

          The police had been round and fingerprinted etc so I had a crime number to Hand when I called. The person on the end of the phone took all the details down including an approx cost of stolen goods and was told as it was over a certain amount they were not allowed to ok it so it had to go to an assessor. An appointment was made.

          I was dreading this. Not because I had anything to hide but I thought an assessors job was to ensure they paid out as little as possible and I was ready for a mental fight!

          How wrong could I have been.!!! The assessor came and I did have a fair few receipts even though they were about 4 years old. They asked to see where the break in happened, took some photos, arranged a repair man to come out and put it right on the spot. I was asked to make a list of things that were taken and model numbers etc which I was pleased to . Within a week I had full settlement -less my excess- and I was MORETHAN happy!!

          2 months down the line and insurance is due again. I tentatively did a search bearing in mind my recent claim. The prices that came were 20-30 in the range of the more than renewal so have gone with them for another 12 months.

          Overall I am really ,really pleased with them. Sadly I had to make my first ever claim in 20 years and it was dealt with very quickly and smoothly and with less hassle than I had anticipated. I would recommend them if they are in the same price range as another company.


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            03.06.2008 01:47
            Very helpful



            See Review

            Since I have been insured with More Th>n insurance for 2 years now I think I it's about time I wrote a review about them and their services.

            Why choose More Th>n
            Since I am a motor customer they where my first point of contact when my home insurance was due for renewal. I had always been happy with them when dealing with my car insurance and I thought it would be better if I had my insurances with the same company. In addition to that they offered some good benefits and also gave me enough cover for what I needed. When I taken insurance with them I also got cash back from Quidco.com, when I taken the policies out I got £60 back. I had also read other review about More Than and they had always been positive.

            Applying for home insurance through More Th>n

            Lots of way to apply for More Th>n home insurance, Most people like myself will do quotes on sites such moneysupermakert, confused.com, Tesco and many others. Obtain the best price and then research what cash back you can then get. I then went Via Quidco direct to More Than and complete their rather easy online application. You can call More Than free of charge on the number below to obtain a free no obligation quotation. It's always better to check direct as you will get the cheapest price. Ok the application for Home insurance very straight forward and easy with help prompts along the way. Hitting next after you fill in the relevant details you will then be taken on to the next page which will then lead you to the premium price. Quotations give my More Th>n are valid for 60 days.

            Paying for your policy
            If you choose to do the policy online then you have the option to pay in full by credit or debit card at no additional charge or you can pay by 12 monthly instalments straight from your nominated bank account. Currently the charge 6% if you decide to pay by monthly instalments. If you do the quotations over the telephone you can ask the advisor for the address to send a cheque too for your payment. I have paid my policy by monthly instalments for 2 years and never had a problem; I chosen the date that suited me and it has never changed since.

            what does there policy cover

            Building and contents - As I live in a rented flat I only ever buy contents - I have detailed that policy below. I will also provide a basic overview of buildings.

            - Standard £75,000 contents cover which includes freezer food contents also, now if you want accidental cover you need to add that to the policy that is not standard. Now like most home insurance policies they limit the amount they will pay for one single item and that is currently set at £7,500 (contents) which in my opinion is high enough for the normal runoff the mill family. With regards to accidental cover the most they will pay out for any one item is up to £1500 now on their policy you can specify more expensive items. I have done this every year and the premium has never ever increased. It's always safer to specify those items just in case, it means should your Plasma TV at £4500 be broken accidently they would cover you.
            For an additional £14.00 per year you can have More Th>n legal services, which will provide you with up to £50,000 worth of legal expenses to cover you in the event of Personal Injury, Residential, Tax and consumer protection. You also get a 24hr helpline. I have never taken advantage of this and would never in the future. It's your own personal choice. You decide.
            You can also choose to add bicycle cover to your policy for an additional fee, It is roughly £16 which will give you theft over for as many bicycles you have ion your house up to maximum of £300 each. There is a £25 excess applicable per claim

            Money, card and cheque books can be covered against loss or theft for additional fee, they cover up to £500 per claim and this also cover misuse of your cards. The excess is £25
            Personal Possessions away from the home such as Cameras, jewellery, sports equip etc can be covered on your home insurance policy for a small fee. They will cover unto £1500 and the excess is £100 per claim.

            Buildings cover will cover a standard £500,000if you require additional cover you will need to call them and you will be unable to take the policy out online. There standard excess is £100 per claim, you also have the choice to add accidental cover to the building too. This would cover any accidental damage that is caused to your building. Cover for subsidence is provided with an excess of £1000. For more information on their buildings cover please see their website.

            Price comparison
            More Th>n is certainly not always going to be the cheapest but it's not always about price, Anytime I done quotes through comparison sites they were always in the top five for me. They always seem to be around the similar price to the like of Norwich Union and AA insurance.

            Contacting More Than

            You can contact More Th>n a few ways when a customer - By email always seems to be the easiest way, you just fire the email off to the email address provided and usually within a few hours you get a personal reply. You can also call their customer service team for free, and you can also write to them for the slowest response.

            My lord the postman has just been and what the hell has he fired through my door, it was the loudest bang I have heard in a long time. It was the documents for my home insurance. Ok within the welcome letter you have the welcome letter providing you will all the relevant contact details you will ever need it also has your policy number on the letter, Your certificate of insurance is within, Policy summary which provides you with a full breakdown of the policy and what it covers, You also get a sheet which gives you all the number for other departments such as car insurance, life insurance, etc etc. The most important documents to check are direct debit forms, certificate and the claims summary.

            What are their contact centres like?

            Any time I have made contact with them via the telephone I have been delighted with the service very professional at all times and always very helpful. Even on one occasion I was not happy about the marketing calls I was receiving from them they listened to what I had to say and then presented me with a resolution without having a to get a manager. I truly believe that there staff are trained to a high standard and are doing the company proud. On the many occasions I have emailed them I have always been delighted with the prompt professional response.

            I will never forget my dad telling me 10 years ago, son your insurance company is only as good as your first claim..... I really understood that to be honest. That was until I had to claim on my More Than policy. We had a party and as usual the party got out of hand, it was Hogmanay the TV was knocked over and damaged. Initially I was not going to claim and just called the local repair man who quoted me £450 to fix it. I then decided to claim. So got all the documents out and read the small print, I was covered now to call the insurance company. Free phone number again and I was straight through to Michael who asked a few simple questions and then asked me for the model number of the TV, I told him what it was and he said ok someone will be in touch to settle it within a few hours. Michael was spot on and someone called within the time and told me they would have vouchers sent out for the value of £798 which takes in to account my excess and they compared my TV again this certain model. I was delighted with the service and within a few days I had the vouchers for Curry's (I choose) and I simply went in to curry's and bought the TV end of. I can't fault them in anyway what so ever.


            Like most insurance companies they attempt to auto renew your policy which means they sent you the renewal letter 6wks before and you forget to cancel and they simply renew it for you. I always check the price against a few others and so far I have been happy. When you renew you get your documents at the time of your renewal letter so make sure you keep hold of that.

            Making changes and contact details
            A simple phone call and you can have your details changed; remember insurance premium will change if the risk insured changes.
            Please call us on:
            Sales Numbers
            Home Quotation - 0800 300 660
            Web Quotation Helpline - 0800 107 1905
            (Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm, Saturday 8am to 7pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm)

            Service Numbers
            Customer Service Line - 0800 107 1892
            (Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 8am to 7pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm)

            Claims Numbers
            Claims Helpline - 0800 300 699
            (Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm to report a new claim or to enquire about an existing claim)

            Help lines
            24-hour Domestic Emergency Helpline - 0800 300 684
            24-hour Free Legal Advice Line - 0800 300 688
            For your protection, calls may be recorded and may be monitored.

            MORE TH>N
            Customer Services Centre
            P O Box 825
            Colmore Gate
            B3 2AY

            Final thought
            I have now been with More Th>n insurance for over 2years and I can personally say I have been delighted with all aspects of their service so far. They always act is the customers interest and I truly believe they strive to provide an excellent service. They may not be the cheapest out there but there service is better than most of their competitors

            Would I recommend? Most certainly

            Thanks for reading - Marcellep


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              23.05.2008 10:20
              Very helpful




              You definitely get MORE THAN.

              I purchased this contents only home insurance just over a year ago & what made me buy it were the great features that came with it.


              What comes as standard...

              -£70,000 standard contents cover.
              -£500,000 buildings cover.
              - £500 for locks and keys if they were to be lost or stolen.
              - Contents cover for your plants and trees.

              Optional extras for a small fee.......

              -£2000 personal possessions cover in the UK & other countries (optional extra)
              -£500 credit cards & cash.
              - £500 bike cover.
              - Family legal protection.
              - Full accidental cover if anything was accidentally damaged in the home by pets or children maybe even you.

              MY EXPERIENCE........

              A short while after buying this insurance I needed to make a claim for personal belongings and cash to the total sum of £2000 and the claims department were really helpful & sympathetic as this was a really bad time for me having my bag stolen.

              During the process of the claim I had a member of staff come to visit me to see how I was and to talk about the claim just to make sure they are doing their job properly; I felt this was dealt with in a very good & professional manner.

              They made me feel very reassured & paid out the claim in just one week so I was at no loss and it was then resolved.


              I brought Contents only insurance with personal belongings & money away from the home and it only cost me a mere £15 per month however due to my claim my renewal bumped up to £19.50 per month and they put the excess up by £100 which I felt was slightly unfair as my claim wasn't due to negligence, but I have stayed with them as they did deal with my claim in an excellent way & it is still great value for money.


              YES DEFINATELY.

              If you have had a bad experience in the past and you are looking for a better insurance why don't you get a quote off the internet where you get a 20% discount and quite literality get More Than you asked for.

              Thank you for reading and your comments would be much appreciated.

              Cheers Katie. x x


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                06.04.2008 08:13



                dire -and that's just the indian call centres !!!

                More than = less than a happy customer.

                i'll make this brief as if i start ranting on i'll blow a main fuse with these cretins. Zeo customer service and offshoring is the watchword....

                scenario, phone call for home insurance

                quotes price, happy, send out policy, didn't have accidental damage, so rang back a week later, added in, stated that amended policy would be due, fine. Rang up when got letter to check that the 57 quid change in premium would be taken OVER the monthly premiums and not in an extra lump sum (got thru' to some indian sweat-shop call centre where they'r trained to 'talk cockney - mate') was advised that yes would be adjusted and then that's that, fine. I took info at face value ..

                went down bank, GOTCHA !! took the additional premium of 57 quid PLUS the months premium, dispute what was said on phone so indian call centre memsab LIED ... so rang them up again, got thru to the Birmingham call centre, was promised a call back after the weekend to sort, nothing materialised, the 57 quid was returned several days later but not before i'd sent the policy back in the post, closed off the DD Mandate and told them that the companies customer service was shoddy to say the least...

                thought nothing of it until i got latest bank statement, i'd been hammered 30.00 for an unpaid direct debit, bearing in mind that i had set the policy up for 28th each month (as paid on 27th) makes sense doesn't it, so what do the clowns do? Take the premium on the 26th of the month .... Thanks A BUNCH !!

                so letter in post this week, waiting to see if i can get the 30.00 dd charges credited as their total screw up on this from start to finish, and in all honesty if i knew it was going to be this frustrating i'd have gone elsewhere straight away.

                The equation is ;- More Than = less than customer service.

                Would I recommend? Not in the burning flames of hell, 1st for the offshoring and untrained wallahs in the indian outfit and secondly the staff in the UK don't appear to be able to carry their promises, if you say you'll call back, you call back , not leave people hanging on a string ... not impressed at all, god only knows what would have happened if i'd have had to make a claim, i dread to think...

                Avoid at all costs to save your sanity and the plethora of broken promises that this outfit break with an air of arrogance and couldn't care attitude. I care - that's why they will NEVER get my business again, period.


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                  01.05.2007 20:08



                  Great site to navigate and really good value product with lots of additional benefits. Especially good if you have lots of contents as the cover is up to £75K so I didn't need to add everything up.


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