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Androv B22 Bayonet Candle Daylight Bulb

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Manufacturer: Androv / Type: Light bulb

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2010 17:58
      Very helpful



      Great in theory...

      We all like a bit of natural light in our lives, and the long winter months can be a depressing time, especially for sufferers of SAD (Seasonal Affectation Disorder). Luckily I don't suffer from SAD, but finding a source of natural light when the sun is nowhere to be seen, is something which has health benefits to all. Normal everyday lightbulbs only emit a limited range from the full spectrum of colours, and as such, aren't an effective replica of natural light. There are bulbs available however that transmit the entire colour spectrum (including a tiny amount of UV light), and bring with them a whole host of health benefits including less irritability, a better immune system, and an increased stability of the hormonal system.

      Natural Daylight bulbs should really be used during normal waking hours, and using them through the night may lead to difficulty in sleeping. This is due to the fact that the body is fooled into thinking that it is still daytime - however, if you use these bulbs in the morning, then it is said that sleeping patterns will actually improve for sufferers of insomnia. In an ideal world, you would have your natural bulbs on a different switch, so that you could turn them off at around six, and revert to regular light - although in actuality, this wouldn't be practical.

      'So where can you purchase these daylight bulbs from?' you may ask. Well, Androv Medical are a company specialising in natural light products, and their website can be found at www.androv-medical.com. Similarly, their bulbs can be purchased from the Amazon website. I decided to buy one of their bulbs for my parent's kitchen, which is situated in the basement of the house. Although it does have (small) windows, and is generally well lit, it doesn't get a lot of natural light.

      I opted for the Bayonet Candle Daylight Bulb which has a nine Watt output and a colour temperature which is the equivalent of noon daylight (6,000 Kelvin). Although pricey at £8.95 (plus £5 extra for post & packaging), I though it would be well worth it if it delivered the promised 10,000 hours as stated on the box, and provided a better quality of light in the room.

      These bulbs are good in theory due to the fact that, like energy savers, they use 75% less energy than regular bulbs, and remain fairly cool during use, which allows them to be placed near a lampshade. On the downside, they can't be used with a dimmer switch - although this wasn't an issue for me, as I don't have a dimmer anyway.

      The bulb arrived in around a week, and was well packaged. I popped it into the fitting, and excitedly flicked on the switch. The light was beautiful, flooding the room with a natural looking glow. The light emitted is slightly more bluey in tone than the yellowy cast of a regular bulb, and is actually quite relaxing - I was entirely happy with the purchase... until... after around an hour, the bulb made a loud popping sound and the went out. Hmm, not exactly the 10,000 hours as stated on the box. I sent Androv Medical an email explaining what had happened, and to be honest, their customer services were excellent, sending me a replacement bulb within a week. Slotting the replacement into the light fitting, I was happy in the knowledge that this second bulb would surely last longer that than the first - and it did... by half an hour, before making the same popping sound and leaving the room in darkness. Therefore, two of these bulbs lasted a total of two-and-a-half-hours - is that acceptable? I think not. Bear in mind that this is a regular light fitting which works perfectly, and has never had any issues in the past.

      I sent both faulty bulbs back to Androv with a letter explaining the issues I had, but have heard nothing back since.

      So would I recommend buying one of *these* bulbs? absolutely not. Would I recommended using a natural lightbulb? yes - this review is only for this particular one of Androv's product range, and i'm sure some of their other bulbs wouldn't have the same issues - however, due to my experiences, I certainly wouldn't buy another of their products.

      Whilst the bulb lasted it was really wonderful, but why would I pay a total price of over £13 (with P&P) for a product which lasts around an hour!?

      Summary of Features
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      * Convenient source of full spectrum light at any time
      * Colour Temperature equivalent to Noon daylight (6,000 Kelvin)
      * CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 95
      * Full rainbow colour spectrum with accurate natural colours
      * High contrast improves visibility and reading comfort
      * Uses up to 75% less energy than standard bulbs


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