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Homebase Darcy Pendant

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Brand: Homebase / Type: Ceiling Lamp

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    1 Review
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      14.06.2011 19:09
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      A nice shade at a good price

      A couple of weeks ago I decided to revamp our hall a little bit, we have never really done much to it other paint the walls, however these had got a few marks on them from where we had brought furniture in and the window frame was in need of staining, but also what I wasn't keen on was the lamp shade, it was one that was here when we moved in and for some reason we had never got round to changing it so I decided that whilst I was painting and staining the wood work in the hall I would buy a new lamp shade, one which was more in keeping with our colour scheme. We wanted the hall to be in keeping with the lounge as the door from the hall opens into the lounge, the main colours in our lounge are black (the sofa) and a deep purple with cream coloured walls, after hunting around Homebase I was unable to find one in either of these colours which would be suitable so I decided to go for something more neutral, I came across the Darcy Pendant Lamp shade it was ideal for what we wanted and fitted in perfectly with both the lounge and hall.

      The Darcy Pendant came in a large black square box with the words Darcy Pendant written on all sides of it along with a large picture of the lamp shade which made seeing what you were buying very easy. The lamp shade was very well packaged inside the box, it came wrapped in a clean polythene bag and was held in place with 2 large square pieces of polystyrene which sat on the bottom and on top of the lamp shade, the polystyrene fitted very tightly inside the box meaning that the lamp shade did not move around at all, the whole thing was very well packaged. Inside the box was a small leaflet containing the assembly instruction these were very basic but yet easy to follow.

      The Lamp Shade
      The actual design of the lamp shade is quite simple however it is very pretty and a bit different to the regular lamp shades you can buy. It is basically a cylinder shape made from frosted glass, but to make it a little bit different it has a variety of flower shapes etched into it, these flowers are made from totally clear glass to contrast the frosted glass which makes up the majority of the shade, I think the idea of this is that the light shines through the clear glass flowers a little bit brighter than the rest of the shade. The Darcy Pendant is bigger than the lamp shade we already had in our hall however we were looking for something a little larger, although not too big as our hall is not the biggest ever, the lamp shade measures at 22cm high and 14cm in diameter, I have to admit I did not actually check this before I brought the lamp shade however it happens to be the perfect size, not too small but not so big its overpowering. The lamp shade requires no wiring at all and simply fits onto existing light fittings, the fittings which come attached to the top of the lamp shade are silver and blend in very well, once up you can hardly see the metal prongs which allow the lamp shade to be fitted to the existing light fitting.

      Ease of Fitting
      Now I will have a go at most things around the house DIY wise but when it comes to anything to do with the electrics its really not my thing, even though no wiring was required. As my fiancé was away on a stag weekend my Dad put the lamp shade up for me and he assured me that it was very easy to do, it simply screwed in place using the metal prongs at the top of the shade, in about 10 minutes he had the old one down and the new one up and in place. The lamp shade is so easy to fit that the instructions were not even needed, however they are there if you do want a quick look at them.

      Price & Durability
      As I have mentioned I purchased my Darcy Pendant from my local Homebase and it cost me just £13.99, personally I thought this was very reasonably priced, the lamp shade is of an excellent quality and is very well made, once in place it feels extremely sturdy and does not moved if knocked. I feel that this item was being sold at a fair price for such a good quality product.

      My Opinion
      I would definitely recommend the Darcy Pendant lamp shade, once in place with the light on the light really does shine through the flower shapes etched in the frosted glass, the shape of the lamp shade evenly distributes the light around the room brightening it up considerably. The lamp shade goes very well with our colour scheme however as it is made from glass it is an item that would go with any colour at all, it is also suitable for any room, it is also very readably priced. Installing the lamp shade is easy and literally takes minutes to do and there is no wiring required. This is certainly something I would recommend to anyone.


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