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Ikea Spoka Nightlight

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3 Reviews

Brand: Ikea / Type: Children's lamp

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    3 Reviews
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      23.09.2013 16:34
      Very helpful



      An adorable night light that's not just for children!

      I bought this night light to use if I had to get up in the night for any reason and didn't want to be blinded by a regular lamp bulb. I don't have children but I cannot resist cute functional items!

      The Product
      The Spoka LED night light comes in 3 colour options, red, blue and green. Each colour has a slightly different design and they vary in height from 7 to 10 cm. I will be focussing on the blue one as that is the model I own.

      Each light is made from a translucent white silicone rubber and the details are added with silicone resin paint. The surface is smooth and soft with no hard areas or sharp corners. The bulb housing inside is made from polypropylene plastic.

      The light is powered by an included charging cable and can be used plugged in or just relying on a full charge. This will last around 4 - 5 hours before recharging is required.

      LED's are much more energy efficient than standard bulbs and plugged in this will cost less than a penny to run all night.

      To use simply press the little ghost's head and you will hear a quiet click and a soft light will be emitted. Repeat to turn off.

      Light Source: LED
      Light Life: 25,000 hours
      Diode Life: 50,000 hours
      Power: Rechargeable AAA 3.6V NiMH battery
      Weight: 0.3 kg

      The product and cable come in a cotton drawstring bag with an image of the light on the front.

      £13 in Ikea although they can be found second-hand online for about £5 and up.

      My Experience
      Should I need to get up in the middle of the night to investigate a crashing sound made by my cat or get a glass of water I prefer not to use the bedside lamp. It's very bright and I'm momentarily blinded, plus it disturbs other people in the house/room. I decided to look out for a 'grown up' version of a night light to save my retinas but when I saw this in Ikea my inner child sprang forth like the chest-burster from Alien!

      It is *incredibly* cute and also perfect for me. Just one charge means that it seems to last forever as I only use it for about 10 minutes at a time. I don't need to worry about eye pain or bumping into things in the dark. I can carry it to the kitchen and back without disturbing family members sleeping or leave it on the landing so I don't trip over things. Another problem I have is not being able to sleep if there is any source of light in the room so digital display clocks are out. On a dim winter morning I can check my watch using the Spoka and know how much longer until I have to drag myself out of bed without the Aurora Borealis dancing behind my eyelids from a standard lamp bulb.

      Yes, it may be intended to help children keep the boogey man at bay but that doesn't mean adults can't benefit from it as a low level light source and all-round ankle saver.

      I would imagine that it would be an excellent product for children however as it's gentle glow and soft, tactile finish are quite pleasing. It's good quality and looks friendly too with an added bonus of a wipe-clean surface.

      Yes, buy it! You'll love it, your children will love it and your spouse/partner can't complain about being woken up by the light!


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        03.06.2013 20:47
        Very helpful



        A cute ghost to haunt your house

        We had lots of Ikea vouchers to spend from a Kitchen promotion that they did and this little guy caught our eye whilst in the children's section of Ikea. Even though we didn't have this product in mind, we loved him on sight and purchased him without hesitation.

        What is it?

        Spoka is a soft cool-touch LED nightlight, which can be used just on the battery (a rechargeable AAA 3.6V NiMH battery, which is included) or via the mains adapter that comes with it. The word "Spoka" in Swedish translates as "to haunt" and I can think of far worse things to be haunted by than this little guy, who stands at approximately 10cm tall. He is a cute little white ghost-cross-hamster creature with blue features and little blue sticky-out horn ears! On his back he has a little blue tail and a charging point. This is covered by a flap of silicone rubber and so any electrics are fully enclosed within the light so nothing tempting for little ones to mess about with. Spoka is easy to turn on and off and all this required is a light touch on the top of his head between his ears. One touch turns on a colour changing effect which cycles through various shades of blue, green and purple. Pressing his head again keeps the light on one single colour and a third press turns the light off completely.

        How well does it work?

        We have found that this light works perfectly for our requirements. We have two children and they both share this light (ours has been named "Bob"). Neither of our kids have to have a light on all of the time at night, but we have used Bob in a couple of ways, one being to soothe our youngest to sleep when he is a little unsettled due to illness etc. The colour phasing mode is particularly calming and we have found it brilliant for this. Our older child sometimes needs to get up during the night to use the toilet and so she has been able to use this as a portable nightlight to carry to the bathroom and avoid waking everyone else in the house up! Spoka is especially good for this purpose, because he is easy for children to turn on and off independently, he is small and lightweight and he stays cool to the touch even if on for a long time. I wouldn't say that he gives off an especially bright glow, so ideal for a bit of light but not something that is going to wake you up in the same way that an overhead light would. This light would be perfect for those night nappy changes and feeds, where you need enough light to see, but need to keep the lights dim to ensure that baby doesn't wake up too much!


        The battery life is fine for the purposes that we use it for, but may fall sort for those who are using it as a light that needs to stay on all night. For this type of use I would recommend using the light plugged into the mains as the battery life alone would not last the night. At full charge, the best this light can do on the battery alone is 5 hours.

        However Spoka is very cute and if you just need more of an ad-hoc nightlight for a child then you could do worse than buying this for your little monster. We wouldn't be without ours and from a personal point of view I would give 5 stars, but am taking a star off because of the limited battery life.

        Spoka currently costs £13 and is sold at IKEA.


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          29.04.2011 23:02
          Very helpful



          Definitely recommended for children's room

          Spoka is a small night light or bed light which is exclusively available in IKEA. 'Spoka' in Swedish means spooky or haunted and hence its name. It is designed by Bodrul Khalique for IKEA.

          It costs £12.25 normally and I know that it is quite expensive bed lamp especially when it is not associated with any characters from TV shows or movies. I bought it when they had a sale for around £10.

          It is quite small and lightweight and can be easily kept and moved around anywhere in the room. I keep changing my kid's room settings and hence it is quite handy to have something that I move. And since it is so small, i keep it on the edge of the bedside table. It is shaped almost like a very big egg but with a flat base. It has two eyes and a nose and two ears popping out- kind of looks like a small rat.

          It is made of silicone rubber and it has a smooth and softish feel. If it falls down, it wont harm anyone or break. No bulbs are exposed and no untidy bits outside for kids to meddle with.

          It works with battery and mains power. 1 rechargeable AAA 3.6V NiMH battery is included. When fully charged, it glows for nearly 4-5 hours, but not enough to last through the dark night hours. Would have been better if it could last for atleast 8 hours.

          It keeps changing the colours- blue, green, pink/ purple. The colour approximately changes every 5-6 seconds. if you need to lock the colour, just press the switch. Press again and you can turn it off without turning off the mains.

          My kid was amazed watching it for many days- he used to love watching it change colours and would fall asleep.

          The light's brightness is perfect for the night- not too bright but still good enough to keep your eyes on the kids. And since it is so safe and strong, it is perfect for the kid's room or nursery. But it is not for recommended for kids under 3 years and it is not to be confused for a toy.


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