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Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp

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    2 Reviews
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      19.04.2016 23:07


      • Classic


      • "Not cheap"

      They don't make them like they used to but make them look like them..

      Table lamps live an unenviable life. They suffer our ire of having to be there when we get up early for work and so swiping around at the alarm clock and sending the lamp tumbling with a thump for shining in our eyes. They can’t brace their fall and the poor old bulb gets a headache, and two of three concussions later the filament has had enough and pings out, the death of another 60w - not that you should put a 60w in it. One of there other many grim tasks of the tablelamp is trapping bugs and flies like some sort of Venus Flytrap, or yet again being the pretend night watchman for when you go out and so the burglars think you are in reading a book for bedtime. I’m told leaving a light on doesn’t deter modern burglars, only thick glass. I think the only time these lamps are happy is when they are turned off.

      So after blowing up my last one after one too many of those drunken fumbles and ladies stilettos sending it flying I decided to get a new one from Argos. I like the Anglepoise design of the extending arm based on the old medical devices and lamps as its classical and practical. The engineering is cool and you can adjust it to all angles with great balance of the structure, the must have for dentists and CIA torturers. It’s a nice metallic aluminum silver arm that’s albow jointed and a solid metal base to keep it on your desk. It has about four moving parts with a wing nut type catch to keep it in place if you so desire. The flex is nice and long and won’t pull it off the desk. It has the on/off switch on the flex and easy to reach from your bed. My previous one didn’t have a long flex and that also sent it flying.

      It needs a low watt bulb so you are looking at around 15watts. DO NOT PUT A CLEAR BULB in desk or normal covered light fittings because if it’s a metal cover over the bulb it will super heat it and burn you or young families fingers and if it’s ‘plasticy’ it will melt it. A lot of house fires in flats and houses are caused by the clear bulb incendiary bomb. You need a half or full metallic covered bulb so heat only goes forward. If it’s a light fitting without a cover a clear bulb is fine and very useful for warming the room up in the winter. Your room will be noticeably warmer if you use clear spots. But always check.

      It cost around £30 pounds in Argos and a good price for the brand and design but much pricier in likewise shops. It was my birthday present from my big sister. Packaging was good in case you need to return it and the type of sturdy box you can reuse for something else. The company has been going for 75-years and they specialize in these designs and so I expect along life in it and it feels durable to the hand. You can have them in different colors and yes there is a pink one girls! As women will blindly pay more for pink anything the website charges more for the pink one. I can find no reason other than the price to recommend this kit and you can pick up a decent table lamp for a tenner so no worries there. If you enjoy style and engineering design like I do then this one you will like. Ok, they font make them like they used to so but they make them look like them.


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      30.12.2011 20:01
      Very helpful



      If you buy one you will never look back!

      I first got this lamp about four years ago as a present. I knew it was coming and was a little dubious about its design however when it arrived I immediately recognized why the name had so much prowess behind it and the price was so high.

      -Out of the box-
      The lamp comes boxed very nicely and you have to first assemble the product with the supplied Allen key. There are clear and simple instructions to tell even a DIY novice what to do, which is great. What sets this lamp apart from the rest though is the fact that everything is completely adjustable to your personal preferences. As you assemble the product, or even later as you desire, you can change the tensions/resistances of every joint so the lamp behaves exactly as you want.

      The white inside of the shade is built so that it reflects most of the light out the front of it, which makes for a very bright light from just a small energy saving light bulb which it comes with. (Small screw thread fitting)

      -General use-
      Personally I use this lamp at the edge of my desk and what I like is its stability and precision due to its design. The base of this lamp is very heavy so it will never fall over and you can adjust the lamp to look in any direction easily and it will stay there. The balance of this product is truly amazing! The base of the lamp has a 360degree rotation, there are then two hinges on the arm and the shade then rotates about 300 degrees for any viewing angle. There is a small inline toggle switch on the power cord which fits nicely out the way and doesn't get tangled but is easy to reach.

      This product has moved with me about four times now and the fact that it can come apart with just a simple allen key is a great feature. The whole lamp folds up incredibly small and different parts of it can be packed separately for ease of transport. This dismatling also allows for easy greasing of joints, or replacing of o-rings if needed - though I have never had to undergo any serious maintenance yet.

      This product has served me well for years now and I have only had to oil the hinges/joints once. I have never had any problems and the overall build and quality of the lamp is astonishing. I truly believe that this lamp will last for many more years to come and even when or if it breaks I will certainly purchase another Anglepoise lamp. Yes this is an expensive product but it is well built and I could not improve on its design at all. If you buy one you will never regret it! The best lamp on the market.


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  • Product Details

    Type75™, the top selling Anglepoise® model, is the perfect task light. Combining all the high quality fittings and features you’d expect from Anglepoise. Designed by Kenneth Grange, its classical looks, smooth lines, flowing movement and full adjustability make this one of the very best choices for a task lamp. Comes with complete with a powerful 15 Watt CFL bulb.

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