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B&Q Alpha Hummingbird Pendant Shade White

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Brand: B&Q / Type: Decorative lampshade

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2011 14:37
      Very helpful



      A lovely light pendant which will create a focal point

      When it came to decorating my daughter's nursery in the new house I wanted it a bit more mature and classic rather than babyish as I wanted it to be something that she would grow into. But I still wanted it girly and pretty. Fortunately her bedding was already sorted from a lovely range by Mothercare. Her curtains were just plain pink and her blackout blind is white. I prefer light, pastel colours as it keeps the room airy and doesn't make it feel small. When it came to her light fitting I wanted something a little unique, nothing over the top but something a little more special than your bog standard lampshade.

      After googling I came across a few lampshades which I really liked but one stood out in particular - the Hummingbird Pendant Shade. I immediately took a liking to it and because it was white it wasn't going to give off a coloured glow to the room but instead it would keep the room light and bright when switched on.

      As you can see from the picture the Hummingbird Pendant Shade has loads of hummingbirds in strips hanging down from a frame. Sometimes items do not look as good as they do in the picture but once this pendant shade is actually up it does look exactly the same as the picture!

      *~* Putting it together *~*

      The pendant comes in around four pieces all in a very narrow box. The instructions are actually pretty complex when compared to what the actual item is! It isn't hard to figure out how the item goes to together but what is important is getting the hummingbirds in the correct position. In the pack you get:

      One white metal frame with spokes
      A piece of clear thin acrylic (or similar material)
      Long hummingbirds
      Small hummingbirds

      To put together you simply fasten the clear acrylic around the metal frame. There are two little plastic type fastenings at either end of the acrylic, this helps keep the barrel shape in place although should you lose them a small bit of selotape does the job just as good! Once this has been made you have the base of your light fitting. The metal frame has spokes which go around the top of the frame to form a circle. There are two types of spokes, long and short but they have a little ridge at the end where the hummingbird pieces will sit.

      The hummingbird strips are white and are made of a very thin plastic so it is important than you are careful with them and not heavy handed as they can tear. To hang the hummingbirds on the frame you simple put the long strips on the short spokes and then the short strips of hummingbirds on the long pokes to get a waterfall type effect. They will all sit happily in the little ridge on the frame and won't fall off. The hummingbird strips manage to make a layered effect which covers the clear acrylic and once the light fitting is up you can hardly see the white metal frame as all you can see are the hummingbirds.

      When attaching to your light fitting just be careful you don't accidently pull on the hummingbird strips as they may tear which would ruin the lightshade.

      *~* Overall *~*

      Now it's actually up it does look lovely and does create a focal point in my daughter's nursery. Because it is white it matches everything perfectly and gives that unique look I was wanting. It will no doubt be an absolute pain to clean but a quick going over with a feather duster or something similar will get the job done.

      Because it is white it manages to brighten up the room well making it feel light and airy. I often find my daughter staring at the pendant especially if I've picked her up as the hummingbirds hang down just enough for her to get a good look at it.

      Once I knew how to put together I found it easy and it took me around 10 minutes as I wanted to make sure I got it right. However, the instructions do make it seem like you need a degree in rocket science and it was these that I found confusing. They are only helpful when they tell you about how to hang the hummingbirds as I can imagine you wouldn't really know what to do and in what pattern they should go without looking at the instructions.

      Definitely a great buy for my daughter's nursery and was exactly what I was wanting in order to add a little uniqueness to her bedroom.

      *~* Price & Availability *~*

      They are no longer available at B&Q unfortunately and I think I paid around £9.00. I have however seen these pendants on Ebay


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