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Argos Groovy Silver Finish Wax Lamp

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Manufacturer: Argos / Type: Table Lamp

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    2 Reviews
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      06.04.2012 21:39
      Very helpful



      Inexpensive attractive lamp for mood lighting

      ---Why I Had This---

      This lamp has been on sale from Argos for a number of years now and was given to me as a Christmas gift from one of my sons a few years back.


      Lava lamps were invented in the 1960s and were then classed as 'groovy' and very modern. Now they are fashionable agai in a retro sort of way.

      ---The Product---

      Groovy Silver Finish Blue and Red Wax Lamp.
      Argos say 'Kids will love this alternative groovy Wax Lamp in blue and red, which evokes moveable and eye-catching shapes'.
      Silver finish with a wavy shaped top.
      Mains operated.
      Bulbs required: 1 x 30W SES (included).
      The lamp has a 56 inch lead which has an on/off switch about 9 inches from the base.
      The silver top section is fixed onto the glass section.
      The glass is just pushed into the base.
      The base is 6 inches tall, the glass section is 8 inches and the silver colour top cap is 2 inches.


      Just plug in and switch on.
      However it takes between an hour to one and a half hours for the wax to fully melt and get circulating properly.


      £12.99 but now reduced to £9.69.

      ---My Opinion---

      I loved lava lamps back in the 60s when they first came out but never imagined I would end up owning one!
      This was a complete surprise gift but much appreciated.
      The base and silvery top is made of silver colour plastic - the centre bottle part just rests in the base and contains very pale blue liquid and red wax.
      My first lava lamp had a dud bulb that only lasted a day or two - and being an odd size to source we returned it to Argos for a replacement. This second lamp must be much better as it has now lasted me for quite a few years.
      As per instructions above the lamp does take a while to heat up but then you get a rolling motion of blobs of wax rising and falling.
      The lamp is quite top heavy as the glass section is heavier than the plastic base where the bulb is so you need to be careful where you position your lamp.
      Argos sell this as a 'kids' gift but due to the fact that it gets hot, contains melted wax and is top heavy I would not be happy giving one to a child - a teenager would be ok but I would want it in an out of the way position.
      The light from the lamp is just a sort of a glow as the bulb is low down in the base and with the red wax in the base as well it gives more of a sort of mood lighting.
      I must admit this lamp is not used every day at home - but I do use it a lot around Christmas time and also when visitors are coming.
      You have to remember to switch on in plenty of time if you want the wax to be moving properly.


      I do not know the composition of the contents of the lamp but googling shows that some lamps contain carbon tetrachloride which is poisonous - so this is another reason why I would not like it in a child's room in case it was smashed, as well as the fact that te base gets quite hot.
      Lava lamps have exploded and even caused death by being heated on a stove.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 Stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely.




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        13.07.2010 17:08
        Very helpful



        Lava Lamps

        When we moved into a new flat with boring magnolia walls, instead of redecorating we decided to buy accessories and ornaments to brighten up the rooms. As I've always been fascinated by lava lamps, (there's something quite hypnotic in the way the globules of wax float up and down) I decided that these 'Groovy' silver finish lamps would be perfect additions to the bedroom and lounge. Available in two different colour schemes (red/blue and lilac/white) the Groovy lamps are available from Argos for a very reasonable £12.99 each and I have one of each colour.
        Each of the lamps comes securely packed in a cardboard box, while they are a little heavy, it's nothing to stop them being carried. The lamps themselves have to be assembled, which is fairly simple, in fact just a case of screwing a light bulb in and then stacking the three sections up. I did originally think that the light bulb wasn't supplied, but it was hidden in the packaging and I'd thrown it away, so the light bulb could have been better packed.

        The lamps themselves do slightly betray the small price that I paid for them (but still look good). The base and lid sections are made of cheap matte silver coloured plastic that doesn't really do a very good impression of metal and the glass water and wax section simply slots into the base, there's nothing to hold it in place other than gravity. If the lamp gets knocked over then the heavy glass section will fall and could cause a safety hazard, especially as it does get very hot.
        In use the Groovy lamps are easy to switch on and off via the switch built into the reasonably long cord. I have one placed on my bedside table, right next to a socket and the other in the lounge, a couple of metres away from the socket. Once switched on the lamps give off a quite gentle glow, just bright enough to read by, but not bright enough to disturb my sleeping baby and certainly not bright enough to do needlework. After the lamp has been on for about 20 minutes the wax in the glass section begins to soften and rise, making some quite strange shapes and then after about an hour the lamps start to look quite pretty as blobs of wax start breaking off and making their way up and down the glass section. I'd say it takes a good couple of hours for the lamp to warm enough for the full effect though, so I always turn it on in advance if I've got people coming round. If the lamps are turned off before the wax is moving freely, the wax will not fall back to the bottom and can look quite weird.

        Once the wax is moving freely, the lamps look really cool, the wavy shape of the glass section along with the rounded corners gives the impression that there is far more wax in the lamp than there really is. Of the two colour schemes, the red and blue is a lot more vibrant, with bright red wax floating in a pale blue liquid. Although I did think the blue liquid would be a lot more intense than it was. The lilac and white colour scheme is far more girly, with white wax floating in a beautiful pale lilac liquid. This is the lamp I have in my bedroom and it's a lovely way of adding a bit of colour.
        Once these lamps have been on for a while they do get very hot, so they do need to be placed somewhere away from little hands. Being 42cm tall they are also quite large for table lamps and yet too small to be floor lamps, it's a good idea to make sure you have somewhere safe to place them before purchasing. As far as efficiency goes, these cannot use energy efficient light bulbs, but take a 30W mini screw-in bulb which can be quite difficult to purchase. Saying that these have been used every evening for three months now and are still going strong.

        As I said at the beginning of this review, lava lamps have always fascinated me and I've always wanted one in my bedroom. It was only on moving into a new flat that I decided to buy these, first the lilac one to go in my bedroom and then I liked that so much that I bought the blue and red one for my front room. I find them so relaxing and they are often admired by visitors. Not only that but 14 week old Freddy loves sitting on my knee watching the blobs of wax rising and falling. I have, however, made sure that they are out reach for the foreseeable future and may need to move them once he's walking. This is not only due to the fact that they get quite hot, but also because if they are pulled they will come apart and the glass section is heavy and would cause damage to little feet.
        So am I recommending the Argos Groovy Lamps? Yes of course, they look quite nice, do the job, are hypnotic to watch and all this at a reasonable price. Of course, I wouldn't suggest using them in a young child's room and would suggest you use your common sense when placing them in family rooms. But overall they get four stars out of five from me.


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