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Homebase Pre-Lit Black Twigs with Mirror Pieces

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Brand: Homebase

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2011 11:26
      Very helpful



      Well worth the money

      When I first moved into my house I purchased myself some decorative twigs to put in the new purple vase I had been brought, these were quite thin twigs and came in a large bunch, these looked lovely and were ideal for what I wanted, that was until we got Layla who took a shine to the twigs meaning they had to be removed from the room every time she was left in the lounge alone. In the end I removed the twigs and began looking for an alternative, that's when I found the Pre-Lit Black Twigs with Mirror Pieces in my local Homebase, they were perfect for my lounge, and extremely pretty.

      The Pre-Lit Twigs came in a long thin clear plastic box allowing you to see the twigs inside, around the bottom of the box was a piece of card with the name of the twigs, Pre-Lit Black Twigs with Mirror Pieces and the word Homebase, from what I can remember the label wrapped around the bottom of the box was mainly black and cream. I cannot remember the exact details as it was a while ago that I brought the twigs and the box was thrown out more or less straight away. The box was reasonably thick keeping the twigs inside tightly packed together, this prevented them from being damaged or bent.

      The Twigs are basically wavy dark brown/ black twigs, they have smaller wispy pieces of twig coming of the main stems to make them look less rigid, you only get 5 stems per pack so the smaller wispy pieces of twig bulk the bunch out, however personally with these larger thicker twigs I think anymore than 5 stems could look a bit over the top. Comparing the twigs to the larger packets you can by where the twigs are very thin and bendy the Pre-Lit Twigs are quite a bit thicker and are more like the thickness of actual twigs, they are also rigid and cannot be bent, they are already wavy but you cannot bend them to any different shape, they will snap if you attempt this. The twigs have small mirror pieces and clear beads attached to them at random intervals down the whole length, they are attached to the twigs using thin silver wire, the mirror pieces and beads can be bent to a certain extent into different positions using the wire, however I have left mine how they came. Each twig stem also has small white lights wrapped around them, these are attached using a thin black wire. The lights are clear and spiral down the length of each twig, they all meet up at the bottom with the wires merging into one and then in turn into a large plug, this does mean that the twigs cannot be separated, personally I'm not sure why you would separate them but the wire does mean you cannot do this if you wanted to. The wire is wrapped in a way that it is not noticeable at all, you really have to look closely to see it, it blends in perfectly.

      I have my twigs in a medium sized vase, they measure at 120cm high so you can get away with a reasonably tall vase, anything too small will over balance due to the height of the twigs. Once the twigs were in position inside the vase I did notice that the wire attached to the bottom of the sticks was extremely long, I had my vase of sticks positioned near a plug so didn't actually need hardly any of the wire, the wire is thin enough to be able to wind up and tuck inside the bottom of the vase which is what I did, also the plug at the end of the wire is equally huge and heavy. I did not need the amount of wire that was provided however if you wanted to position the twigs a little way away from a plug there is plenty of wire to stretch around the room to reach the nearest plug.

      When the twigs are plugged in the small lights are totally clear, they are quite bright and reflect off of the mirror pieces and beads making them sparkle, they really do look pretty, we have ours on more during the winter months when the nights are darker and they really do create a warm cosy feel to your lounge. The Pre Lit Twigs are a simple idea but very effective they are a pretty decorative piece to have in any room without being over the top and in your face. Even when not plugged in the twigs still look lovely, ours are quite near to our lounge window so during the day when the sun is shining the sunlight catches on the mirror pieces and beads creating little rainbow patterns on the wall behind them and making them really sparkle.

      As I have mentioned the Pre-Lit Black Twigs with Mirrors come from Homebase, they cost £25.99, this is a little bit expensive for just 5 twigs however they are well worth the money, they look very pretty in any room and are long lasting, we have not had any problems with ours and all the bulbs are in perfect working order, personally I feel that they were well worth the money. They are also quite hardwearing, ours have been knocked over a few times by Layla (and us) and have not broken, I think if you bent them too far they would snap but they are pretty sturdy and can take the knocks of every day life.

      I would definitely recommend the Pre-Lit Black Twigs, they are an excellent addition to any room and can create a warm and cosy glow in the winter months. Whilst they are a bit on the expensive side they are very hardwearing and the bulbs are long lasting ( we have had ours over 2 years). I would recommend this item to anyone wanting to purchase a decorative piece for their house that is not too over the top but at the same time brightens up the room and adds a bit of sparkle.


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