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Ikea Orgel Floor

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3 Reviews

Brand: Ikea / Type: Floor Lamp

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    3 Reviews
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      02.12.2011 15:22
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      Good value floorstanding lamp but could do with a more robust construction/design.

      Although I am not an Ikea fanatic I still go in there occasionally when I am looking for something specific. I think that whilst a lot of their products can be quite basic, they are good value for money. I were looking for a lamp for my living room last year and although I didn't have a specific model in mind I thought I would have a look and see what they had. The Ikea Orgel Floor lamp was priced at £24.99 (I think) and it certainly wasn't the most expensive lamp they had for sale. Even so, I thought it would work well with the colours and furniture I had in my living space and bought one.

      I do like the occasional bit of DIY and with Ikea well-known for its flat-pack furniture I had anticipated some element of construction to be required. The orgel was no exception to this rule, the large silver base was heavy enough to provide a good platform for the lamp and it proved sturdy enough to resist being knocked over easily. The post joining the lamp to the base came in two sections, so it was a simple case of screwing these pieces together and then attaching it all to the base. Assembly was straight forward and there were even a few directions if you struggled, but I can imagine most people being able to follow them easily. Finally, the handle for the cord to turn the lamp on/off had to be attached, assembly couldn't really have been much easier as things like the lamp wiring was pre-threaded etc. through the post. The lampshade then had to be attached, which just meant opening it from its flat state and fixing wires in place to keep the lampshade in shape.

      The lampshade is a soft cream colour and so fitted in nicely with my living space. The entire height of the lamp is 148cm, so is an ideal height to be able to offer lighting for reading in the evening and dark winter days. The design of the whole lamp is reasonable, with its solid and heavy base offering a sturdy structure and the aesthetic side of the design also being up to the usual Ikea standards. The lamp is obviously basic at this pricetag, but it doesn't look to have had corners cut in its design.

      The only real letdown for this me is actually how robust the lamp is. Although the base is heavy and gives a sturdy base to the lamp, I think that because the lampshade is made from paper this is where the corners have been cut. Although the lamp looks good, it isn't made from premium materials. A paper lampshade is more something I would use as a temporary measure than a permanant one, and as the post of the lamp is very slender I don't think it appears very robust either. I think that the basic rigid structure of a lamp has been brushed aside to allow for an elegant and expensive looking one. Although the lampshade and overall head of the lamp isn't 'top heavy' I think that the bulky top of the lamp isn't suited to the slender pole that attaches it to the base.

      I have to give stars for the design and style of the lamp, also for the cost. Unfortunately, whilst the lamp has a sturdy base it isn't as robust as I would have liked due partly to the paper lampshade and spindly pole.


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        12.06.2010 22:55
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        Not up to IKEAs usual high standards

        When my previous IKEA floor lamp broke after many years of faithful service, I immediately rushed back to try to find a similar replacement. My old lamp had cost £12.99 from IKEA and was solid and reliable - unfortunately my second lamp was not of the same calibre.

        As always, I went for one of the cheaper options - the Orgel floor lamp at £24.99. An elegant creation, with a square cream coloured shade sitting on top of a slim brushed steel post, I felt that this modern and stylish lamp would jet my living room into the 21st century.

        As a veteran IKEA customer, I am confident in assembling any flatpack, and the Orgel was no exception. The large square silver base was weighted and provided a good heavy stand for the post. The post came in two parts with the flex threaded through the centre, and it was merely a case of screwing the top and bottom parts of the post together and then screwing the post into the base. The flex was also pre-threaded through the base, so there was no fiddly manoevres to be carried out. The bulb holder unit was already fixed securely to the top of the post and thus the unit was quickly and easily assembled.

        Two final things were left to complete the job: firstly the little chain pull which switches the light on and off needs to have the small weighted handle attached. This is easily done by screwing it onto the chain. Secondly the shade needs to be attached. The lampshade comes in a flat and collapsed state, like most IKEA paper shades, and simply needs to be pulled open and kept erect by fixing two bracing wires into the metal loops at the top and bottom of the shade.

        The lamp's mellow cream shade casts a very nice light in the room, and the dangly little on-off pull gives it an extra charm. The lamp is 148cm high, which is just the right height to sit high above an armchair and give enough light for reading. The base is solid and is thin enough to slip underneath the bottom of an armchair or sofa to save space and the sensible cord length of 2.2 metres enables the lamp to be placed some distance from the socket.

        The one fairly major fault with the lamp is the frailty of the construction. The two rods that screw together do not engage solidly enough to make a stable post to support the disproportionately sized shade. Although this makes the look of the lamp very elegant, the thin post and the large shade have to be treated with great care as the unit sways alarmingly every time it is touched. The design of a disproportionately large shade on a slender pole looks good but needs sensible engineering to make it stable. At present the whole unit wobbles around a great deal and I worry that if knocked it would break.

        So far, I have owned the lamp for a year and it has lasted well. However, it is not in a room that is well-used and I think with more robust use it would have broken by now. In terms of quality it does not live up to the strong and lasting IKEA tradition.

        I'm giving this lamp 2 stars, only because of the price and the elegant style - otherwise it would most definitely only rate 1 star.


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          23.11.2009 16:00
          Very helpful



          A mid-range lighting product from IKEA which doesn't match up to their low and upper end products

          When we moved into my current home over three years ago, it became apparent to us quite quickly that we would need some lamps to help illuminate the two reception rooms in the house as both are quite large.

          My late husband and I went to IKEA and his eye was caught by the Orgel lamps which were relatively inexpensive.

          My husband was a great fan of any kind of paper lampshade as he loved the colonial and oriental look in a home and this is what drew him towards the Orgel range, which includes several types of floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps.

          We purchased two table lamps and four of the floor lamps which I shall be reviewing here.


          Like almost everything you get in IKEA, the Orgel floor lamp came flat packed in a box and had to be assembled once you got it home.

          Assembly was reasonably easy, although it was fiddly in places. You have to attach two long metal rods onto the weighted base and ensure the wire which connects from the bulb holder to the plug is threaded through.

          This can be tricky to manoeuvre and you have to ensure the nut located on the bottom of the lamp base is tightened when you have managed to assemble this part of the lamp and ensure the tension of the wire is good enough to enable you to screw the two parts of the stand together without it collapsing.

          The shade is made from cream coloured paper and is textured. It folds quite easily and unfolds along the textured "creases" on the shade but isn't wired like traditional paper lantern shades, except around the top and the bottom.

          The shade fits onto the lamp quite easily by fitting it onto a threaded area and then is kept in place using a plastic "nut" that secures the lamp.

          This all sounds quite easy but unfortunately you then have to attach two metal wires to the shade and use these to keep the shade on the lamp and there is a definite knack to this.

          Like so many of IKEA's instruction manuals, no words are used to tell you how to assemble the lamp and relying on the pictures, which are drawn cartoon style, is likely to result in frayed tempers as one tries to work out how it works.

          The wires have to be bent a certain way on either side to hold the shade in place and once you have mastered this you have one reasonably attractive lamp.

          Finally you screw on a very small silver metal "puller" to a cord hanging near to the bulb holder and this is your on and off switch.

          ~~My Thoughts~~

          The Orgel floor lamp is a fairly nice looking lamp but at £29.99 is neither a bargain nor a particularly stylish IKEA product.

          The silver metal used is a nice contrast to the cream shade, but one cannot help but notice that this isn't really a quality item - probably due to the fact there is no denying the paper shade isn't particularly sturdy.

          The textured paper is quite thick but be warned - I managed to rip one when I was putting one of these lamps together - which was a combination of not quite understanding the instructions and some clumsiness on my part. Fortunately for me, IKEA's customer service department was happy to offer a replacement.

          The lamp takes E27 screw-in bulbs and if you want a decent level of light from them I suggest you purchase IKEA's own 150 watt bulbs which sadly are both expensive and not particularly energy efficient.

          I have tried energy saving bulbs in these lamps and been thoroughly disappointed in them, finding the light to be particularly dim through the cream paper shades. I do have to stress that my main living room is very large and has very high ceilings which won't help matters however.

          I changed my lighting arrangements in my main living room a few months ago and gave my daughter an Orgel lamp for her bedroom to replace a far older, and much cheaper, IKEA lamp she had which was starting to look somewhat tired.

          She had it in her room for precisely one week when it stopped working after she removed a slipper from her foot and it accidentally hit the silver stand of the lamp.

          At first I assumed the slipper had somehow knocked the plug out but no - this one minor bump had rendered the lamp completely useless.

          Now correct me if I am wrong but one would expect a floor lamp to be able to take being struck by a slipper the once in its stride, even a relatively cheap one!

          I also recently put an Orgel lamp in the room I currently use in my office and have generally been disappointed at how little light it gives out. I actually think the Orgel table lamps I have in my bedroom are more efficient at lighting a room than these floor lamps are - and my bedroom is considerably larger than my office. This is using the same 150 watt E27 bulb too.


          I would be hard pushed to recommend these floor lamps to anyone to be honest.

          A combination of tricky assembly, cheap look and lack of durability along with a price which quite frankly is excessive for the product, means this is one of IKEA's less successful lighting products in my opinion, although clearly people must disagree as the range is still going strong in IKEA stores.

          I appreciate £29.99 is not really a lot of money to spend on a floor lamp but what you get for it really makes it a false economy - you would actually be better off buying an IKEA Not floor uplighter for £3.99 because at least if they break down you have only spent a fraction of the money, although in my experience the Not lamps have been far more durable than the Orgel ones.

          IKEA do far better floor lamps for this in their higher price range as well, and I finally settled on Aston ones, which sadly are no longer available in the UK. Priced at just £10 more than the Orgel range the difference in style, durability and overall quality is stark - never mind the ease of assembly in comparison.

          So my advice is to avoid the Orgel range if you are in need of a floor lamp and in IKEA - you would do far better to either buy the cheapest light in their range or to trade up to something which is sturdier such as the Boja range.

          The Orgel range is firmly in IKEA's "mid price" bracket, and this doesn't seem to be an area in which they excel in my opinion.

          So do yourself a favour if in search of an IKEA lamp and avoid those with paper shades in the mid range and either opt for the cheapest of the cheap Not range, or trade up to something better.


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